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Hawar Island Trips

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Bahrain: Day Use in Hawar Island with Lunch
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Rent Chalet on Hawar Island at Al Maha Lagon
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Hawar Island in Bahrain

Just 45 to 60 minutes are needed to travel by boat from Durrat Marina to this archipelago of 16 islands, which is located about 20 kilometers south of Bahrain. Nature enthusiasts who want to live a charming, remote life can find these islands to be the ideal destination. The Hawar Islands are fantastic places to dive and go birdwatching, and they are home to endangered species including oryx, dugongs (sea cows), and other unusual birds. A large number of coral reefs, endangered species, and birds make eight of these islands eligible to be inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Marine and Wildlife in the Hawar Islands

The islands are home to a diverse range of wildlife, including many seabirds and endangered species like dugongs and green turtles. On the island, there is only one hotel, Hawar Beach, which is a terrific spot to unwind after a day at sea and offers a variety of activities for you to enjoy.

Things to do in Hawar Island Bahrain

Hawar Islands are one of the Best Things to do in Bahrain, it is the perfect vacation spot for people who enjoy taking pictures or just unwinding. It includes seabirds, dugongs, and endangered green turtles. One of the greatest islands is recognized for its biodiversity and The island is the ideal place to spend Day Trips In Bahrain.

The island's hotel provides a variety of activities, including kayaking and snorkeling, among others. When on vacation, people might have the time of their life on the island. One of the many islands that people can always brag about to their loved ones is this one.

Hawar Island Ticket Price

There is a Hawar Island day trip for 20 BHD if you want to have a leisurely journey while in the Kingdom. All of that includes lunch, free bike and kayak rentals, pool access, and boat transportation from Durrat Marina (which departs Bahrain at 8 a.m. and returns at 4 p.m.).

Frequently asked questions

What to expect at Hawar Island?

An internationally recognised nature reserve is the Hawar Islands. The islands are home to migratory birds, native plants and animals, and immaculate beaches. Hawar is a must-visit location for every travel to Bahrain.

Why is Hawar island so famous?

The Islands have a distinct natural beauty and a national but irreplaceable worth. They are Bahrain's last remaining real wilderness, untamed and extremely fragile. These islands are small, but that doesn't stop them from offering plenty of attractions to nature enthusiasts and animal explorers.

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