Theme Parks and Water Parks in Jeddah

Theme Parks And Water Parks In Jeddah

Theme Parks And Water Parks In Jeddah

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Theme Parks and Water Parks in Jeddah

The stunning city of Jeddah is well recognized for its colorful culture and serves as the entrance to Makkah. It boasts many attractions and things to do, including exquisite mosques, historical buildings, beautiful parks, and waterfronts. One may locate some of the top water parks in Jeddah, a popular tourist destination. These water parks have thrilling attractions and slides that provide an all-around good time. The parks are perfect for spending a day together as a family and having a lot of memorable experiences. These water parks are excellent for avoiding the summer heat, as Jeddah is a hot desert city.

Best Theme Parks and Water Parks in Jeddah

Water Village Jeddah

One of the main theme parks and water parks in Jeddah is considered to be the magnificent park known as Water Village. The features, fun games, various pools, and complete amenities of this water park are its best qualities. The climbing wall in the park is one of the most well-liked things to do with kids. For guests of all ages, a variety of exhilarating water slides and a distinctive monkey house are ideal. Additionally, the park features a shopping complex called "Fantasy Stationary Libraries."

Location: Al Makarunah Rd., Ar Rabwah, Jeddah

Facilities: Numerous eateries offer delectable fare, and there is also a shopping district where guests may buy toys, household goods, gifts, and other products. There is a seating area in the park close to the pool.

Aqua Park Jeddah

One of the most well-liked water theme park in Jeddah is Aqua Park, which is renowned for its distinctive style that was inspired by the African environment. Visitors love it for its thrilling rides and top-notch amenities. The swimming pools, which include a wave pool, a children's pool, and seven slide pools, are the park's main draws. It also has a theatre where kids may enjoy entertainment and puppet shows, and a movie theatre where comedies and cartoons are shown.

Location: Prince Sultan Road, Al Zahraa, Jeddah

Facilities: There is a tranquil natural garden in the park, surrounded by gorgeous trees and cheery flowers. There are eateries and cafes where you can get delectable food and cool drinks, and magnificent huts designed in the African style are perfect for lounging in.

Sail Island Jeddah

Sail Island Water Park Jeddah has a view of the Red Sea. Due to the presence of a sizable swimming pool and thrilling water slides and attractions, it is the best water park in Jeddah, and it's the ideal place for kids to enjoy themselves. Children can enjoy themselves and play video games in the games section. Billiards and indoor hockey facilities are also available. Also present are several clowns that amuse and excite the audience with their antics. Children can take part in educational activities in the art studio, like learning how to sketch and paint.

Location: Corniche Road, Ash Shati, Jeddah

Facilities: The pool area has a lounging area surrounded by broad white sails, and there are clean facilities for both men and women. The park also has a few gift and toy stores.

Al Shallal Theme Park 

Al Shallal Theme Park, one of Jeddah's best amusement parks and water parks, is situated on the Jeddah Corniche. The park is fantastic for those who wish to ride thrilling attractions and unwind by taking a boat out on the lake. Visitors can enjoy a variety of rides, including roller coasters, slingshots, bumping vehicles, merry-go-rounds, tea cups, pirates, samba towers, and crazy submarines. Other attractions include ice skating, Ladies' Night, and arcade games.

Location: Al Kurnaysh Road, Ash Shati District, Jeddah

Facilities: In addition to several souvenir stores selling a range of things throughout the park, visitors may discover restaurants that offer a variety of food choices.

Atallah Happy Land Park

The popular theme park in Jeddah Atallah Happy Land features thrilling rides and activities. It is also considered the top theme park for families with young children. It contains a special themed gaming section with a bowling lane and an arcade game area. In the park, there are many exhilarating rides, like the Skyloop, Surfrider, Space Gun, Big Wheel, Terminator, Dance Party, and many more. There is a dancing fountain in the park as well, which is entertaining to watch.

Location: Al Kurnaysh Road, Ash Shati, Jeddah

Facilities: Along with restaurants and food stands that sell delectable food products, the park has a number of toy and gift shops. In the park, there is also a 3-D theatre.

Frequently asked questions

Is Water Village accessible to tourists every day?

Yes, guests can visit Water Village any time of the day.

Does Sail Island Water Park offer free admission to kids?

Only children under the age of three are allowed free admission at Sail Island Water Park.

How much does it cost to go to a water park in Jeddah?

The average cost of going to a waterpark in Jeddah depends on several factors, including which water park you choose day of the week and time of day as weekends and peak hours may have higher prices, and additional expenses like Food and drinks, Locker rental Towel rental.
With these factors in mind, here's a rough estimate of the average cost:
Entry only: SAR 40-60 per person.
Entry with some rides: SAR 70-100 per person.
Full access with rides, food, and extras: SAR 150-200 per person.
Remember, this is just an average, and your actual cost may vary depending on your specific choices and the park you visit.

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