Desert Safari in Qatar

Desert Safari In Qatar

7 Best Doha Desert Safaris 2024

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Over Night in Doha's Desert with Dinner& Breakfast
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33.17 USD
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6 hours Desert Safari in Doha with Land Cruiser 4x4
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Sunset desert safari tour in Inland sea
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Memorable Full Day Desert Safari Tour
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know more about falcons training in one tour
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Dune Bashing in the southern deserts
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Qatar: Half-day Desert Safari Shared Tour
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Best Desert Safari Tours in Qatar

The desert safari is only one of the many things about Qatar that are very admirable. The country, which extends from Rub'al-Khali in the Arabian Peninsula, is home to the most magnificent desert landscape close to the Gulf. A safari across Qatar's deserts is an experience of a lifetime for tourists. This is your chance to see the magnificent marvels of Qatar and partake in amazing adventures. So, are you up for exploring the desert safari in Qatar? Here is some further information about what promises to be an amazing Middle Eastern safari trip.

Desert Safari Qatar

Khor Al Adaid

Are you wondering where you can go on a Desert Safari tour In Qatar? The greatest location for organized safari tours is the Khor Al Adaid, sometimes referred to as the Inland Sea. This inlet into the Persian Gulf is situated close to the Saudi Arabian border in the southeast of Qatar in the Al Wakrah Municipality. Being one of just three locations on Earth where the water meets the dunes, Khor Al Adaid is an exceptionally beautiful destination to visit. UNESCO has declared the inland sea to be a natural reserve with breathtaking scenery and a unique ecosystem.

Its uncommon and indigenous environment, as well as the neighboring conserved ancient and heritage monuments, add to the area's magnificent and surreal quality. Arabian oryx and gazelles can be seen, along with a variety of birds, including osprey, terns, cormorants, ducks, and seagulls. For those who love nature, It truly is paradise. Do not miss exploring more Things to do in Qatar.

Desert Safari Activities Qatar

Paragliding Over The Desert

There's nothing quite like the rush of observing the desert from above, is there? One sport that will undoubtedly provide you with a lot of fun is paragliding in Qatar. Travellers will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they soar over the desert and see the glittering ocean and desert from above.

Quad Biking

There are plenty of things in the Qatar Safari Desert for bikers. One of the most exhilarating desert activities is quad biking, which can be experienced while on a safari. Quad riding is very popular in Qatar in large part because of the desert's amorphous topography, which makes it ideal for the activity. As you speed through the dunes, the low and high dunes will test your abilities. Therefore, if you enjoy an adrenaline rush, make sure to go quad biking while on your safari vacation in Qatar.


When taking a Desert Safari tours In Qatar, camping is among the first things that tourists consider. Actually, what makes camping in the Qatar desert so exciting is that it involves more than just setting up camp. There are a plethora of additional activities available to visitors while camping, such as taking in some organised on-site entertainment and dining al fresco. Thus, if you're wondering how to take advantage of all that the desert has to offer, camping can be a good alternative for you.

Camel Racing

You have heard of riding camels? So how about taking part in the desert camel race? The Al Shahaniya Race Track is the ideal place to watch camel racing, one of the most well-liked attractions in Qatar. Numerous domestic and foreign tour companies provide camel racing as part of their packages, among many other items. Visitors can take part in both domestic and foreign racing. What's the hold-up then? Arrange a camel safari so you can witness the action in real time.


I assume everyone knows what snowboarding is like. Indeed, there are benefits to the desert in Qatar. In Qatar, sandboarding using a board that skids in the sand is a very well-liked pastime. Travellers from all over the world are drawn to this pastime these days. The wonderful thing about sandboarding in Qatar is that it doesn't require skill to enjoy. Travellers are still advised to be under the guidance of an expert, though, as using the board can occasionally be challenging.

Star Gazing

While stargazing may seem uninteresting to some, it is one of the most popular desert pastimes. Stargazing is a fun activity for tourists who camp in the desert. This is one of the main explanations for why the majority of tourists choose to spend the night in the desert. For obvious reasons, stargazing has to be an option if you're seeking a breathtaking nighttime view in the desert. Do you want to have a go at it? Make arrangements with your preferred tour operator to choose an overnight package that includes a stay in the desert for a desert safari.

Types of Desert Safari Drive in Qatar


The full-day desert safari in Qatar is a popular safari experience in Qatar for visitors to the nation; it starts early in the morning and concludes late at night. The first activities in Desert Safari tour In Qatar that travellers get to enjoy are those in the desert as part of the full-day safari. Among the activities included in the tour are sandboarding, quad biking, camel riding, and dune bashing. The finest aspect? It's a sight worth waiting for to witness the dawn and sunset straight from the desert.

Half-Day Safari

Are you someone who finds it difficult to enjoy the full-day desert safari since you're on a tight schedule? Typically, the safari starts early and ends in the afternoon. Travelers in Desert Safari Qatar can take advantage of a variety of activities during this season, as well as discover the golden dunes and capture breathtaking pictures of camels in some of the most impressive desert settings. Thus, if you're short on time but still want to go on a safari in Qatar, you can choose the half-day safari option.

Evening Safari

Even though the evening safari in Qatar is just brief, it offers all you need to make your nights enjoyable. This safari experience provides a singular view of the desert at dusk, allowing guests to catch a peek at the breathtaking sunset directly from the desert. Remarkably, it starts much like any other safari encounter, with travellers being driven to and dropped off from their destination in an SUV. It's interesting to note that the evening safari lasts for four hours, which is plenty to provide you with a memorable experience of spending the night in a desert.

Overnight Safari

When it comes to desert safaris in Qatar with Ootlah. the overnight safari is arguably the greatest experience because it includes everything. The opportunity to spend the night in a Bedouin camp beneath the stars makes this one of the most popular safari experiences in Qatar. The overnight safari experience has it all, from spending the entire night in the desert to taking in the breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset.

Desert Safari Qatar Price

The type of safari you select will determine how much a desert safari in Qatar costs. The cost per person for a basic morning or evening desert safari in Qatar ranges from 600 to 1500 QAR.

Frequently asked questions

Which locations in Doha offer the finest safaris for groups?

The top locations in Doha for groups looking to go on safari are as follows:
Murex Activities & Tours
Shepherd international tours
Sand Line Dunes Qatar

What is the desert safari Qatar price?

The average price of a desert safari in Qatar can vary depending on several factors. here is a general guide to the average prices of desert safaris in Qatar:

  • Half-day safari: $50-$100 USD per person.
  • Full-day safari: $100-$200 USD per person.
  • Overnight safari: $200-$500 USD per person.

Is Desert Safari in Doha worth it?

Desert Safari in Doha is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will reach the peak level of fun by paragliding over the desert, quad biking, camping, camel racing, sandboarding, and stargazing.

How much does Qatar desert safari cost?

Our Desert Safari in Qatar offers a variety of tours and tickets that suit your needs. Prices start at 100.00 QAR and go up to 1,000.00 QAR.

What is the Best Desert Safari Tour in Qatar with Ootlah?

What is the best time for Desert Safari In Qatar?

November to March are considered the best times to go on a desert safari in Qatar.

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