Indoor activities in Bahrain

Indoor Activities In Bahrain

17 Indoor Activities In Bahrain

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indoor skydiving bahrain
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Trax all in one package
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mirror room
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WHIZZ KIDS - Individual package
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indoor skydiving bahrain
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Gravity Skydiving Sonic Boom- Individual Package
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Try new massage bundles
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karting's Evening: 12% discount on 12 mins of Power Karting
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Have a great experience with Massage package
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Take care of your body with natural body treatments
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Enjoy your time in a wonderful Spa
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Enjoy your day with Luxury facial treatments
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Get ready for your wedding with groom preparation
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Indoor activities in Bahrain

Bahrain ranks as the smallest of the Arab Gulf countries, but it is a diverse city with its modern outlook, full of leisure activities in Bahrain, its rich history, and ancient monuments.

Having more than 50% of its expatriate population made it a large multicultural city. It has also made it a country that offers a lot of activities for families and children.

The weather in Bahrain is nice all year round - making it a fabulous destination for outdoor sports and Bahrain water activities. But in summer times, you can do indoor activities in Bahrain, as there are many attractions, malls, and indoor theme parks in Bahrain.

Bahrain activities

In summer, the heat and humidity increased, especially in the kingdom of Bahrain leaving people unable to do any activities outside the home and preferring to sit in front of the TV, using the air conditioner for cooling. But there is still a lot outside to enjoy, especially at the weekend, don't waste your summer at home. Find out indoor activities in Bahrain and things to do in Bahrain that you can enjoy.

Indoor activities for adults

Bowling in Bahrain

Bowling provides laughter, fun, and a sense of competition. Challenge your friends and family to a fun bowling game. Head to one of the malls - City Center Bahrain, Seef Mall, or Dana Mall - book the game and enjoy your time.

Escape Code Bahrain

Are you feeling bored with the daily routine? Are you looking forward to having fun with friends or family? If you like adventure, how about adding "Enjoy the adventure in 60 minutes" to your to-do list?

This is a unique game not like other routine games. Escape Code is the perfect place to give you fun and uninterrupted time. In this game, you will be locked inside a room with your teammates for 60 minutes, and you will need to work as a team to search for hidden clues, solve a series of puzzles, think out of the box, and escape in time.

Gravity Indoor Skydiving

It's time to fly. Enjoy a unique flying experience in a safe place without having to jump off the plane! This experience is available for everyone to enjoy, especially children. Kids will love the free fall feeling at Gravity Indoor Skydiving.

Ozone Entertainment Centre

Ozone Entertainment Center is the first of its kind in Bahrain, and it is a place where entertainment is provided according to international standards. The Ozone Entertainment Center stretched over a vast area of ​​3,100 square meters. The perfect amenities are designed to relieve stress. It is an ideal place for family leisure time. It is located in the Sitra Mall, the heart of the city, and can be reached from anywhere in Bahrain within 15 to 30 minutes.

Indoor activities for kids

There are many activities that children can enjoy in Bahrain during the summer, including visiting amusement parks, water parks, beaches, and indoor play areas. Other popular options include:

Wahooo Waterpark 

Be ready for a trip at Wahoo Park Bahrain, which provides a good summer option. This is because it is an indoor and outdoor water park located next to Al Seef Mall, where you can spend a fun-filled day with the family, whatever the weather. Don't worry about your kids as Wahooo caters to all ages so the family can enjoy their day.

Get creative at Studio Ceramics Bahrain

Visiting a ceramics studio is one of the most fun indoor activities for children in Bahrain, as a ceramics studio allows your kids to paint a piece of pottery the way they want. Children can draw and color any art they like on the glass. Let your kids unleash their creativity by visiting Ceramic Studio.

Creative Class at Artzania

You have to pay attention to your child's imagination, as this helps him explore new things and develop his creative skills. Take your child to Artzania, which is a play space focusing on arts and crafts and located in Al Ramli complex. Through it, your children will be able to learn self-expression, independence and confidence.

Visit a Magic Island

Magic Island Bahrain, located in the Seef Mall, is one of the most beautiful family-friendly places in Bahrain. This charming place is approximately 4,300 square meters and has everything a child could want.

It has more than 20 amazing and well-prepared games, as well as more than 150 traditional games. Watch your child run, play and have fun at Magic Island.

Adventure Hub

Adventure Hub is a unique place in the heart of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it offers a wide range of indoor activities that help stimulate the child's physical fitness levels while using his mental abilities. Keeping in mind the safety standards, as the staff is well trained. If you are looking for something different for your child, spend an unforgettable day at Adventure Hub.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bahrain good for families?

Family life in Bahrain is simply amazing. One of the most distinctive features of Bahrain is that it has many places and activities that can be chosen from and suitable for all families. There are also many activities for both children and adults.

When is the best time to visit Bahrain?

The best time to visit Bahrain is between December and March. Where the air is breezy and the temperatures are very pleasant.

What is famous in Bahrain to buy?

Most of the gold shops Manama Souq have pearl-studded gold jewelry on sale. But remember to purchase from licensed shops only.

What should I not miss in Manama?

Take your camera. These attractions are simply waiting to be explored:
The Bahrain Mall.
Seef Mall.
Bahrain National Museum.

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