Al Shallal Theme Park In Jeddah

Al Shallal Theme Park In Jeddah

Al Shallal Theme Park In Jeddah

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A day full of excitement and fun in Al Shalal
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Al Shallal Theme Park

One of the most well-known theme parks in jeddah is Al Shallal Theme Park, which is situated on the Jeddah Corniche. It is also the biggest theme park in both the nation and the Middle East. Both locals and tourists from throughout the world come in great numbers. An estimated 1 million people visit the park annually. 

The park offers a fantastic atmosphere and entertainment, making it the perfect destination to spend time with loved ones. It offers a number of action and thrill rides, including a slingshot, roller coaster, power surge, and flying carousel. An interesting arcade and a kid's video gaming area are also located in the park. There are several stores, eateries, and kiosks where you can unwind with family and friends.

Things to do at Al Shallal Theme Park Jeddah

Al Shallal Theme Park the best Jeddah amusement park provides a variety of entertaining activities for its guests. This amusement park in Jeddah offers a number of exhilarating rides, kid-friendly video games, a wide variety of stores, and dining options. Al Shallal is a whole package of fun because of all these factors.

1.  Adventure rides

The adventurous Al Shallal theme park rides at Al Shallal Theme Park in Jeddah provide visitors with an exhilarating experience. Roller coasters are the most well-liked of these attractions. When the roller coaster train is freed, it moves to the second lift after moving backwards to the top. Another well-liked attraction in the park is the catapult. The rider is seated in a seat that is propelled rapidly upward at a speed of up to 100 km/h. Power surges, super shots, and flying carousels are a few of the other daring rides.

2. Rides for family

The Pirate is a big ship that repeatedly cycles up and down while swinging like a pendulum. The journey is incredibly exciting and delivers a rapid rush of excitement. In the hot air balloon-like Samba Tower ride, the passenger sits in a compartment that rises to a height of 6.5 metres. A central point that rotates while moving up and down is attached to the compartments. In the adventure ride known as Amazon, four coaches that resemble boats are connected to one another like a railway and travel down a 235-meter-long track.

3. Ride for kids

One of the kid-friendly attractions at amusement parks is bumper cars. Children are driving the vehicles throughout the expansive space, colliding joyfully with other passengers. On the Crazy Submarine ride, riders sit in a submarine-shaped capsule that is attached to a central hub that rotates continuously anticlockwise. One of the kids' favourite rides is the merry-go-round. A carousel with kids on it rotates while the kids are seated on a horse that goes up and down.

4. Arcade games

The gaming area in Shallal water park jeddah is one of the top entertainment venues in the park and is regarded as a kid-favorite hangout. The location has a fantastic atmosphere because of the colourful lighting and nonstop music playing. Visitors can play a variety of games and gain thrilling rewards.

5. Ice skating rink

Ice skating is one of the most alluring activities at Al Shallal Theme Park, and it's great for both youngsters and adults. The park includes a designated skating rink, and there are restaurants and lounging places all around it, making for the ideal atmosphere. The safety of those skating on the ice is ensured by the presence of guides on the rink.

6. Ladies’ day

Every week on Wednesdays, Al Shallal Theme Park hosts events exclusively for ladies. Only women are permitted to enter the park on this day and take part in all the enjoyable activities. Boys under the age of six are permitted to enter on this day, but male admission is prohibited. The park is accessible to people of all sexes and age groups on the remaining days.

7. Shops and eateries

Al Shallal Theme Park offers a variety of stores, eateries, and kiosks where guests may unwind after an exciting day of exploring. Visitors who are hungry can eat delicious Chinese and Lebanese food at the intriguing theme restaurant.

Al Shallal Theme Park's top facilities

  • For those wishing to pray, Al Shallal has rooms available.
  • For any unexpected medical needs, there is a clinic in the park.
  • If guests run out of money, an ATM is available at the park's entrance.
  • In the park, Wi-Fi hotspots with fast internet are available.
  • Between rides, guests can unwind by shopping and dining at restaurants.

Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Al Shallal Theme Park

  • The park prohibits the consumption of outside food and beverages.
  • Visitors must always wear their Al Shallal wristbands in order to ride any rides.
  • Visitors are urged to wear appropriate clothing.
  • Pets aren't permitted in the park.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the park.

Jeddah Theme Park Al Shallal features everything guests need to have a fantastic day with their families. The park offers a variety of attractions and entertainment options for visitors of all ages, including roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, restaurants, and gift shops.

Frequently asked questions

On Ladies' Day, are men allowed in the park?

On Ladies' Day, only children under the age of six may enter the park with an adult female companion.

What types of food are served at the restaurants in the park?

Chinese and Lebanese cuisine are both delectable options for tourists.

Are all rides included in the ticket price?

No, the entry ticket does not cover all rides. Ice skating, zip lines, video games, skydiving, bowling, and Flymania are activities that are not covered.

Do children have access to any free rides?

Yes, a few rides are free for children under the age of five.

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