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Tour Around Jeddah for 6 to 7 Hours
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Al Jouf City Tour
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3 Overnight Days in Resort in Jeddah
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city tour jeddah

Jeddah is the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia. It is home to a variety of amazing and famous museums and historical attractions, but it is also famous for Things to do in it. Jeddah is located on the coast of the Red Sea. It has a rich historical and cultural heritage that mixes traditional past and modern achievements.

Why visit Jeddah City?

We can’t mention all the places that you can visit in Jeddah in such a few lines, but we will focus on the most important places to visit in Jeddah on your next trip. There are a huge number of Jeddah sightseeing, modern tourist attractions, and historical sites as well.

where to go in Jeddah

Jeddah sightseeing tours will make you explore Jeddah and discover its traditions. Visit Jeddah and feel its beauty through the following city tours and day trips from Jeddah:

1- Jeddah Al Balad tour 

The first Jeddah tour that you have to prepare yourself for is the Jeddah Al Balad tour. In this tour, you will discover old Jeddah and its rich history by visiting Al Shafei's old mosque, Biet Nassif, and Gabel Street Souq. For an enriching experience, make sure to hire a tour guide Jeddah who can provide in-depth insights into the city's past and cultural heritage.

2- Horse riding at Red Sea tour

Jeddah nestles between the desert and the Red Sea. Imagine yourself experiencing these two natural wonders. It is an incredible way to enjoy the Red Sea and its charming vibes through a horseback riding tour in Jeddah with people you love.

3- Desert Safari tour

It’s a must to discover the beauty of the desert when you are in Jeddah through an amazing morning or overnight desert safari Jeddah. It's one of the best activities in Jeddah. There will be a variety of activities that you can indulge in, such as Quad Biking Tour Jeddah, sandboarding, dune bashing, henna painting, watching entertaining shows, camping, and more.

4- Sea Tours in Jeddah:

Embark on a boat trip: Enjoy a leisurely cruise on a boat, admiring Jeddah's skyline and coastal attractions from a unique perspective.

Dive into the Red Sea: Discover the wonders of the Red Sea's underwater world. Explore vibrant coral reefs, teeming with marine life, and encounter a kaleidoscope of colorful fish and other aquatic creatures.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best time to visit Jeddah?

If you have decided to visit Jeddah, it’s recommended that you visit it in the winter, starting from October to March. Because of the cool and nice weather, you can enjoy your trip or tour.

Is Jeddah a city that is suitable for families and kids?

Jeddah is one of the best cities that suits families and children, and that is because it includes a lot of places for them, such as museums, zoos, and child-friendly restaurants and cafes. Additionally, they will enjoy activities such as camel riding, sandboarding, camping, and more in the desert of Jeddah.

What is the weather in Jeddah?

Jeddah's weather in winter is warm, unlike other cities in Saudi Arabia, which is an extra advantage that makes you visit it in winter.
It’s really hot in Jeddah during the summer months.

What are the best places for shopping in Jeddah?

Jeddah is a great shopping destination, as it includes many shopping centers and markets.
You can find all international and local brands in Jeddah shopping malls.
Also be sure to visit the traditional markets, such as the Bedouin Market and the Blacksmiths Market.

What are the best places to eat in Jeddah?

Jeddah offers a variety of dining options, from traditional Saudi cuisine to international cuisine.
There are many excellent restaurants in the city, as well as many cafés and pastry shops.
Be sure to try some of the famous Saudi dishes, such as Kabsa, Margouk and Tamis.

What are the most popular tourist attractions in Jeddah?

Jeddah Al Balad: A historic and cultural center with landmarks such as Nassif House and Dr. Ehsan Eshghi's House.
King Fahd Gate: A prominent landmark of Jeddah, commemorating King Fahd bin Abdulaziz's historic journey around the world.
Abdul Rauf Khalil Museum: Houses a remarkable collection of Islamic art.
Jeddah Corniche: The world's longest corniche, where you can walk, cycle, or run along the Red Sea coast.
King Fahd Fountain: The mesmerizing dancing fountain show, one of the largest fountain shows in the world.
Half Moon Beach: One of Jeddah's most beautiful beaches, where you can relax, swim, and enjoy water sports.
Al-Jareer Theater: The oldest theater in Saudi Arabia.
Ithraa Cultural Center: Discover contemporary Arab arts and culture.
Jeddah History Museum: Learn about Jeddah's rich history.
Jeddah Zoo: Enjoy a fun family outing.
Aqua Park Jeddah: Experience an exciting adventure at Aqua Park Jeddah.
Red Sea Mall: Shop at Red Sea Mall.

What activities can I do in Jeddah?

Enjoy a day at the beach.
Explore history and culture in Jeddah Al Balad.
Visit one of Jeddah's many museums.
Shop at luxury malls or traditional souks.
Savor delicious Saudi cuisine.
Experience Jeddah's vibrant nightlife.
Take a day trip to one of the nearby cities, such as Mecca or Medina.

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