Jarada Island Trips

Jarada Island Trips

7 Jarada Island Trips

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Spend a wonderful time in Jerada Island
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4-Hour Private Yacht Trip at Jarada Island
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Amazing trip to Jarada Island
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4.9 (578)
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Open boat trip in Jarada island (3Hours/Max 10 pax
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Enjoy your trip to Jarada islands on this 6 pax boat
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Enjoy a beautiful day with your friends on a boat
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4 Hours Private Jarada Island Trip by Luxury Boat
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Jarada Island Trips

The disappearing island in bahrain is known specifically for its small size, location in the middle of the bay, and the fact that it is completely submerged in water at night and floats to the surface the other day.

Some people call Jarada island the disappearing or the hidden Bahrain island because it appears at certain times of the year and then disappears due to the tidal factor, so what you have to do is determine the appropriate time to visit Jarada island Bahrain and to be prepared to spend an unforgettable time on that magical island which features many attractive and varied activities.

Jarada Island has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Bahrain, attracting local and international tourists to enjoy its beauty and its various water sports and activities.

Jarada Island is famous for its crystal clear waters that you will enjoy swimming and diving, and its smooth golden sand. A trip to Jarada Island is not as expensive as people might lead you to believe, quite the contrary, it is affordable and enjoyable.

You can do various fun water activities, boat rentals, and other activities that we will learn about now while you are on Jarada island trip.

Top things to do in Jarada island

1- Parasailing 

Enjoy a fun and wonderful time parasailing on jarada island beach, where they attach a parashot to the boat and sail through the water, one or two individuals can ride in it and enjoy the view from the highest point, the air will transport you to another world. 

2- Surfing 

Surfing is one of the best island activities, it started between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, surfing is straight or casual surfing. Surfers catch the waves and slide across the surface of the water until the wave explodes and loses its energy.

The main goal of surfing is to ride and progress on the unbroken part of the wave using the surfboard. However, beginners can learn to surf in the watery part of a wave.

3- Diving 

Diving is a type of underwater sports, do you want to experience diving among different fishes of rare colors and strange creatures? Do you want to see all the coral reefs and marine creatures that you only watch in the pictures? If you want to enjoy this adventure you have to do it on Jarada island because it contains rare fish in different colors and is charming which makes you feel like you are in another world.

During diving, breathing is carried out under the water through the gas tube that the diver carries on his back during diving. This tube contains a type of gas, make sure to be exercised before diving to inhale the oxygen from it underwater.

4- snorkeling 

Snorkeling is an underwater activity that all people can enjoy, from adults to kids, it is suitable for everyone, especially people who have awe of diving. This activity involves a mask plus a breathing tube which is a common addition so you can see underwater. It has been designed so that you can explore underwater corals and vibrant green algae without worrying about breathing that is all arranged for you.

5- Boat Tour

A boat tour is a short boat trip that is taken for touristic reasons, and it usually starts and ends in the same place on the same day, the main objective of the boat tour is to enjoy the day with its sightseeing in the island.

6- Jet Ski

If you want to enjoy the waters of Jaradah Island in a refreshing and cool way, you can try Jet Ski, if you haven’t a jet ski you can rent it.

To enjoy the Jet Ski you should follow the safety steps that will be mentioned in this article To enjoy complete security.

First, You must maintain balance in order not to fall into the water with the Jet Ski, and this usually happens when the skier focuses on the spring water around it, To avoid falling from it, you have to look forward and direct the jet ski to a straight line to maintain balance.

Second, One of the dangers in Jet Ski is that it has no rudder. Therefore, when you slow or stop pushing the machine together, your ability to steer diminishes or is completely lost. So, if an emergency arises and you need to avoid a collision, do not lift your finger from the throttle. Doing so will make it impossible to get away from the danger. Instead, keep your speed and stay away from the threat.

Third, Some people fall while skiing, and this part of the fun does not pose a problem or risk, but returning to the Jet Ski again has a special way in order not to get tired of failed attempts, what should you do is to reboard a ski from the stern (back). Simply reach up to the handle behind the seat and pull yourself out of the water onto the back deck of the ski. If you tried many failed attempts to climb, you can relax in the water so that you do not strain your body and think about the appropriate way to climb.

Fourth, many skiers complain for the first time that their hands get tired or feel a slight pain in their shoulders. This happens because new riders often hold on to precious life. Instead, lean forward a little and relax your fist. Keep your elbows slightly bent. This will allow you to drive without getting tired. Do not lean forward too much and always try not to hit your chin or nose on the leash.

Fifth, many people want to stand up on the ski. However, for a novice passenger, standing on the Jet Ski will make skating control more difficult and the chances of falling are much greater. Skating from a standing position is something you can try after becoming an average rider or an expert.

Congratulation! now you’re ready to ride the Jet Ski.

Frequently asked questions

What are the average trip prices in Jarada island?

A three-hour trip will set you back BHD150 for six people, or BHD300 for a six-hour trip. Both come with a picnic lunch and soft drinks.

Why Jarada Island called the disappearing island?

Because it appears at certain times of the year and then disappears due to the tidal factor.

Where’s the location of Jarada Island?

Reef Island, Rd 4652, Manama, Bahrain.

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