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Desert Safari in Qatar

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Half day safari in desert of Qatar
4.0 (8)
  75 Tickets Sold
1,727.49 USD
* per group
3% off
Half day desert safari in Qatar. Best of life tourism
4.7 (13)
  158 Tickets Sold
209.13 USD
215.60 USD
* per group
Half day desert safari shared tour in world's cup
4.8 (9)
  109 Tickets Sold
161.70 USD
* per person
Chill out in an amazing desert safari tour
4.4 (11)
  93 Tickets Sold
283.85 USD
* per person
Spend new experience in Musfur Sinkhole
  Less than 10 Tickets Sold
1,796.59 USD
* per group
8 hours desert safari tour
4.0 (4)
  39 Tickets Sold
392.49 USD
* per person
Sunset desert safari tour in Inland sea
4.6 (7)
  58 Tickets Sold
227.48 USD
* per person
Join us for an overnight experience in the desert of Qatar
4.0 (2)
  24 Tickets Sold
2,837.22 USD
* per person
Magical 4 hours desert safari tour
4.8 (10)
  92 Tickets Sold
221.13 USD
* per person
know more about falcons training in one tour
  Less than 10 Tickets Sold
276.40 USD
* per person
Memorable full day desert safari tour
4.8 (8)
  78 Tickets Sold
248.76 USD
* per person
Dune Bashing in the southern deserts
  Less than 10 Tickets Sold
207.35 USD
* per person
Overnight desert safari
  Less than 10 Tickets Sold
456.17 USD
* per person
Full day Desert Safari
  Less than 10 Tickets Sold
165.89 USD
* per person
Half day desert safari
  Less than 10 Tickets Sold
102.66 USD
* per person
Full day desert safari in Qatar. Best of life tourism
4.0 (6)
  81 Tickets Sold
171.49 USD
* per person
Enjoy full day desert safari tour
  Less than 10 Tickets Sold
386.96 USD
* per person

Desert Safari in Qatar

About 20% of the surface of the planet is made up of deserts, which are characterized by harsh weather and stifling heat. Many specialised risky pursuits that are impossible to engage in elsewhere can be found in deserts. In accordance with visitor preferences, a number of tour operators in Qatar provide brief desert excursions that can last anywhere from a few hours to a week. A safari across Qatar's desert is a fantastic way to discover the country's enigmatic terrain and learn how the people here make a living throughout the year.

Camping outside, away from the haze of the city, beneath a starry, clear sky is something you may enjoy while learning about Bedouin culture. A knowledgeable tour guide who is qualified and experienced and who knows the desert will constantly be with you and ensure that you have an amazing experience. You'll also frequently get to taste a delicious traditional dinner.

Sandboarding and dunes running are additional activities in Qatar . The process of sandboarding is standing or sitting on the board and ascending a sand dune. When you drive a 4x4 vehicle up dunes, across crests, and to the other side of the dune, you are doing "dune bashing." The adventure of a lifetime, it's an adrenaline rush.

Camping in the desert is a fantastic experience, and it's the ideal location. In accordance with their needs, party size, and budget, travelers can choose from a wide range of pre-planned and customised desert safari Qatar adventure tours today from various tour operators. Additional unique attractions and activities can be included depending on the number of participants and their ages.

What is the best place for Desert Safari in Qatar?

Desert Safari Doha

The Desert Safari Doha extends its warmest welcome to the alluring realm of the dunes and the desert. A luxurious vacation with your family and friends can be had on an Arabian desert safari. They provide various vacation packages with activities that guarantee an exhilarating and special travel experience.

To view and experience Qatar's inland sea, choose from a number of tours offered by Doha Desert Safari. Every encounter will leave you with memories you'll want to keep, whether it is on one of their famous Desert Safari excursions, in an open-air boat with live entertainment while we cruise, or on foot through charming cities. They'll make sure your trip to Qatar desert safari is one you won't soon forget.

Arabian Adventures Qatar

The first and top inbound travel company in Qatar is called Arabian Adventures Qatar. The goal of Arabian Adventures Qatar, which was established in 1987, was to establish a tour operator that would offer all visitors to Qatar an extraordinary travel experience.

The staff at Arabian Adventures Qatar continually strives to provide their customers with the greatest experiences by upholding the values of honesty, openness, and a cheerful attitude.

Al Corniche Safari

Al Corniche Safari specialises in desert safaris in Qatar, overnight camping in Doha, quad biking in Doha, team-building activities, adventure packages for groups, businesses, and schools, and special outdoor activity trips for adventurous people. Your business team will be motivated by their distinctive adventure activities to solve each task by thinking outside the box.

A broad variety of programmes are available from them, including daring activities like our banana tube, doughnut ride speed boat trip, jetski, kayaking, and camping in the desert. These programmes are designed for all couples, individuals, and school-age groups.

Frequently asked questions

Which locations in Doha offer the finest safaris for groups?

The top locations in Doha for groups looking to go on safari are as follows:
Murex Activities & Tours
Shepherd international tours
Sand Line Dunes Qatar

What is the cost of a desert safari in Qatar?

It costs an average of QR 195QR.

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