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Boat Trips In Yanbu

Boating In Yanbu

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Yanbu boating with breakfast & Free Snorkeling
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5 hours Boat Trip for Parked Cruise ships in Yanbu
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Boat Rides & Cruises in Yanbu

Yanbu al Bahr is a port located on the Red Sea in Medina, about 300 km from the city of Jeddah. Get ready to drive a few hours from Medina to Yanbu. Yanbu Beach is famous for fishing trips and eating the most delicious fish in Saudi Arabia. All you have to do when you reach Yanbu Beach is to rent a fishing boat, Boating in Yanbu is touring in less than a day, so people choose them on their weekend as a kind of chance and enjoy nature and different activities in Yanbu. After that, get ready to spend a quiet time while you are fishing and eating fresh fish.
You can spend an unforgettable day on Yanbu boat trips, which is located on the Red Sea and is famous for its various coral reefs, exotic fish, and pool-like waters that are safe for children.
Many activities can be practiced during Yanbu boating, which we will mention and get acquainted with so that we do not get tired of repeating the same activity.

Best Boat Tours in Yanbu

People are known by nature to get bored quickly, so we will mention to you most of the activities that can be practiced when renting a boat so that you do not get bored.


Get ready for a special fishing trip in Yanbu Al Bahr, which is famous for its diverse fish. You can rent a boat in Yanbu where the captain will take you on a unique cruise and then start enjoying fishing, calmness, and nature. You deserve a rest after life's troubles.

Ootlah advises you to check your guide to find out what types of amenities may be available on the boat, such as:

  • Tackle.
  • Bait.
  • Coolers.
  • Fishing rods.
  • Fishing permits


Snorkeling is a fun water sport that is suitable for the most active people, in Yanbu, there are many charming coral reefs and rare and strangely colored fish, all of which you live by snorkeling. Book a boat trip in Yanbu through Ootlah and make sure that the trip includes snorkeling equipment and enjoy a special and unforgettable day.


Yanbu is the place to experience the grandeur of the seas. The well-known coastal city nicknamed the "Pearl of the Red Sea" is known for scuba diving in Yanbu capital of Saudi Arabia. Home to countless underwater treasures, diverse communities, and marvelous marine creatures to admire, Yanbu provides everything saltwater enthusiasts could want.

Yanbu beach has a lot of exotic coral reefs that tourists snorkel for. One of the most important reefs is the Seven Sisters Reef chain, which is widely known for spotting hammerhead sharks. And there are a lot of colors underwater world that attract divers.

Part of the Seven Sisters, Abu Jalawa is full of colorful corals and exotic fish. You can also see a WWII shipwreck: a Chinese tugboat that sank in 1947 and is now completely covered in hard and soft coral. Speaking of shipwrecks, two other dives are Luna and Iona Wrecks, which have an interesting history. The Iona, a British ship, sank when it collided with the nearby reef system and is now home to amazing marine biodiversity.

Yanbu Family Beaches

The pearl of the Red Sea and the capital of diving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Yanbu. Yanbu provides all its visitors with a lot of distinctive beaches with soft sand to enjoy with the family. We will remind them of all you have to book and just go.

Barracuda Beach

Located along a chain of reefs off the coast of Yanbu, Barracuda Beach is an underwater trail park that serves as a great backdrop for fishing and snorkelling. As you go south, you'll spot stunning coral blooms, chipmunks, schools of barracudas, sharks, and red snappers. Dive into the depths of the sea and meet bigeye tuna, dogtooth, and bonito.

On Ootlah we always advise you for the best, and now we recommend you the best time to go snorkeling and diving in the late afternoon when the sun rises over the wonderful coral reefs.

Yanbu Al Bahr Beach 

Yanbu Al Bahr Beach is a beach for families, offering unique places with attractive sea views. You can do a lot of activities that are suitable for adults and children, as the beach is famous for horse riding and various water sports such as water skiing, boating, jet skiing, and other Things to do in Saudi Arabia.

Yanbu Waterfront

Yanbu Waterfront is considered a sandy interface and is characterized by soft sand, fast food carts, and ice cream available, as well as many recreational activities such as ball fields, horse riding, and countless water activities. Yanbu is completely safe for families and children.

Yanbu Lake park

Yanbu Island, the home of nature and tranquillity, is a famous spot surrounded by plants and birds, and fishing is allowed. Usually, go to this place with lovers of calm and beauty for meditation and relaxation.

Al Subh Beach Park

This beach is very picturesque and has a family-friendly atmosphere. While swimming is not allowed on the morning beach, it is still a great place to catch the sunrise.

Alaiqh Beach

Alaika Beach is an integrated beach that provides all activities that suit the family and children. It has places to ride horses, camels, and bikes, and it also has playgrounds for playing ball. In addition to the water activities available in it, you can rent a jet ski or a boat, and you can also water ski. It has more activities that you will discover when you visit it.

AlNawras Beach   

This 11 km long beach stretches along with the industrial city of Yanbu and is a jewel among the finest beaches in Saudi Arabia. An ideal spot for hiking and sunsets, it is also recommended for fishing enthusiasts.

Yanbu Boating Price

Boat trip in Yanbu prices start from 1000 SAR, and prices vary depending on the boat size, the trip duration, and the number of people.

Frequently asked questions

1- What is the distance from Madinah to Yanbu?

Yes, the driving distance between Medina to Yanbu is 240 km. It takes approximately 2h 27m to drive from Medina to Yanbu.

2- What is the Best time to take Boat Trips in Yanbu?

Travelling in the low season, May, September and February, comes with a plethora of benefits - think cheap hotels and flights and less hassle with the hordes of tourists. But there is magic in the air during the busiest season. More events will be organized and more attractions will open in April, January and July. If you're trying to save, November offers the cheapest hotel rates. Expect to pay more for a room in July.

3- What is the best boat trip in Yanbu?

This boat trip is the best in Yanbu:
A day trip in Yanbu on a wonderful boat

4- What is special about Yanbu boat trips?

Ootlah offers tickets online about Yanbu Boat Tours that suit all interests. You will not only enjoy boating; you will also try amazing activities such as fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and more.

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