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Horse Riding Bahrain

Horse Riding Bahrain

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One Hour Horse Riding on the Beach in Bahrain
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Horse riding in Karzakan Forest
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One Hour Horse Riding on the Beach in Bahrain
Horse Riding +Evening Karting Experiences with a 40% Discount
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Trip to Glorria Village in Karzkan Forest
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Horse riding in Karzakan Forest
yacht rental bahrain
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Horse riding in Bahrain

Horseback riding Bahrain, especially Arabian horses, is one of the most important and famous things to do in Bahrain and has value and legacy in the Kingdom. Bahrain is home to a wide range of stables and training centers for both beginners and more experienced riders. When you want to enjoy a little taste of Arabia and explore its history, you can go to Bahrain and you will be paired with a well-trained horse to take you around the magical sites of the area. You can enjoy this activity and begin from the Equestrian Centre, continue to horse riding Bahrain fort, and end at Karbabad Beach. Keep your camera on hand to capture photos of breathtaking views.

Horseback riding tours in Bahrain

Bahrain has many natural and historical places that allow riders to ride horses around them. Among the most important of these areas are:

Karzakan forest

If you want to have a unique horse riding experience in Bahrain, Karzakan Forest is one of the best destinations for you, as it enjoys tranquillity, surrounded by greenery and birds. The weather may be hot, but the trees in the forest create a calm environment to avoid the harsh weather outside.

Qalat al-Bahrain

Horse riding in Bahrain and wandering around Qalat al-Bahrain will make you feel as if you are living the experience in a historical story. Qalat al-Bahrain is located on the seashore on the northern side of Bahrain Island. It is the main center of the Dilmun civilization. Great location to experience Bahrain horse riding.

Karbabad coast 

Nothing compares to the beauty of riding horses along the coast of Karbabad and enjoying the sea with the breeze and soft sand, it is a must-try.

Horse riding prices in Bahrain

horse riding Bahrain prices start from 6 to 35 BHD.

Skills needed to ride a horse

with an instructor or a coach, but before you decide to ride a horse, you should first have some skills and know-how to ride it:

  • Patience
  • No fear
  • Consistency
  • Safety
  • Follow your horse
  • Stop your horse

Essential Horseback Riding Equipment:

  • Riding Helmet: it provides strong protection for the head in case of a fall.
  • Riding Boots: The shoe must be long enough to cover the ankle and protect it from rubbing against the stirrup. 
  • Riding Breeches: Riding breeches should be flexible and comfortable.
  • Riding Gloves: Riding gloves help protect your hands from rubbing against the reins and improve your grip on them.
  • Stirrups: Stirrups should be suitable for your height and weight, and provide good stability while riding.
  • Bridle: The bridle is used to control the direction and speed of the horse.
  • Saddle: The saddle is used to sit on the horse's back comfortably and securely. The saddle should be suitable for the horse's size and the rider's weight.

Frequently asked questions

Who can enjoy Horse riding?

Riding horses is one of the few sports in the world where women and men, girls and boys, work and compete together and against each other

What is the best age for children to start horse riding?

The suitable age for starting to ride a horse depends on what kind of personality the child has and the environment in which he lives. But in general, we can say that at four years old, most children are able to follow instructions well enough for lessons.

What are the benefits of Horse riding?

horseback riding Bahrain is a great exercise and offers a number of health and physical benefits, including:

Develops leg & arm muscles.
It offers cardio benefits.
It improves balance and mental concentration.
Refreshes and clears the mind.
Burn calories similar to those in a 30-minute run or bike ride.
It can help you stay in shape.

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