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Lost Paradise of Dilmun in Bahrain

The largest water park in Bahrain. Lost Paradise is located on 77,000 square meters of oasis desert, and boasts 18 of the fastest and latest slides, pools, and fountains. Lost Paradise accommodates 5,000 guests daily and is close to the 5-star Al Areen Palace.

It is an outdoor water park that features plenty of slides, pools, and many other exciting water attractions. The entire park is broadly titled based on the historical Dilmun period from Bahrain's history.

This luxury mixed-use resort for health and residential and family tourism is located in a high desert environment and also includes a world-class spa and a modern water park and a group of residential, commercial, and recreational units as well as many entertainment facilities.

What is the theme of the lost paradise of Bahrain?

The theme of this exciting water park is based on the links of Bahrain's rich history with the Dilmun civilization. Not only was it built to the highest and most sophisticated standards in the field, but it also managed to combine and capture historical and aesthetic beauty.

In addition to providing a modern, high-tech family entertainment facility, The Lost Paradise of Dilmun restored Bahrain's ancient history by incorporating it into the theme of the park. The water park evokes the spirit of antiquity by drawing attention to the beauty of the Dilmun ruins, which enhances the enjoyment of this property by creating an escape to the lost civilization.

It also consists of different regions and attractions, moreover, the new season will include new entertainment, including the vibrant Pinoy Festival and car show, as well as monthly offers for international shows as part of its commitment to support tourism and entertainment in Bahrain.

Lost paradise Bahrain entry price

Lost paradise Bahrain tickets prices change upon seasons, however, it ranges from 17 BHD to 20 BHD. And for children the prices are based on height; over 1.2m costs about 17 BHD, while a child under 1.2m costs 8 BHD.

The regular ticket entrance is available with a meal. As the food is not allowed inside except for a bottle of water.

You can enjoy all rides for free to access once you get inside.

Also, the lost paradise in Bahrain has an integrated “cashless” entry and purchase system, that allows you to charge your wrist and spend at the park without having to carry cash.

What to enjoy at the lost paradise in Bahrain?

Bahrain's first world-class water park includes some of the latest water entertainment technology and provides fun for all ages with special facilities and play areas designed to keep children entertained for hours.

The water park has many exceptional features, such as the "Artillery Spring of Dilmun" that reformulates the idea of Bahrain's ancient springs. It is a family area to relax in, with shaded seats around the edges of the pool and jacuzzi-style jet massage nozzles spread across the interior. All these special features are surrounded by a large swimming area.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun also features the only wave pool with a sandy beach in the Middle East. This feature provides fun for people of all ages and all preferences. For added convenience to the guests, there are exact copies of the Dilmun ruins that were created with straw-shaded lying areas and wide and lush tropical landscapes.

Is it good for children?

Yes, the lost paradise of Dilmun is good for children and enjoyable. It is a large interactive wet play area. This attraction features a set of interactive, feature-based play equipment with structures that offer dozens of slides, water sprinklers, water blinds, small party buckets, and a range of handles, spins, and levers to adjust and steer a series of jets and sprays.

Around the surf pool and works as a natural navigation path through the entire water park is a lazy river meandering through a series of themed tunnels. Each tunnel is equipped with reproduced ancient murals, walls and treasures, and accompanied by sounds and visual effects to enhance the experience.

Lost paradise in Bahrain location

The lost paradise is located along 5 minutes drive from Bahrain International Circuit and 25 minutes from Manama / Seef area. And about 20 minutes drive from Saudi Arabia Bridge and more than an hour drive from the Eastern Province.

Can you buy things from the lost paradise in Bahrain?

Lost Paradise has a retail store (The souq) where you can find everything you need. An area of 1000 sqm at the entrance to the park sells logo merchandise, souvenirs, resort clothes, swimwear, pool accessories, movies, sunblock, and towels - everything you will need for a day of garden play!

Where can you eat or drink at the lost paradise?

  • Gilgamesh Eatz is a boutique specially designed to sell fresh Arabic and Western food as well as fresh salads, sandwiches, and snacks.
  • The Arab ice cream booth sells gourmet ice cream cups, ice cream sticks, sundae, milkshakes, cones, fresh juices, and mocktails.
  • Bubbles store is located in the spa pool and serves fresh juices, mocktails, and snacks.
  • Motorized Mobile units let's come to you! These mobile units sell cold drinks and snacks.
  • Boomerango Bites serves barbeque meals, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and grilled items.
  • Beach BBQ offers barbecue service, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and grilled items.
  • Fruity Hut serves slices of fruit, juices, cold drinks, and sandwiches.

Lost paradise in Bahrain features

The lost paradise of Dilmun city in Bahrain provides plenty of features that everyone can enjoy including:

  • Male & Female changing rooms and toilets.
  • Male & Female prayer rooms.
  • Shaded parking for up to 570 vehicles.
  • Rental of lockers and towels.
  • Massage services for males and females.
  • Use of a free-blowing tube.
  • Covered picnic areas, sunbeds, and seating.

Is the lost paradise of Dilmun a safe place?

Yes, it is safe as you will find out many facilities that are available to ensure safety for all its visitors and tourists such as:

  • Fully qualified rescue workers (according to international standards) at every attraction.
  • Fully equipped first aid station and crew.
  • Fully automated water treatment system levels to maintain hygiene levels are in line with WHO standards at all times.

Lost paradise Ladies Night

The ladies’ night at the Lost Paradise of Dilmun is one of the most popular ladies’ events in Bahrain.

Every Thursday, 7 pm to 1 am, the water park is exclusive for women and children 10 years and under. In addition to an all-female staff during those hours, a highly trained team of female lifeguards is there to make sure every guest has fun safely.

The Lost Paradise Ladies Night is an event that has proven popular over the years, started in 2008, the event is definitely here to stay.

Frequently asked questions

What hotels are near lost Paradise Bahrain?

Lost Paradise of Dilmun is close to many hotels such as Al Areen Palace & Spa, Al Bander Hotel & Resort, Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa, and Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention and Spa as well as The Palace Boutique Hotel.

What restaurants are near the lost paradise in Bahrain?

Lost Paradise of Dilmun water park hosts plenty of restaurants and cafes, however, it also has many restaurants close to it including Tapas Bar, La Mer, Fiamma, and Rivaaj, also Pashawat restaurant.

What are the attractions located near the lost paradise?

When you go and visit lost paradise Bahrain, you can also visit and enjoy some attractions that are located near the lost paradise such as Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve, Bahrain International Karting Circuit, and Bahrain International Circuit.

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