4 Things to do in Al-Ula

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Things to do in Al-Ula

Hiking in Al-Ula
Things to do in Al Ula

Things to do in Al Ula

A journey through time that you will pass when you experience alula, "The Land of Wonders". If you love ancient civilizations, if you enjoy creativity and adventure, if you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and appreciate the enjoyment of tranquillity. All of this and more can be found in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. Your visit to Al Ula Saudi Arabia means that you have travelled through time and enjoyed the plateaus and valleys and explored the history engraved on the walls. Do not miss visiting this place that is suitable for family and friends. Explore Al Ula and do not miss visiting the bride of the mountains.


From ancient heritage sites and walking in the popular markets to meals with different flavors and contemplation of the twinkling stars in the sky, enjoy these exceptional moments. Al-Ula city is part of the Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Governorate and is located in the far northwest of Saudi Arabia, between two large mountains on a fertile valley that carries the bounties of the earth.

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Best Things to do in Al Ula

What can you do in AlUla? If you are looking for relaxation or planning a vacation with your family and friends. AlUla welcomes you and awaits your arrival. Learn about this civilized place and the tourist destination that attracts every tourist who dreams of spending moments in the arms of ancient monuments and charming nature.

Nature and the outdoors in AlUla

Al-Ula is a perfect place for outdoor activities and it provides a wide range of natural places to entertain all ages.

A view of AlUla's oasis

A view of AlUla's oasis

Prepare yourself and get ready for a new adventure. Try hiking in the AlUla Oasis, explore the amazing places, and enjoy the breathtaking view with palm trees. Do not miss this fantastic adventure.



A unique experience awaits you in AlUla city, a stargazing experience that makes you feel you are going from Earth to space. Where the beautiful clear sky at night shines with stars to draw you a painting that takes you to another world.

The Hidden Canyon

The Hidden Canyon

Now you are in nature's arms, connect with it on this charming path through AlUla's dunes. Take a walk through the mountains and enjoy the stunning natural desert scenery.

Al Ula archaeological sites

Al Ula archaeological sites

  • There are many archaeological monuments in Al-Ula, as it is a crossroads of civilizations. It is also a city full of rocks and valleys, and freshwater flows to irrigate the land.
  • Al Ula Madain Saleh, also known as Dar Al-Hajar, is one of the most popular monuments in Al-Ula. Madain Saleh is regarded as one of the most important historical and tourist destinations in Al-Ula. It has a rocky mountain with carved inscriptions and drawings, as well as several Islamic monuments.
  • Elephant Mountain, one of AlUla's most prominent tourist attractions, is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. It is called Elephant Mountain, because it has a unique shape that resembles the shape of an elephant, and it rises from the ground about 50 meters. It is considered one of the best places for mountain climbing.

Leisure and cultural activities in AlUla

Leisure and cultural activities in AlUla

You are now up to date with a lot of fun activities in Al Ula:

  • Winter at Tantora AlUla Festival, which offers a variety of activities for music, culture, and history enthusiasts.
  • Walkthrough the old town of Al Ula market and shop for retail stores selling local artisan products.
  • Safari and motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy these hobbies in the heart of AlUla.

Frequently asked questions

How far is Al Ula from Jeddah?

The distance between Jeddah to Al Ula is 583 km.

How do I get to AlUla?

AlUla is a three-hour drive from both Medina to the south and Tabuk to the north by car.

What do you wear to Al Ula?

It is better to wear full sleeve shirts with comfortable trousers, and if needed, a sweatshirt or jacket, especially if you are planning to be late into the night in the desert.

Is AlUla worth visiting?

Yes, as your visit to Al Ula Saudi Arabia means that you have traveled through time and enjoyed the plateaus and valleys and explored the history engraved on the walls. Do not miss visiting Alula "the bride of the mountains".

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