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Snow City Riyadh

Snow City Riyadh

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3-Hour Entry Ticket to Snow City Riyadh at Al Othaim Mall
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Snow City Riyadh

At the top of the list of most frequented locations is the Snow City Riyadh, one of Saudi Arabia's most well-known amusement venues. Each year, a great number of tourists flock there in search of a cool respite from the scorching heat of Saudi Arabia as well as to partake in the unique experiences and activities offered by Riyadh Snow City. Even though the Snow City is designed to appear artificially chilly, it offers a tonne of entertaining options and entertaining activities in the beautifully designed park. A revitalising experience that you may have in Saudi Arabia with your lover or with friends and family in a realistic setting.

Snow City Othaim Mall

The Othaim Mall is home to the snow centre, which offers large, snow-covered spaces with a variety of age-appropriate activities. Fun and enjoyment are guaranteed with sports including rubber boat skiing, ice tubing, ice skating in Riyadh, igloos, bumper cars, sledmobiles, and ladders & ropes at this indoor snow centre.

Everyone of all ages will love this almost 6,000 square metre park with a snow theme. Watch the laser display, take in the music show, play, challenge yourself in exciting and daring games, feel rejuvenated in our vibrant and healthy snow universe, and take in the mood and life of the snowy winter.

Activities in Snow City in Riyadh

Regarding the greatest things to do in Riyadh, the Snow Centre has a huge selection of activities that should be at the top of your list. Here are a few of the most enjoyable things to do when you come here.


In the well-known Snow World Riyadh, you will find a toddler-only snowmobile ride among the many amusing games available in the entertainment area. Kids can play fearlessly with tubing and twin tubing, sledges on ice, and free sledding. Simply grab the equipment and relish the landing. You will receive safety equipment and riding gear to enjoy a ride on the ice.

Playing with Snow

Even if it's frigid inside the indoor snow area, you have to attempt the snowball exchange. Snow is a common sight in the Snow City.

Snow City School

Recently, a Snow City school opened inside the snow centre to instruct novice visitors on how to practice the activities. Snow in Riyadh, figure skating is a popular hobby that may be found with knowledgeable instructors.

Snow Sculptures Park

Children are fascinated by this unusual garden and try to make sense of Snowman White. Furthermore, it features an abundance of snow sculptures inside the Snow City Riyadh, a significant tourist destination in the city.

Snow City Riyadh Ticket price

Snow City Riyadh tickets are 169 SAR for 2 hours; however, if you purchased your ticket through Ootlah, the cost is 130 SAR for 3 hours.

The working hours at Snow City

You can purchase a Snow City Riyadh ticket booking every day from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Frequently asked questions

What activities can I enjoy at Snow City Riyadh?

For people of all ages, the Snow venue offers twenty immersive effects, attractions, and activities. The best activities and exciting rides can be found at Snow City Riyadh, so make sure to enjoy your stay. You can ride a snowmobile, go ice skating, enjoy skiing, and discover various ice sculptures.

Is Snow City Riyadh suitable for kids?

Yes, regardless of age, the location provides some of the best games and activities for all visitors. While spending the day with their families, kids can engage in snow activities and rides. On your journey to Saudi Arabia, you simply must go there.

What is the appropriate clothing to enjoy at Snow Riyadh?

Boots and jackets are included with Snow City Riyadh tickets; however, to be warm in the snow chamber, it is recommended that you wear long trousers and socks.

Are there any changing rooms and lockers to secure our personal belongings?

Indeed. For the protection of their items, men's and women's changing rooms and lockers are separate.

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