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About Ootlah

With so many options on top vacation spots to choose from, Ootlah will help you to find the best activities and travel packages by providing multiple and different choices in the best locations for you. Maximize your savings by booking attractive vacation packages on Ootlah. We can connect you with the top travel agencies across Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and others. You will find all kinds of activities on Ootlah, ranging from indoor activities such as karting and trampoline to outdoor activities such as horse riding, yacht and boat rentals, and more. To enable you to experience all the activities you want and explore all the sites you want.


Our Team

We have been traveling for years in our Arab world and abroad and offer many adventures through our activities. And this was done with the presence of our team that always strives for the best. We provide integrated and unique content in displaying activities and travels, through the content team of Ootlah. And we didn’t stop here only, as we are always in contact with our customers from the first steps of booking until knowing the reviews on the trip. Because Ootlah list the joy and this is what our team always strives for.


Our Adventures

Like the novels that you read and immerse yourself in, and take you to worlds and adventures that you didn't know before. Ootlah adventures weren't just about activities or travels you book. Our adventure is full of enthusiasm, excitement, adrenaline, happiness, romance and fun. Our adventure is the way to discover new things and make friends and memories in places. Ootlah Adventures always strives to list joy.