9 Group Tours In Saudi Arabia

Group Tours in Saudi Arabia

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Hiking in the edge of the world  (Jibal Tuwaiq)
4.8 (78)
  1.3k Tickets Sold
66.75 USD
* per person
Join us in our safari tour in the beautiful desert in the Arab world
4.9 (57)
  566 Tickets Sold
121.49 USD
* per person
Desert Safari to Alasfar Lake
4.9 (27)
  268 Tickets Sold
224.28 USD
* per group
3% off
Hiking in mountains of  AL ULA
4.8 (38)
  378 Tickets Sold
64.75 USD
66.75 USD
* per person
An unforgettable day in the desert
5.0 (3)
  35 Tickets Sold
1,869.00 USD
* per group
Have a great time in Kashta
4.0 (8)
  73 Tickets Sold
17.36 USD
* per person
Spend a full covered vacation in Al Ula
4.0 (3)
  37 Tickets Sold
1,134.75 USD
* per couple
Enjoy day use in camp with your friends & family
4.6 (5)
  49 Tickets Sold
160.20 USD
* per group
5% off
Camping & hiking trip in Al muzahmiyah-Riyadh
4.8 (25)
  280 Tickets Sold
76.10 USD
80.10 USD
* per person

Group tours in Saudi Arabia

Tours & trips are very important to us, it is the best way to get away from the permanent tension that exists in working life, and group tours are the best way to enjoy your time. Group tours are a treat for yourself without needing to see a doctor. It helps you to get rid of all negative feelings and create friendships and pleasant memories with your loved ones.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides this type of tour due to its stunning nature and wildlife. Organizing group tours in Saudi Arabia need a reliable place to offer you a group trip that you and your loved ones can enjoy, and this is what Ootlah does.

Group tours with Ootlah 

Ootlah can organize group tours in Saudi Arabia dedicated to all places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as:

Group tours for team building

Companies always need to build and strengthen relationships between employees and managers in order to create a good work environment and get away from work pressures, and this is what group tours do. Through Ootlah, you can make pleasant memories and build good relationships in the place you want in Saudi Arabia. 

Group tours for schools & universities

Study time cannot be forgotten whether you are a school student or a university student, and group tours have an important role in forming beautiful memories of this time with your colleagues. Ootlah offers you this wonderful opportunity and all you have to do is choose the place you want.

Group tours for family & friends

Tours are not complete without the presence of our loved ones, especially family and friends. Through Ootlah, you can take group tours, do a lot of activities, and create unforgettable memories.

Activities you can do in group tours in Saudi Arabia 


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys its desert nature, represented by tall mountains, historical valleys and diverse terrains, which makes it the first stop for all international and local hiking enthusiasts. Where they can enjoy the scenic beauty offered by the widening valleys, the vast lava field, and the ancient rock carvings. Al-Ula Mountain and Edge of the World Mountain are among the most famous mountains for hiking in Saudi Arabia.

Desert safari & Camping 

Spending some days in the desert is one of the most enjoyable things that all adventurers seek. Safaris tours and camping in Saudi Arabia are among the best activities in Saudi Arabia due to its environment that makes it distinct from all countries, where you can enjoy camel and horse riding, dune bashing, stargazing and other activities that make group tours special.

Yacht rental and Boat trips

Yacht rental in Saudi Arabia and Boat trips in Saudi Arabia are one of the best ways to enjoy your time in this city. When organizing group tours in Saudi Arabia, these activities will be very suitable to spend a wonderful time with your loved ones. It provides an opportunity to practice many activities such as swimming, snorkelling, diving, fishing and others.

Chalet rental

Lots of memories are made when you rent the chalet with your family and friends. It is one of the best group tours you can take. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes many chalets in various regions, which have many advantages and give you the opportunity to do many activities and also a wonderful opportunity for your children. When organizing group tours in Saudi Arabia, make chalets for rent in Saudi Arabia as one of your experiences.

Indoor activities

Saudi Arabia provides a range of indoor activities that become more fun and exciting on group tours, such as the smash rooms that bring out all the negative energies. And the archery challenge, which ignites the spirit of competition among the participants, and karting. You must try these amazing activities with your friends.

Frequently asked questions

What is the group tour?

A group tour is a group of people who want to travel together to make good memories.

Why do we need to go on a group tour?

The group tour helps to build friends and consolidate relationships with those we know by sharing many experiences with us.

What are the difference between group tours in Saudi Arabia and other cities?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is distinguished by its many environments, as it contains a wonderful desert environment that provides travellers with a lot of desert activities. And its location on the Red Sea provides the opportunity for water activities such as swimming, diving and others. And also the Arab nature that exists there and is not found in any other city. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is one of the best cities for group tours.

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