Horse Riding in Jeddah

Horse Riding In Jeddah

2 Horse Riding In Jeddah

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Horse Riding in Jeddah

Equestrian or horse riding is a popular sport with many lovers and fans, as it has many benefits such as muscle strengthening and concentration. In addition to that, it was the first transportation for humans before the invention of cars. Now tournaments and competitions are held specifically for horses.

Horseback riding is a fantastic sport that is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is a sport that has a different discipline for each breed of horse and every rider, from just a fun activity to professional world-class competitions. Riding is either in enclosed areas or on trails under the supervision of experienced trainers. People enjoy this activity because it provides a sense of freedom and movement.

Horse riding Jeddah

Jeddah is distinguished by its location on the Red Sea, which made it a tourist attraction, as well as a place for many tourist and recreational activities. The largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is filled with many wonderful and entertaining activities such as visiting historical monuments, heading to luxury restaurants, and cafes, and also enjoying a wonderful view of the sea. There are many beaches, where you can go diving and swimming, in addition to the different types of fish and spectacular coral reefs.

Visiting Jeddah is not just about shopping, sightseeing, or relaxing on its beaches. It is a city full of exciting activities that will keep you entertained. There are many ways to have fun in Jeddah for a fabulous vacation with foreign tourists or Saudis. Besides enjoying the distinctive and peaceful Jeddah beaches, they can practice their favorite hobby of horseback riding on the beaches.

Dhahban village is one of the places in Jeddah where you can ride horses. This village is located on the western coast, 20 km from Jeddah. You can enjoy and spend a special time on its beaches, as it allows visitors to practice many hobbies and sports, including horse riding.

Visitors come to that location to ride wonderful horses on a magical journey between the sea and the sky, where they can watch the sunset on the sea.

Jeddah horse riding places on the sea

Because horse riding is one of the favourite things for many people as an entertainment activity in Jeddah and a new sport, and because horseback riding is a sport that is deeply ingrained in Arabian traditions and cultures, especially in Saudi Arabia, it was necessary to have several Jeddah horseback riding places, particularly near the sea. It is an incredible adventure for horse lovers and a wonderful experience of Arabian horse riding on the sea. This opportunity allows tourists to enjoy riding horses in Jeddah, where the horses start walking quietly and then enter the sea and you can trot the horses for a more exciting experience. Among the most important places to ride horses in Jeddah on the sea are:

Seef Beach

Al-Saif Beach makes you enjoy horse riding and taking pictures on the sea and amidst the picturesque nature while breathing the fresh air and swimming in clear blue water. Al-Seef Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Jeddah, as well as one of the most attractive for visitors.

King Abdullah Economic City

You can enjoy horse riding around King Abdullah Economic City, which provides you with a unique and distinctive experience in a beautiful beach setting. You can also go horseback riding at Laguna Beach Horse Riding, which offers many recreational activities for horse lovers.

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Are you a skilled knight or just enjoy horseback riding? Don't worry, no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will surely enjoy horseback riding tours in Jeddah. Enjoy riding a horse and taking the most beautiful pictures with it.

Horse riding tours provide a unique experience to feel like a true knight who can explore breathtaking landscapes. Embark on one of the best horseback riding excursions through stunning landscapes, mountains, or even along the beach under a beautiful blue sky. Book your tour with Ootlah.

Frequently asked questions

What shoes should you wear for horse riding?

The horse riding shoes you wear when riding are a very important part of keeping you safe. This is so as not to fall from the horse when your foot comes out smoothly without falling. So all riders wear a boot with a soft sole and a small heel (1 - 1.5 inches). This means sandals, high heels, runners/jogging shoes, and hiking shoes are not recommended for horse riding.

Is Jeddah a safe place?

Jeddah is characterized by safe tourist and commercial neighbourhoods. Travellers will have no problem enjoying a safe holiday in Saudi Arabia.

What are the conditions for riding a horse?

Riding conditions include adhering to the appropriate clothing and helmet, following the trainer’s instructions, and assessing the personal level to enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience on horseback.

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