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10% off on 4 flights With Gravity Skydiving (Sonic Boom)
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FAMILY FLIGHT - Gravity indoor Skydiving
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LADIES - Group package
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WHIZZ KIDS - Individual package in Gravity Bahrain
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Gravity Indoor Skydiving Bahrain Tickets

Gravity Indoor Skydiving

Dare to fly? Want to feel airborne? Crave trying something different? Gravity Indoor Skydiving Bahrain offers all that and more.

If you are thinking of doing a new exciting and challenging journey, accept my advice and try to fly. Bahrain Gravity Skydiving has introduced one of the world’s tallest indoor wind tunnels and a brand new activity to Bahrain, It is 12 meters of tempered glass, and notice that it is considered the tallest of its kind in the whole world, wind speeds that currently reach up to 290 km/h.

A childhood dream now come true and you can fly and face your adrenaline and prove your courage. You have an opportunity to feel the rushing air through your hair and the wind beneath your wings. Now you don’t need to jump out of an airplane, you can enjoy unique and safe zero gravity bahrain flying.

Best Gravity Bahrain Offers

Gravity Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving:

Gravity indoor sky diving Bahrain and indoor wind tunnels both offer a fantastic experience of freefall. When you go on a skydive, freefall happens when you exit an airplane and fly through the sky at 120 mph. In an indoor wind tunnel, freefall occurs when you walk into the windy chamber and fly in a simulated free-fall experience.

On both a skydive and a wind tunnel flight you can control your body and fly! With enough practice, it is possible to control your body on your belly, in a sit-fly position, or even upside down on your head.

Skydiving Gravity Bahrain prices

Gravity Indoor Skydiving

Despite the same feeling that indoor and outdoor skydiving provides, skydiving Bahrain prices differentiate. Outdoor skydiving is more expensive than indoor because you need to jump from an airplane and use a parachute which makes it costly, however, gravity indoor skydiving Bahrain price starts from BD 17 per session (per 2 flights), provides the same goal and feeling with a reasonable.

Gravity Activities for Kids

Gravity Indoor Skydiving

An added feature to the indoor gravity in Bahrain it suits friends and family too, So it’s a good chance for families to hang out together, In addition, through indoor activities in Bahrain, parents who are interested in their children’s health and sports shall participate with their children in indoor skydiving as it enhances their self-confidence and bravery.

:Reasons to try Gravity Indoor Skydiving

  • Lower cost
  • Family and friends can watch
  • Ages 4 and older can take part
  • No License required
  • Prepare you for tandem skydiving

Gravity Village Bahrain Location

Gravity Village is located in Zallaq village which is on the western coast of Bahrain, It is located 14 min by car from Bahrain, and 28 min by car from Manama the capital of Bahrain. Do not miss these amazing activities, and book your Gravity Adventure with Ootlah now.

Frequently asked questions

What is the opening times of Gravity Bahrain?

Every day:

  • From Sunday to Thursday: 12:00 PM To 9:00 PM
  • Friday & Saturday: 11:00 AM To 9:00 PM

How long does the experience take in Gravity Bahrain?

Your experience is approximately 90 minutes from the time you arrive until you leave!

What is the minimum age for this experience?

The minimum age to experience this flight is 4 years old.

Is Gravity Activity safe for kids?

Yes, our gravity indoor skydiving starts at 4 years old. It gives your kids a very high level of self-confidence and bravery.

Is indoor skydiving like the real thing?

Yes, it is close to the real thing, Freefall occurs when you jump out of an airplane and travel through the sky at 120 mph. Freefall in an indoor wind tunnel happens when you enter the gusty room and experience a virtual free-fall.

Is Indoor Skydiving Zero Gravity?

Yes, it is one of the best experiences ever to try zero gravity indoors. A zero gravity ride is precisely what indoor skydiving can provide.

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