Kidzania Jeddah Tickets

Kidzania Jeddah Tickets

Kidzania Jeddah Tickets

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Kidzania Jeddah

Unleash your child's creativity and let them experience a lifelike environment at KidZania Jeddah! 

KidZania Jeddah allows children to live in an interactive environment that enables them to explore the adult world. The city provides an educational and interactive entertainment experience for children aged 4 to 14, allowing them to engage in various roles and jobs such as medicine, media, police, banking, tourism, aviation, and more in a miniaturised real setting.

This experience allows them to discover their interests in different careers they may want to pursue in the future while enhancing learning and creativity and acquiring various skills that contribute to their character development in a fun and safe environment. The experience is not limited to professional roles alone; it also includes creative activities such as workshops for drawing, crafts, cooking, sewing, design, and other engaging activities. Additionally, theatrical performances, live music shows, and entertainment shows are organised to enhance their experience. There are also sports activities such as wall climbing, ice skating, and wave surfing.

Upon entering the city, children receive a check worth 50 Kidzos, which is the currency used within KidZania. After spending this amount, children need to work in order to earn money, as part of an experience aimed at teaching them how to manage their finances and take on responsibilities. Your child will be safe inside the city, as they are given a safety bracelet that allows them to move freely and securely within KidZania Jeddah.

Job Roles within KidZania Jeddah

KidZania Jeddah offers over 70 different job roles for children to choose from, providing appropriate tools for each role to enhance play and learning among children.

  • The Doctor's Role
  • Banking Role
  • The Broadcaster's Role
  • The Pilot Role
  • The Journalist's Role
  • The Tourism Role
  • The firefighter's Role
  • The Police Officer Role
  • The Farmer's Role
  • The Restaurant Work Role

What is the kids' age allowed to enter Kidzania?

Children aged 4 to 14 years old are allowed to enter and participate in most activities at KidZania Jeddah. KidZania is divided into three main age groups:

  • Toddlers (2-4 years old)
  • Kids (4-14 years old)
  • Adults (Above 14 years old)

KidZania Jeddah Tickets prices 

Book your child's ticket now to enter KidZania Jeddah from Ootlah, where they can enjoy various activities and engage in their preferred professional roles. Ootlah offers prices starting from 48 SAR.

Frequently asked questions

What are Kidzos?

Kidzos are the currency used within KidZania. Once you purchase tickets, your child is given a check worth 50 Kidzos that can be redeemed at the KidZania Bank. Children use this currency for any financial transactions within the city, and after spending it, they need to work to earn more Kidzos for further purchases.

Are there activities suitable for children under 4 years old in KidZania Jeddah?

Yes, there is an area called "Urbano's House" that offers activities suitable for children in this age group.

Is it allowed to bring food and drinks inside KidZania Jeddah?

No, outside food and drinks are not allowed inside KidZania Jeddah for health and safety reasons. However, there are various restaurants and cafes available inside.

What does KidZania mean?

The word "KidZania" is a combination of three words:
Kid: German Word from Kinder “Children”
Z: Anglo Saxon English from Zany “Cool”
Ania: Latin word “Land Of”
KidZania “The land of cool kids

Does Kidzania Jeddah have food options?

Kidzania Jeddah offers a variety of food options to suit all visitors, including:
Burger Restaurant: where children can enjoy preparing their favorite burgers using fresh ingredients and delicious bread.
Pizza Restaurant: This restaurant allows children to experience making their own pizza from scratch, starting from the dough to the sauce, cheese, and toppings.
Order food ready-made: Children can also order their favorite meals ready-made from any of the restaurants inside Kidzania, saving them time and effort.
In addition, visitors are allowed to bring their own food and eat it in a designated area inside Kidzania.

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