Desert Safari in Riyadh

Desert Safari In Riyadh

8 Desert Safari In Riyadh

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Unparalleled Day in the Red Sand
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Unforgettable experience with Quad bikes
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A magical Safari tour with wrangler cars
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Join us in our safari tour in the beautiful desert in the Arab world
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Need a camel, we'll deliver it to you now!
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Do you want quad bikes? order it now!
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Falcons for delivery, order now!
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Camp at home! order now
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Desert safari in Riyadh

When you hear the word desert, what do you imagine?

Sands, rocks, or dangerous animals, there are a lot of fantasies that people think about the nature of the desert and besides this, the desert has a wonderful side that not all people know, in the Arab world the desert is a great place to do many wild trips and activities, such as safari trips such as a desert safari in Riyadh, hiking in Riyadh, and camping in Riyadh and exploration, and every Arab desert has a special character like no other.

What is special about the Saudi desert?

The Saudi desert has charming and serene views and is one of the best deserts for adventures. Kingdom’s desert also includes many distinctive areas that are the site for many great adventures and activities, along with the scenic views it contains, soft yellow sand, dunes, unparalleled night experiences, etc. Here are some of these areas:

Empty Quarter:

The height of the dunes in the Empty Quarter reaches 250 meters. These dunes are characterized by a variety of sand between longitudinal, crescent, and dome. Activities in this area vary. You can drive on dunes, camp, and quad bike while doing a Riyadh safari.

Arqana desert:

The Arqana desert is characterized by extended dunes of golden red color, where you can drive on the dunes, search for fossils, camp, and watch the stars.

The Great Nefud Desert:

It includes chains of dunes more than 1,000 meters high. Some areas of this desert are located among petrified forests and also have panoramic views, where you can go hiking and camping.

Jubbah Desert:

It is famous for its rock art and harsh dunes, where you can do stargazing, hiking, rock art, and stargazing. 

The most exciting activity in Saudi Arabia's desert  

Need exciting activities in Saudi Arabia, especially Riyadh activities. Desert safari Riyadh is the best & most activity should do it. Safari desert in Riyadh includes more things such as:

Dune Bashing

It means driving at increasing and decreasing speeds over the dunes, and the surface of the sand continues to shift, it also requires some kind of special car, and by bashing the dunes you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the desert and get away from the noise of the city, and enjoy a time full of excitement and enthusiasm. 

Quad bike

It is a vehicle designed for sports trips and safari trips, and the desert of Riyadh allows you to take this wonderful adventure, and have a good time there.


It is one of the most popular activities when you do the desert safari in Riyadh, which is skiing on the dunes by wooden planks, a must-try. 

Camel riding

Camel riding is one of the other activities that can be done when doing a safari in the desert of Riyadh, a wonderful experience worth doing.  

Camping & BBQ

If you have camped and barbecued before, camping in the desert of Riyadh is different, the desert of Riyadh has an Arab character, you can camp in an Arab tent, eat Arab food, watch Arab heritage and arts, and learn more about Arab desert life, it is a different experience like no other.

Falconry hunt 

For adventurous people, the falconry hunt will be the most thing they will love in the safari desert in Riyadh.  a well-deserved experience.

Evening safari desert or morning desert safari in Riyadh

If you want to do a desert safari in Riyadh, you must specify at any time you want, to determine the activities you want to enjoy the most. Doing a desert safari in the morning is characterized by many things. You can watch the sunrise and enjoy the scenic landscapes, ride camels, and sandboarding and dune bashing would be best done in the morning, but doing a desert safari in the evening will enable you to watch the stars, go camping, barbecue parties, and spend unforgettable evenings, and in both cases, Riyadh desert safari experience will be distinctive. 

Activities to do with kids on a desert safari in Riyadh 

Most people think that safari activity is only for adults and is not safe for children, but in fact, there are a lot of activities that children can do during safaris, such as camel riding, which is one of the children's favorite activities and a great experience for them, and children can also participate in camping and barbecue parties and learn about Arab Culture such as henna, dancing, and others. Children can also participate in watching the sunrise and stars at night and learn about many Arab tales that happened in the desert, an experience that you must do with your children and create unforgettable memories with them.

Frequently asked questions

Desert safari meaning?

It is a trip to explore the wildlife of countries, and you can do a lot of activities there.

Which car do we use in Dune bashing on safari?

The most used car in safari is a 4X4 vehicle.

Is Camel Riding worth it in Riyadh?

Yes, getting to ride a camel is one of the best things to enjoy your time in the desert.

How to Book for desert safari in Riyadh?

Booking for safari in Riyadh is as easy as possible:
- Enter on the Ootlah website
- Type safari in Riyadh in the search box
- Choose the package that suits your budget from a variety of prices and packages.
- Choose the time, pay for the package and enjoy this beautiful experience.

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