Camping in Saudi Arabia

Camping In Saudi Arabia

Camping In Saudi Arabia

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Have a great time in Monira camp
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A magical Safari tour with wrangler cars
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Enjoy day use in camp with your friends & family
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Camping & hiking trip in Al muzahmiyah-Riyadh
4.8 (30)
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Join us in our safari tour in the beautiful desert in the Arab world
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Camp in the Deserts of Al Qassim
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Camp at home! order now
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A lot of people go on camping trips with family and friends because they're tired of city life or seek some adventure time. Whether you enjoy biking, hunting, hiking, or any other outdoor activity, camping offers you a way to focus completely on a hobby for a few days without any external distractions.

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt international travel, Saudi people are being encouraged to discover their country’s tourist destinations and natural beauty.

Just get the 4x4s out, round up friends and family members, stock up cars with sleeping bags, food, and camping gear, and get ready for the best camping trip in Saudi Arabia "Kashta".

Desert camping in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is well set up for camping, especially through its network of national parks. One of the most splendid places to camp in the desert is the desert region of Judah. It’s the only place to see the Devil’s Thumb! This iconic and very lonely-looking rock formation protrudes from the dusty desert surface as if it grew there by itself. The unique sight stands just 10 minutes outside Judah, west of Al Hofuf, and along the way, you can spot hidden caves and photograph camels ambling across a sea of sand.

Top sites for camping in Saudi Arabia

Al-Wahba Crater

If you are near Taif and Makkah Province, you can take a day trip to Wahba Crater to explore lava fields, which are an oasis and salt flats that have ruled the region for centuries. The area is exceptional for hiking, as the crater is 820 feet (250 meters) deep and easily explored on foot.

When you plan for a camping trip to Wahba Crater, you need to be fully prepared as there are no services available anywhere near the area. Visitors should pack their own fuel, tents, blankets, food, plenty of water, and enough supplies for a night in the desert.

Al-Wahba Crater is accessible by car. However, you can hire a driver from several destinations. The closest will be Jeddah (4 hours) and Taif (2.5 hours).

Reem Reserve (Khubayb Al Reem)

If you dream of an unforgettable overnight experience, we recommend that you go on a camping trip to Falcon International Camp at Reem Reserve (Khubayb Al Reem). This stunning natural attraction just west of Riyadh offers Bedouin-style camping where you sleep in tents in the open desert under a blanket of stars. The Saudi camping features experiences with trained falcons, romps through the desert in a camel caravan, and archery lessons. Please note that you should reserve a campsite before visiting the camp.  

Al Souda Mountains

Another magical camping destination in Saudi Arabia is Asir National Park. Experience the highest mountain in Saudi Arabia, Jabal Souda - the lush valleys there feel so European with forests and fog.

When you wake up near Jabal Souda or Al Souda mountains and the villages of Bani Mazen, the first thing you will see is the sight clouds as far as the eye can see, as if you were dreaming. The region is also blessed with good weather year-round and, with cool rainfall in the hot summer months, the beautiful green fields and mountains will be a haven for hikers and campers.

The generosity of locals, their warm welcome and kindness, as well as the region’s diverse cuisine has caught every visitor's attention.

Frequently asked questions

What to consider before camping in Saudi Arabia?

First of all, you should be well-prepared for sudden weather changes, pack thick clothes even in the summer, buy a waterproof tent and make sure it is well set up. Be considerate towards others in the region and be wary of venturing out into private property. Make sure you are not camping on someone else’s private land or farm and seek prior consent. Charge your mobile phone and carry power banks all the time, so you are never disconnected and ensure the car is serviced and in good condition. Also, check tire pressure and fluid levels.

What not to do while camping in KSA?

When you go camping you should always avoid annoying your neighbours, forgetting warm clothes, setting up the camp in the dark, and leaving your food out or your bags unzipped.

What is the difference between camping and glamping?

Glamping, which is short for glamorous camping, has become a mainstay of outdoor recreation. If your essentials outdoor camping list contains things such as a real mattress, running water or an actual toilet, you can still find numerous options that bridge the gap between traditional camping and the comforts of home.
When glamping, you’ll wake up to a cool breeze and chirping birds, but find yourself on a plush, pillow-top bed. You’ll have the stunning, uninterrupted views of a wilderness outpost, but still start your day with a nice, warm shower.

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