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Yacht Rental In Qatar

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Oryx 36, 2 hours yacht tour
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315.09 USD
331.67 USD
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Sea, Sun, and 5 stars Luxury yacht, do you want something else?
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4.9 (26)
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829.20 USD
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 Small yacht with lady captain availabe for rent all weekdays
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5.0 (21)
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160.86 USD
165.83 USD
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Astondoa 43, 2 hours yacht tour
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472.65 USD
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Great experience you will live on a Versace yacht
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Qatar Yacht Rental

Experience Qatar’s magnificent skyline from the sea

In summer, we are looking to hitting the waves and have fun in the sun. Taking the yacht out along with your family and friends in the calm sea of ​​Qatar sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Qatar is a unique and ideal destination for an adventure trip that will guarantee unforgettable memories. It has everything you need to relax such as sun and sand, so you should try renting a yacht Qatar.

Qatar is located in the middle of the western coast of the Arabian Gulf. There are a lot of things to do in Qatar, you can enjoy unique experiences and watch beautiful landscapes. It is a land rich in cultural heritage, exquisite and sophisticated architecture, towering skyscrapers, beautiful beaches and dunes, Arabian hospitality and generosity, and delicious gourmet cuisine.

Why rent a yacht in Qatar?

From water skiing for those looking for happiness, kayaking in Qatar at sunset to clear your mind of stress, to a sailboat trip for an amazing view, as well as fishing and snorkeling; All this makes Qatar an ideal and wonderful destination for chartering a yacht.

Also, renting a yacht in Qatar is an ideal way to spend your vacation. When you charter a yacht in Qatar, you are having a wonderful experience with various luxurious amenities, recreational facilities, and fine cuisine. These are other reasons to think about a yacht for rent Qatar:

Five-star beaches

Qatar's beautiful beaches make it an ideal place to charter a yacht for relaxation. The beach of the Four Seasons Hotel is one of the most sought-after.

Rich culture and heritage

Qatar is famous for its cutting-edge architecture, and you can enjoy great art museums that tell of its ancient history.

Various recreational activities

Many adventures await you in Qatar. Safaris, stargazing, diving, skateboarding, markets, and bazaars are available.

What is the best time to rent a yacht in Qatar?

The winter season is the perfect time to charter a yacht, as temperatures range from 17°C to 25°C and the clear skies offer a wonderful climate. While summer sees highs of around 43°C, the weather is often hot and humid, making it not an ideal time to be outside.

What do you do when renting a yacht?

There are a lot of activities to do when renting a yacht, depending on your preference! Yacht rental holidays are usually focused on 'relaxation'. The idea of ​​yacht Rental is all about adventure and discovery, you rent a small yacht to visit as many places as possible. You can sail, relax under the sun, swim in crystal-clear waters, explore castles, rent motorcycles, eat, drink, and snorkel.

Some of the water sports activities when renting a yacht:

  • Go fishing.
  • Rent a yacht for diving.
  • When you rent a yacht, you can shoot underwater.
  • When renting a yacht, you can see colorful fish and coral reefs.
  • Yacht rental makes you meditate and listen to music while watching the wonderful sunset.
  • Kayaking.

Activities to do when renting a yacht for a day in Qatar

You can explore the islands surrounding Qatar, including Al Safliya Island, which is characterized by splendor and beauty and reminds you of the beaches of the Maldives. You can also practice different water sports including water skiing, donut rides, relaxing in the golden sun, and snorkeling in the blue waters.

Find the best Yacht rentals in Qatar

Do you like to spend your vacation on a luxury yacht? Whether it's your first time chartering a yacht and not sure where to start, or you want to make sure your next trip is the best, we can help. With Ootlah, you can charter yachts in Qatar at affordable prices. Book your yacht online easily, just find your destination and choose the suitable yacht for you. You can rent a yacht with a captain, or you can sail by yourself.

Each trip is exceptionally designed to meet your unique taste to feel luxurious and comfortable, making yacht rental Qatar the most preferred leisure activity for everyone. We guarantee you the best trips, just find the perfect experience now and book a great day out on the water.

We pride ourselves on safety, quality, comfort, and customer satisfaction. Book your sea adventure now. 

Frequently asked questions

What Qatar is famous for?

Al Zubarah Archaeological Site.
Banana Island.
Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum.
Al Dhakira Mangroves.
World-class sporting events.
Fuwairit Beach.
Al Wakrah Souq.

Is Qatar a safe country?

Qatar is a very safe country to travel to. Its crime rates are low.

How Qatar is so rich?

Qatar is a high-income economy, backed by the world's third-largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves. It is the world's largest exporter of natural gas.

What are the best times to visit Qatar?

The best time to visit Qatar is from November to April.

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