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Museums in Egypt: Discover a history full of treasures, culture and art

January 17, 2021

What if we gave you a time machine to go back to the old days, live in ancient times, participate in its details, and see the most important kings and presidents? This legendary machine is not needed in Egypt because once you visit the most famous museums in Egypt, you will feel like you have been born in the past with all its details. When anyone hears about Egypt's museums, the first thing that comes to their mind is the Egyptian Museum, the source of Egyptian treasures, but Egypt has many more treasures than one museum can display. Egypt is famous for being home to antiquities and one of the most important tourist destinations for history and art lovers. All you need is an entry ticket, a phone with a good camera, and know some of the best places to explore artifacts in Egypt's museums. Types of Egyptian museums In addition to the Islamic Museums in Egypt that showcases Islamic art in Egypt and art museums in Egypt to display paintings and artists' works. There are many types of Egyptian museums, the most important of which are the Pharaonic Museums of Egypt that show the life of the Pharaohs, their kings, their treasures, and the archaeological museums of Egypt where artifacts are collected and displayed beautifully for visitors. Egyptian Museum- Cairo No tour of Egypt is complete without a visit to this pink palace overlooking Cairo's Tahrir Square. Since its establishment, the Egyptian Museum has been the first place in the world to show ancient Egyptian artifacts, as it includes over 150,000 artifacts dating back more than 5,000 years. It also includes huge statues, royal mummies, manuscripts, jewelry, and treasures of King Tutankhamun. The museum has a large library that includes books on archeology, history, civilizations, and religions in various languages. Address: Tahrir Square - Cairo Graeco-Roman Museum- Alexandria It is considered one of the most famous museums in Alexandria. It is an archaeological museum that was built in 1892. It shows a large collection of antiquities dating back to the Ptolemies and Romans, and it consists of 22 various halls with artifacts of various types. Alexandria also has several museums, such as the Library of Alexandria Museum and the Alexandria Underwater Museum. Address: Al Mesallah Sharq, Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate   Alexandria National Museum This museum is regarded as one of the most important tourist attractions in Alexandria. The Alexandria National Museum houses some of the most important historical artifacts in the world with more than 1,800 artifacts that narrate the history of Alexandria through various eras, including the Greek era, the Roman era, the Coptic era, and the Islamic era. There are also mummies on display in the underground rooms. Address: 110 El Horreya Road - Raml Station - Alexandria   The Nubia Museum- Aswan When visiting Aswan, most tourists prefer to enjoy the sunset on the Nile or visit the Philae Temple, but you should also visit the Nubia Museum, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Aswan. The museum, which was established as part of the UNESCO international campaign, consists of more than 3,000 artifacts, including vessels, crowns, and gemstones that represent Nubian culture across history. Through it, visitors can learn about the Nubian customs and engineering processes for building the Aswan Dam. This museum is considered a modern one as it was opened in 1997. Address: Qism Aswan, Aswan Governorate   Luxor Museum Like the Egyptian Museum, the Luxor Museum is an important part of Egypt's history, as this archaeological museum is one of the most fascinating museums in Egypt that you should visit when traveling to Luxor. It was opened for visitors in 1975 as one of  Egypt’s first modern museums. It is located close to the Temple of Karnak and overlooks the Nile. The museum consists of two floors and displays many of the rare artifacts discovered in Luxor, such as statues of kings and gods. The museum also includes many collections that cover various historical eras of Egyptian civilization. The museum also shows some of the possessions of King Tutankhamun that were found in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor in 1922. Address: Nile Corniche Street - Luxor   Religious Museums in Egypt Islamic Art Museum- Cairo This two-storey museum is one of the largest Islamic art museums. It was designed in an Islamic architectural style and was opened in 1903 to show a large collection of Islamic antiques. It contains more than 100,000 pieces collected from different countries such as India, China, Iran, Arabia, and Egypt, making it a beacon of Islamic arts and civilization throughout the ages. The museum has fantastic lighting and the space is well used to give the visitor an organized show of antiques. Address: St، El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate  Coptic Museum It is considered one of the most famous museums in Cairo. This museum focuses on the art and artifacts of Egypt's Coptic civilization, as it includes more than 16 thousand artifacts dating back to the Roman and Byzantine eras. Among these artifacts are fabrics and textiles dating back to the sixth century, as well as multiple pieces of glass and wood. This museum is surrounded by gardens and six ancient Coptic churches. Address: 3 Mari Gerges, Kom Ghorab, Old Cairo.   Biographical museums Umm Kulthum Museum The most famous voice in Egypt is immortalized in this small museum in Cairo that evokes its visitors a sense of nostalgia. It has been uniquely designed to highlight its historical role in enriching Egyptian and Arab art. When you enter the museum, you will find her famous handkerchief and catch a glimpse of her black glasses and elegant dresses. The museum also includes many memorabilia from Umm Kulthum's life, such as her clothes, musical instruments, medals, rare recordings, and speeches that she has written and received from important personalities such as politicians and public figures. Address: Al-Malek Al-Saleh, Manial Al-Rawda, Giza   Muhammad Ali Palace Museum On the island of Rawda, there is Prince Muhammad Ali’s palace. Muhammed Ali recommended turning the palace into a museum, which is one of the most beautiful and important historical museums in Egypt and an architectural masterpiece that still maintains its marvelous architectural style. Muhammad Ali museum consists of an external wall surrounding the palace entrance, and includes a reception palace within its walls. It has the clock tower, the mosque, the hunting museum, the throne palace, the private museum, the golden hall, in addition to the wonderful and unique garden surrounding the palace. Address: Al-Saraya, Manial, Cairo.   Egypt has hundreds of museums that include millions of monuments dating back to ancient times, and there are specialized museums such as the Geological Museum, the Military Museum, Wax Museum in Helwan, and the Agricultural Museum. Other museums belong to historical figures who passed through Egypt, like Saad Zaghloul, Mustafa Kamel, and Gamal Abdel Nasser, as well as the royal and presidential palaces that later became museums. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this unique country with a great heritage. Do not miss visiting and exploring Egypt's magnificent museums full of historical treasures that will surely impress you.   Also Read Luxor and Aswan: Best places to visit in ancient Egypt's capital cities  

Camping in Egypt: 7 Spots to Enjoy the Most Pleasant Camping Experience

January 13, 2021

Thinking about getting away from the hassle of urban life, to a more natural environment? From waterfront camps to desert camps and even city camps, there's no place that can rival the stunning experience of camping in Egypt. Camping has a huge number of benefits for everyone old and young that you and your friends or family can enjoy while spending time in the great outdoors, and Egypt's many natural paradises can easily offer you all of that. Take a look at the best places for camping in Egypt! White Desert & Black Desert The White and Black Deserts are located in the Western desert of Egypt near the Bahariya and Farafra Oases. Camping in Egypt in The Western Desert is a must-do so if you haven't been there before then you should give this spot a go. The White Desert in particular is popular among campers because of its massive white formations, which are some of the astonishing natural wonders in Egypt. They were formed over millennia of wind and sandstorms. The Black Desert got this name because of the layer of black volcanic material concentrated on top of the yellow sand dunes. Popular activities in those two amazing spots include stargazing, 4x4 safaris over sand dunes, visiting the Crystal Mountain and Aqabat valley, and swimming in natural springs at the oases. The White & Black Deserts are only about an hour and 15 minutes apart, so you can easily camp in both on a 2-night trip. Ras Abu Galum Ras Abu Galum is a national protectorate that lies on the Gulf of Aqaba, 15 km from Dahab. There, you can camp on the beach with a view of the mountains, skies and the sound of the water that you’ll never forget. Abu Gallum has a big number of huts and camps belonging to the local Bedouin where you can stay overnight. However, it's a better idea to bring your own sleeping bag and water bottles. Ras Abu Gallum is also home to Egypt’s Blue Lagoon, one of Dahab’s most awesome spots, that sets away from all the hotels and bustle of the town. The Blue Lagoon is a piece of heaven on Earth with calm turquoise waters and clean beaches made of thousands of colors. For camping in Abu Gallum, Contact any of the tour agencies or hotels in Dahab and they’ll organize the camp and a guide for your group. Siwa Oasis Siwa Oasis is the most famous and most remote oasis in Egypt. It is located in the Western Desert 50 km from the Libyan border. What's really awesome about Siwa is that it's untouched by modernity so it's an ideal place to camp and get away from it all. Surprisingly, this marvelous piece of land was isolated from the rest of Egypt up until the 1980s when a road connecting it to Marsa Matrouh was built. Today, thousands of people visit Siwa constantly to experience its unique heritage, history, and culture. People of Siwa even have their own language which is closer to Berber than Arabic. Camping in Siwa under the Milky Way in the Great Sand Sea is an experience to remember for as long as you live. Other activities you can do there are visiting Mountain of the Dead, Cleopatra's Bath, Shali Fortress, Temple of the Oracle of Alexander the Great, as well as swimming in the hot springs. Ras Shetan Lying in the east of Sinai between Taba and Nuweiba on the Gulf of Aqaba, Ras Shetan is one of the most popular places for beach camping in Egypt. Ras Shetan is known for its bohemian beach camps run by local Bedouins. The camps are a mix of beach huts or bare-bone chalets, and of course, you can set up your own tents right on the beach. If you’re staying in a beach hut or tent, then you’ll have access to a common bathroom. Most of the camps have simple menus and you can eat your meals in the shared main hut right on the water. And the most magical thing about the night is that there’s usually a large campfire where the Bedouins and guests from all over the world gather, talk, play instruments, and sing together. Wadi El Hitan Located in the Fayoum oasis very close to Cairo, Wadi El Hitan is a natural reserve that is perfect for a weekend camping trip to escape the noise of the city. As there's no phone signal in the reserve, Say goodbye to your social media, sit tight, and enjoy the most beautiful stargazing experience in your whole life. Wadi Al-Hitan was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005 for its natural beauty as well as scientific significance. Millions of years ago, this area used to be a prehistoric sea with a myriad of marine life, all of which is extinct now. Today, with unique whale fossils it possesses, Wadi Al-Hitan is offering key insights into the evolution of whales from land-dwelling mammals to marine-living animals. Each year, thousands of tourists and scientists come from all over the world to enjoy this paradise. From starry nights to hiking, this fantastic protected area has something for everyone. Marsa Alam Marsa Alam is a resort town on the Red Sea and it is literally a treasure full of magical natural spots. One of the best areas to camp in Marsa Alam is Wadi El Gemal National Protectorate. Situated on the Red Sea, Wadi El Gemal is one of the most underrated destinations in Egypt. The national park is a great camping site for bird-watchers, it is home to many different ecological habitats including some endangered species. Another perfect spot for camping in Marsa Alam is Kolaan area. Kolaan is truly one of Egypt's hidden gems; you can easily pick up a tent and go camp there. It’s probably the most gorgeous part of the Red Sea coastline, and some even refer to it as Egypt’s Maldives. Additionally, Marsa Shagra Village, Marsa Nakari Village, and Wadi Lahami Village all offer different types of camping in Egypt. You can either stay in a basic beachfront tent, a ‘royal’ tent, or even a beach hut or a chalet. But keep in mind though that camping here is not cheap. Wadi Degla Lying just minutes from Maadi neighborhood in Cairo, Wadi Degla Nature Protectorate is a perfect piece of the desert inside the city. This excellent camping trip is a getaway for those who are unable to travel to distant locations. With nothing but sleepy hills and spectacular landscapes, there is nothing but serenity and peace of mind at this place. At Wadi Degla Protectorate, you can enjoy a myriad of activities from jogging and mountain climbing to BBQing, hiking, and biking. Also Read: Best places to visit in Luxor and Aswan

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Luxor and Aswan: Best places to visit in ancient Egypt's capital cities

December 09, 2020

Luxor and Aswan are two cities in Upper Egypt located along the River Nile and known to be home to marvelous ancient Egyptian temples that date back almost 4,000 years ago. Luxor alone has one-third of the world’s ancient monuments, and many Egyptians like to call Aswan the “Egyptian Paradise”. Both cities have a rich historical background and equally interesting cultural traditions. Whether you are a history lover or not, you will find yourself fully amazed standing in front of ancient temples whose secrets are still unknown. You will live a seamless experience listening to the whispers of kings and queens narrating untold stories through the stunning drawings that have survived thousands of years. The best time to visit Luxor and Aswan is in December, January and February, as the gentle shining sun really makes these two cities special during winter. You can escape the cold, whether it’s in Cairo, Alexandria, or another metropolis around the world, to enjoy the warm southern Egyptian winter sun. Taking a cruise from Luxor to Aswan is a must-consider if you want to enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere while sailing through the Nile. On both sides of the river’s banks, you can satisfy your eyes with a combination of sand and green lands and enjoy mesmerizing golden sunrises and sunsets. In this article, we tried our best to be your guide to two stats-of-art cities on the land of Egypt. Two cities that no matter how many words anyone can say about their beauty, it will never be enough till you see them with your own eyes! Temple of Philae Philae is a beautiful island surrounded by clear blue water and black granite boulders in Aswan. It is located in a beautiful setting and landscaped to match the original site of the temple when it was relocated by UNESCO after the building of the Aswan Dam threatened the site. Dedicated to the goddess Isis, the Temple of Philae has several shrines and sanctuaries such as Trajan's Kiosk or Pharaoh's Bed. For a morning visit, sail there, enjoy the sun and river and snap the reflection of the temple in the water. And for a night visit, don't miss attending the marvelous Sound and Light show! Nubian Village Aswan is surrounded by many small islands and Nubian villages on the west bank. The Nubian villages are such a cheerful sight for being painted with bright colors and inhabited by Nubians who speak their own Nubian Languages and have specific traditions that are different from the rest of Egypt. The village is like an outdoor museum filled with vibrant colors and symmetrical patterns. Buy herbs and handicrafts and ask about women who draw Henna for tourists. Between all Luxor and Aswan attractions, visiting the Nubian villages could be the only trip that will capture your heart in all meanings. It is such a wonderful trip for adults, kids and all ages. Unfinished Obelisk The unfinished obelisk's construction was ordered by Hatshepsut, the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt and the second female pharaoh. The large unfinished obelisk in Aswan in the Northern Quarries has provided valuable insight into how these monuments were created, although the full construction process is still not entirely clear. The unfinished obelisk is nearly one-third larger than any ancient Egyptian obelisk ever erected. If finished it would have measured around 42 m (approximately 137 feet) and would have weighed nearly 1,090 metric tons (1,200 tons), a weight equal to about 200 African elephants. Elephantine Island The island of Elephantine is one of the major Aswan attractions floating on the Nile. Elephantine Island is the biggest island in Aswan and its history dates back to the pre-dynastic period. The island received its name after its shape, which in aerial views is similar to that of an elephant tusk, or from the rounded rocks along the banks resembling elephants. Elephantine Island was the place where ancient Egyptians first resided when they first settled in the area. There are many attractions on this Island Such as The Nilometer, the Elephantine Museum and the Temple of Khunum and all are definitely must-visit. Valley of the Kings The Valley of Kings is situated in the ancient site of Thebes in Luxor. It was the burial place of Egypt’s New Kingdom Rulers and a few lesser nobles. The tomb of Tutankhamun (King Tut) that was discovered in the 1920s is located there. Additionally, there is also a Valley of Queens, which is the place where the wives of the Pharaohs were buried. The legendary Queen Nefertiti’s tomb lies in The Valley of Queens. So far about 65 ancient tombs have been discovered while a big number is still hidden to this very day. Temple of Karnak Being the largest religious site in the world, Karnak Temple is the most astonishing and magnificent tourist attraction in Luxor and one of the most popular and most visited temples in the world. The Karnak Temple Complex was built by the pharaohs for over 2000 years and was dedicated to the Pharaoh Amun. What makes Karnak Temple unique is the fact that around 30 Pharaohs contributed to it. The result is a fabulous treasure trove of ancient buildings and structures, columns, courtyards, pylons and obelisks, even a sacred lake, the scale of which is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Luxor Temple The Luxor Temple is a large ancient temple complex located on the East bank of the Nile River and amongst one of the beauties of Luxor. Dedicated to Amun, his companion Mut, and their son Khons (the moon god), Amenhotep II and Ramses II built this temple in 1400 B.C. It was built with sandstone and its main purpose was to celebrate the Festival of Opet. This festival was by far the largest and most important celebration by the Pharaohs. The Luxor Temple was held in honor of the great Pharaoh Amun in the season of inundation. Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari Located beneath massive cliffs near the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, The temple of Deir al-Bahari, popularly known as the Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple is dedicated to Amon-Ra, the sun god. The light-colored sandstone of the temple stands out significantly against the golden yellow rocks behind. The temple complex lies on the three terraces linked via ramps that divide it into the northern and southern half. The beautiful temple has three floors and a long sweep of steps and a walkway as its entrance. Inside you'll see the sun court, chapel and sanctuary. The temple is unique because it was designed like classical architecture. Also Read: 10 Best Travel Apps To Make Your Next Trip Much Easier


Best restaurants in Dahab : Where to eat on your trip in Dahab?

November 15, 2020

Icon of tourism in Egypt and the world; Dahab is the city you'll want to go back to. Dahab is aptly named due to its tourist and historical value, which is valued as gold that never rusts, no matter how many years it passes. Dahab tourist Places include several sites and landmarks worth visiting, including Dahab restaurants that serve delicious dishes with high-quality food. We offer you the most popular and best restaurants in Dahab. Dahab city Dahab is a small town situated on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, near Sharm El Sheikh.  Dahab city has become very popular. This charming city, which started from being just a simple Bedouin fishing village, now has one of the most magical coastal cities in Egypt. In Dahab, you can find the most beautiful beaches and resorts with a picturesque nature that captivates you. It is also distinguished by the availability of recreational activities, such as diving in the most beautiful water spots and watching rare colored fish as it is one of the most popular diving destinations in Sinai. In addition, there are many restaurants with delicious foods at cheap prices. The best restaurants in Dahab  Dahab is a coastal town, so you will find a large number of restaurants and cafes offering delicious dishes, especially seafood. This list includes the best restaurants in Dahab: Everyday cafe It is considered one of the most popular restaurants in Dahab. It serves its food and drinks to the melodies of music from all over the world, as it serves breakfasts, oriental and international dishes, and sweets. It is distinguished by its marvelous decoration and the inclusion of a popular "swing" over the water, where tourists come to take the most beautiful pictures. Concerts are also held every day. Overall Ratings 4.5  King chicken  It is very popular with tourists in Dahab due to its low prices and the quality of its dishes. This restaurant is considered one of the best-grilled chicken restaurants, offering the best types of different dishes, in addition to oriental cuisine. Not only is it grilled, but it also serves a variety of Egyptian dishes, most notably Molokhia, kofta, salads, and sweets. Chicken King Restaurant isn’t located on the beachfront, but you will always find the place crowded because it has the most delicious grilled chicken ever. Overall Ratings 4.5  Athanor Cafe-Pizzeria Here the Italian food is served at its best. This restaurant is known for serving the best types of pasta and pizzas with Italian flavors, and it also serves homemade burgers. The restaurant is also famous for its cheesecake and chocolate desserts. Overall Ratings 4.5  Ralph's German Bakery It is the best breakfast restaurant, serving German-style pastries such as croissants and desserts, and an excellent selection of freshly baked bread. Overall Ratings 4.5  Ali Baba Restaurant This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dahab overlooking the sea. Ali Baba Restaurant offers a range of fresh seafood, as well as light bites and breakfasts. It is also very popular with Dahab visitors due to its wonderful sea view, its good reputation, its friendly staff, as well as its varied menu that suits all visitors' tastes, including seafood and meat dishes as well as great poultry and barbeques. Overall Ratings 4.5 Ramez and Paula Restaurant It is one of the best restaurants in Dahab that serves Italian cuisine, where Italian chefs work in the place, and it offers a wonderful variety of delicious pastries and baked goods that many adore and suitable for breakfast and dinner as well. Overall Ratings 4.2 Yum Yum restaurant Yum Yum Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dahab to eat authentic Egyptian food, especially falafel, beans, hummus, koshari, and other delicious foods. This restaurant attracts large numbers of locals and tourists, as it is characterized by its reasonable prices for everyone. It is located in Al Mamsha El Seyahi in Al Mashrabiya area. Overall Ratings 4.5 Tourism in Dahab Tourism in Dahab is an adventure. Although it is a quiet city in South Sinai province, there are many things to do in Dahab, but the city’s beaches have its own charm, where you can enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the white sand, dive in the clear waters, also climb mountains and safari trips. The Egyptian city of Dahab is famous for its long walkway parallel to the sea, bordered from the north by a variety of hotels, various stores, cafes, restaurants, and diving centers. Places to visit in Dahab The Egyptian city of Dahab has many wonderful and popular tourist destinations, such as: Mount Tawilat It is one of the most beautiful nightlife in Dahab, where you will enjoy Bedouin songs and Tanoura shows, as well as Bedouin food and the popular maramia tea drink. Abu Galum Abu Galum is an attraction for tourists. It is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, and it is characterized by combining the mountainous and beachy environment, making it a distinctive place with the proximity of the mountains to the beach, which makes the view amazing. It contains many types of coral reefs and colorful fish, and it also includes many types of plants, some of which are only found in this area. Blue Hall This area in Dahab is considered one of the most popular diving places in the world, due to its charming coral reefs and different types of fish. It has a large number of tourists everyday. Nabq Nature Reserve Nabq Nature Reserve is located on the Gulf of Aqaba between Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh. It has an area of ​​600 square kilometers. It is an attractive area for tourists, where it combines the desert, mountain, and coastal environment, with wild animals and birds, the sea, coral reefs, colorful fish, and charming golden dunes. Wadi Gnai Many tourists come to this valley to enjoy a range of activities such as swimming, diving, and motorbiking, as well as mountain climbing and camping. The Laguna  The most important thing that distinguishes this area is its sandy beach, unlike most of Dahab's beaches. This makes it an attraction for divers, as you find stunning underwater views. Best time to travel to Dahab Dahab is a world-class destination at any time of the year, where you can visit any part of the city during any month of the year, and the only specific places preferred to avoid are the desert during the summer, and the mountains during the winter, of course, due to the high heat from March to June, and their decline between the highlands during September to February. Dahab during the Coronavirus outbreak The commitment to social distance in Dahab is the reason why people choose to stay in Dahab during the Coronavirus pandemic. People come from all over Egypt to Dahab because it is safe, as the numbers of people infected with the virus in Dahab are very few. Read Also Dine like an Egyptian: The best restaurants in Cairo South Sinai Travel: Best places to visit in Egypt's blessed land!


South Sinai Travel: Best places to visit in Egypt's blessed land!

November 26, 2020

Sinai, the Egyptian land that links between Africa and Asia, the spot that has managed to capture imaginations throughout the centuries. South Sinai is Egypt’s gleaming tourism destination which offers endless adventures. From Red Sea resorts, underwater activities, coral reefs and great diving, to Bedouin culture and religious attractions, South Sinai has a lot to offer for everyone. The region is well known for its deep religious significance and its strategic position as a crossroads of empires: prophets and pilgrims, conquerors and exiles have all left their footprints on Sinai sands. Inland are desert adventures, close-up encounters with traditional Bedouin culture and treks up Mount Sinai to see the sunrise over St Catherine’s Monastery. South Sinai beaches are pleasant spots even if you are not into water activities. Divers and underwater lovers can explore the extra­ordinary Red Sea reefs, either from a base on the coast or on a liveaboard. In this article, we bring you a list of must-visit places in South Sinai, so get ready to explore more about this heaven on earth! Check the best packages and activities offers in South Sinai Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh is the biggest and fastest-growing holiday destination in Egypt that boasts sun, sea and sand at affordable prices. Sharm El Sheikh offers you the widest array of fun, exciting and even crazy water and extreme sports: besides diving, snorkeling, sailing, wind and kite-surfing, you can even try sky diving or parachuting from a helicopter. It is the central gateway to the region where tourists are drawn by an intoxicating range of plush five-star resorts at relatively low prices – and the near-guaranteed good weather is also a strong draw. Sharm El Sheikh includes the smaller coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba as well as the mountainous interior, St. Catherine and Mount Sinai. Sharm El Sheikh is a significant center for tourism in Egypt and it promotes itself as ‘The City of Peace’ – a venue for international peace conferences, which are held in the large resort hotels. Naama Bay Naama Bay is a natural bay in Sharm El Sheikh and is considered the main hub for tourists in the city, with tightly packed restaurants, crowded shopping malls, and the busiest bars and nightclubs. Naama Bay is where most people come to eat outside their hotel, and many of the surrounding hotels organize free shuttle transfers. From the late afternoon, Naama Bay is really buzzing, fuelled by happy-hour offers at many of the bars, some of which have rooftop terraces with great views. Ras Mohamed National Park Located near the resort city of Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Mohamed was the first National Park in Sinai. It is famous for its underwater life and coral reefs, and so is usually visited for snorkeling and scuba diving, either by car or by boat. Ras Mohamed National Park has exceptionally nutrient-rich water flowing in strong currents, attracting fishes of all sizes, especially during summer months. Considered one of the top diving sites in the world, it encompasses several marine ecosystems and is home to more than 1,000 species of fish, marine animals and corals. It is possible to explore the deeps with full diving equipment or simply snorkel. Those who don’t want to get wet can glimpse this watery world on a glass-bottom boat or submarine tour. Ras Mohamed also protects the shoreline environment, including rare mangrove forests with abundant birdlife. St Catherine Monastery and Mount Sinai The Monastery of St. Katherine and Mt. Sinai (Jebel Musa) are located in the town of St Catherine, in the center of the interior. The monastery is the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the World and its library has the largest religious collection after the Vatican. The church houses some of the monastery’s treasures donated by wealthy benefactors. It was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the 6th century AD. Mount Sinai is one of the highest mountains around town, offering stunning sunsets and sunrises. Known locally as Jabal Mosa or Mount Moses, it is a point of pilgrimage for generations, This is said to be where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. For many Christians, Jews and Muslims this is a very spiritual place. Colored Canyon The Colored Canyon is one of the natural wonders of South Sinai. It's a maze of sandstone rocks in hues of red, yellow, purple, magenta and gold reaching up in some places a height of 40 meters. The uneven forms and height of the rocks sometimes make climbing necessary, so be prepared and try to get there as early as possible, not only because of the weather but also to avoid the crowds. Whether alone or with a group of friends, be sure that you will enjoy the magic of the place. Yet you will need to have a guide to the Canyon. Dahab Dahab means "gold" in Arabic, and it is really a piece of gold on the Red Sea shore.  Dahab is located 90 km away from Sharm El Sheikh. Transformed from a dusty Bedouin outpost to a spruced-up tourist village, the town is so clean and vibrant and it offers different accommodation choices for everyone without destroying its budget-traveler roots. It is probably the most appealing for those who want to soak up some sun in pristine beaches, relax in a laid back atmosphere and try local restaurants. There are also plenty of activities to do in Dahab, from a Bedouin night in Mount Tawilat, to a all the crazy sea fun in the Blue hole, Abou Galoum and Blue Lagoona. There's a saying: "Whoever comes to Dahab leaves a piece of his heart and soul in the town". Nuweiba Located 87 km away from Dahab, Nuweiba is Sinai's largest oasis, where fine-sand beaches are dressed with Bedouin beach tourist camps. Uniquely inhabited by two distinct Bedouin tribes, Nuweiba is still a destination where you can unwind and relax away from the usual mass tourism hustle and bustle. Both Dahab and Nuweiba are thriving resorts but fortunately remain less developed than Sharm al-Sheikh. They are both well equipped for diving, windsurfing and other water sports. It is also a perfect destination to go on for exploration tours into the depths of the Sinai desert. Explore the nearby Red Sea destinations such as Taba, Tiran Island, and Nawamis site which is the biggest site of the mysterious Nabataean buildings. Often claimed they are burial places, but no bones were found to prove this theory. They are always located at elevated points with the doors always facing west. All these trips can be arranged from Nuweiba through a tour operator or with the help of your hotel desk. Also Read: Egyptian beauty: The best beaches in Egypt


Egyptian beauty: The best beaches in Egypt

November 04, 2020

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Egypt features mesmerizing deserts, fascinating greenery, and absolutely gorgeous beaches. Due to its interesting location, Egypt has beaches on both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, as well as river banks on the Nile and several beautiful lakes and oases. Let’s take a tour along the best beaches in Egypt.   Egyptian beaches for relaxing If you appreciate relaxing on the beach (who doesn’t) you will love these Egyptian beaches, they combine amazing weather with beautiful scenery for a perfect vacation. Marsa Matrouh Situated 290 kilometers away from Alexandria and 524 km away from Cairo, Matrouh is one of the most popular resorts along the Mediterranean in Egypt. The brilliant beaches of Marsa Mtrouh are protected by a stone formation that acts as a natural sea breaker, that is why they are as calm as they are beautiful. They also feature white sand and turquoise water in a rare color combination, which makes them the perfect relaxation destination. The best beach in Marsa Matrouh: Ageeba Ageeba lies forty kilometers away from the city but it is definitely worth the trip. No visit to Marsa Matrouh is ever complete without checking The beach famous as The pride of Marsa Matruh.   The Arabic word "Ageeba" means "the astonishing one" and with its extraordinary beautiful rock formations, the beach is aptly named.   Ageeba beach is naturally set between two high cliffs, with a million shades of turquoise, blue and green, the water there is unlike any other beach in the world. There is also a cafe with a panoramic view on top of the cliff if you do not want to swim, the weather in Marsa Matrouh is generally balmy and nice, but on this high cliff, it’s even more beautiful. The North Coast This stretch of beach between Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh features marvelous beaches and brilliant weather, that is why it is one of the top summer destinations in Egypt. The coast is home to a large number of resorts, it is also home to the New Alamein city, which is set to be the new tourist hub in the Mediterranean.   The best beach in the North Coast: Sidi Abd El-Rahman Bay 132 kilometers west of Alexandria and 30 km west of Al Alamein, Sidi Abd El-Rahman Bay is one of the most serene beaches in Egypt. The area may be quiet, but that is perfect for relaxation, and many tourist hubs like Marrassi and Hacienda offers activities, facilities, and services so if you want to do more than relax you will not lack options.   The Best Beaches in Egypt for diving and snorkeling Egypt is one of the top tourist destinations when it comes to diving and snorkeling, the biodiversity and the clarity of the water make it a dream come true for divers, as well as the warmth of the water most of the year. Many cities along the coast feature beautiful diving sports, so here are our top choices.   Dahab Dahab is an amazing destination, it features beautiful beaches combined with a vibe of serenity and a minimalist lifestyle. Visiting Dahab should be on top of the list when choosing a diving destination in Egypt.   The name of the city means gold in Arabic, and with its golden sandy beaches, the city truly is a gem in Egypt. It is located an hour away from Sharm El Sheikh, and it is considered an ideal destination because it combines the best of both worlds, if you are an adventurer Dahab is bursting with activity, and if you just want to recharge it provides a stress-free seaside atmosphere.   The best diving spot in Dahab: The Blue Hole The Blue Hole is a sinkhole that drops straight down to 130m. It is accessed from the shore. And while exploring the deeper depths is better left to experienced technical divers, there is still plenty to see and explore close to the surface. Intermediate to advanced divers can explore the thriving marine life with a reasonable plunge into the hole from 7m to 27m.    Hurghada   With its sandy beaches and sunny blue skies throughout the year, Hurghada is a prime tourist destination in Egypt. The city offers numerous recreational activities for its visitors, some of which are water activities that create the vacation of a lifetime. Because of the warm water most of the year, the abundance of marine life, and the beautiful, not too harsh, sun, Hurghada is one of the best diving destinations in the world. The best diving destination in Hurghada: Straits of Gubal Straits of Gubal is the narrow strip of water between the Red Sea Coast and the Western shore of the Sinai Peninsula. it is one of the most popular diving spots in Egypt. It can be accessed from other cities, but it is easily accessed from Hurghada, and the sea trip to the spot is not to be missed. The best beaches for a day trip from Cairo Overlooking the banks of the Nile, the capital Cairo features no beaches. However, if you have a day off in the city, you can take a day trip to one of the nearby beautiful beaches and enjoy it.   Ain Sokhna Just an hour’s drive from Cairo, Ain Sokhna is a year-round sunny destination on the Red Sea. This location, as well as the calm beaches, makes it a popular destination among both locals and tourists. Many hotels in Sokhna offer day-use options, if the one you choose doesn’t you can even spend the night and leave for work the next morning, it’s merely an hour away from the office. Activities are in abundance in the small tourist hub, Ain El Sokhna is considered a center for deep-sea fishing, as well as wind and kite surfing. The best place to enjoy the day in Sokhna As we mentioned above, most hotels in Ain Sokhna offer day-use options, but we highly recommend that you go for a cruise when in Sokhna. This way you get to enjoy the day to the max, swimming, fishing, and relaxing. You can easily book a boat trip to Sokhna in Advance and have a truly enjoyable weekend.   To learn more about tourism in Egypt see also: This is Egypt: a new trend spreading on social media


From lighting candles to unique costumes, Learn about Halloween

October 15, 2020

It’s here, Halloween has arrived! Here are many ideas for celebrating Halloween, including costumes, candy, and food. But considering the world's interest in Halloween festivities, have you ever wondered about the origin and history of Halloween? And manifestations of its celebration around the world. Halloween Day Halloween has become a day of activities, celebrations, candy, and gatherings. But what distinguishes Halloween from other events? Halloween celebrates the memory of the dead. Where the world celebrates, especially in Europe and the United States, it is celebrated at the end of October every year, and Halloween pumpkins are bought frequently and masquerade parties in which young and old people wear different clothes in the belief that they ward off ghosts. The term means "Holy Evening", and was previously known as All Hallows' Eve to Europeans. The name was shortened to "Halloween", as we know now.   History of Halloween The origin of this holiday goes back to 2500 years ago when the festival of Samhain was religious in Britain and parts of Europe such as Ireland and northern France. Halloween comes as a sign of the end of summer and the beginning of the winter season, believing that the advent of winter brought with it evil spirits, and Halloween traditions include tricks and wearing odd clothes and masks. Halloween is associated in minds with the fruit of "pumpkin", which is carved in the form of a terrifying face, to bring candles inside and is called the "Jack's" lantern, in addition to disguising themselves in odd and different clothes and scary makeup in the belief that they will not be recognized by evil spirits.   Halloween movies Speaking of commercial success, Halloween movies have a long history of being successful at the box office, as Hollywood has produced hundreds of Halloween films, including horror films, black comedies, in addition to cartoon films for children.   Halloween around the World  Each country celebrates Halloween differently, these are the most prominent countries that hold celebrations that might seem legendary, strange, or funny: - America is one of the countries most involved in celebrating Halloween, as Americans from various cultures decorate homes and streets with colorful and illuminated pumpkins and satirical games, and everyone old or young disguises themselves so that evil spirits do not recognize them. Children also move from house to house with bags and baskets to give them chocolates and candy in a ritual known as the "mother candy" trick, and whoever does not give children chocolate and caramel candy anger evil spirits. They also have some games, such as the Apple picking game, which is one of the most popular games where some apples are put in a large bowl filled with water, and kids take the bowl alternately to try to pick up an apple with their mouths without using their hands. - In Ireland, you can find fires lit all over the country, and these fires are lit outdoors and are traditionally used for celebrations. Children and adults often wear costumes,  which are frightening for some characters or ghosts. Then they move from house to house around the area, knocking on doors and asking people for food, usually cookies, chocolates, and candy. - In Canada, it has distinctive rituals. There are food-related rituals, where they eat local apples with sugar and roasted corn, popcorn, and pumpkin pie or bread, in addition to the decor, colors, lights, horror stories, and more. - Mexico sanctifies this day, taking it as an official holiday to celebrate. They put candles and flowers in front of the cemeteries, next to the pictures of their dead. - Austrians do not differ much from other countries, as they celebrate by reviving some folkloric rituals, such as lighting lanterns in the homes to welcome the dead souls. Before going to sleep, they leave a plate of bread and water, so maybe one of the ghosts needs a snack. - In Belgium, they light candles in memory of deceased friends and family. They also feel bad for black cats on this day, and they think it’s bad luck for one of them to enter your home or to cross in front of you. - From Europe and America to East Asia, China. Chinese celebrate Halloween by putting food and drink in front of pictures of loved ones from the dead. - In Japan, the Japanese celebrate by wearing their favorite costumes, whether in the form of an animal, fruit, or a superhero character from cartoon movies. Then they go out to public squares to buy candy and enjoy the holiday in their own way.   Ideas to celebrate in Covid-19  We know that the Corona pandemic has affected social life in general, and we are no longer able to celebrate events. It forced itself on people's lives and changed many of their habits, behaviors, customs, rituals, and the way to celebrate their events and festive seasons. So we provide you ideas to safely spend a fun-filled day with your loved ones while committing to social distancing: Organize a photo session for the family. Choose a Halloween costume theme, and take some pictures for you and your family. Create a simple indoor decor or decorate a tree for Halloween. Apply light makeup for Halloween. You can watch makeup tutorials and try it yourself. You can watch a movie about Halloween with your friends and family. Ride your bike and go around the city in a Halloween costume.   An American man creates a candy tube to celebrate this day safely  A man from Ohio decided to create a "candy tube" for his children to celebrate the holiday safely, and to collect sweets and candy to maintain Halloween rituals such as "trick-or-treat". He said that the candy tube, which had taken 20 minutes to prepare, was about two meters long, and he used tools and supplies in the house such as orange paint, black tape, and a cardboard tube. For candy, there will be a sign at the end of the tube indicating where to put the bags in order to collect candy.   Also read: Different cultures: Strange traditions around the world


The North Coast: Family resort or elite-only getaway?

October 22, 2020

The debate has been on forever, what exactly are we building in the North Coast with its secluded gated communities? And the speculations are various and sometimes scary, from Ahmed Khalde Tawfik’s ‘Utopia’, a dystopian novel that features the elite living in their Northern secluded compounds while the poor struggle to eat, to the simple and basic theory of the late housing minister who had an idea to populate the area so he had the government build three resorts there, each almost a hundred kilometers far from the next. The North Coast of Egypt has succeeded over the past couple of decades in cultivating an image as a world-class beach resort, by catering to an upscale, or dare we say, exclusive lifestyle through high-end communities. The question is: how exclusive is it?   The Northern Coast of Egypt The northern coast of Egypt extends for almost 1,050 km along the Mediterranean Sea. One of the longest Mediterranean coastlines in North Africa, It technically starts from the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula to the western village of Sallum.  However, what people usually refer to by The North Coast, shortened in Arabic as El Sahel, or just The Coast is the shoreline that extends from Borg El Arab west of Alexandria to just Before Marsa Matrouh. This is still considered a very long coast to cater to less than 15% of the population, so why isn’t the shore more accommodating to middle and lower classes?   Supply and demand The North Coast is very popular, among both Egyptians and tourists. This popularity has led to an increase in property prices that have neared a real estate bubble in some resorts. But we are not talking about real estate investment here, are we? Some wonder why there isn't some cheap value for money hotels along the Northern shore? Why wouldn’t investors build camps for youth, like the ones in Dahab for example? It seems to be a good idea, doesn’t it? I mean, even if the land is expensive, a project like that would most probably bring handsome revenue, wouldn’t it?   Should I be an innovator? Nah! Most investors though think in a different way. This coast has gained a reputation because it is an elite getaway, why would someone risk building a different type of business that may or may not succeed! They rather build another gated compound, sell some units, rent some, and maybe build another hotel that looks exactly like the others, even if the plot is smallish in size, and even if it lies on the other side of the road.   So what did we end up with? Except for some areas, The Coast is mostly constructed now, with elegant communities and a few resorts and hotels. Nonetheless, the further you go west, the fancier the gated communities get. So at the moment, half the shore is not so elite, mostly middle-class Egyptians vacate and rent there, and the other half is so expensive that most people only go there to frequent the premium restaurants and razzy cafes. This situation might be good for the people, as everyone can find a place they like, but the communities are all still the same, albeit built with more or less luxurious facilities.   What would we love to see? Something different for sure! I would love to see a camp built on one of the vacant land plots along the shore, and maybe some rustic cheap restaurants and cafes. I wish an imaginative investor would see this as an opportunity to create something different and unique.   The best upscale resorts on the North Coast Regardless of my own wish to see something different and creative, the shore does house a large number of elegant resorts, these are the best of them.   Marrassi When luxury is mentioned Marrassi comes to mind. If you are looking for a fancy resort to spend your vacation so why not go for the creme de la creme! Marrassi is located 125 km from Alexandria and 25 km from Marina, and the project is located on one of the most famous beaches of Egypt, which is Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, adjacent to the El Alamein area, in which a modern city and airport are now being built. Marassi includes various units for sale and rent as well as a luxury hotel, it features all the facilities, services, amenities, and luxury possible.   Hacienda Bay Located 200 kilometers away from Alexandria, most people who frequent the North Coast are familiar with Hacienda, if not for the luxurious accommodation and the crystal blue water then for the myriad of fancy restaurants and cafes in the resort. The restaurant area is called The Lakeyard, and people travel a considerable distance to spend the evening there as it is one of the most hip and happening areas along the North Coast. Also on Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, Hacienda features an amazing beach. It also features greenery, swimming pools, and a large number of facilities and amenities.   La Vista A bit quieter than the previous two, but not by any means less fancy and luxurious. La Vista was built to be a quiet resort, not a lively tourist destination, and that is where the difference comes from. 170 kilometers away from Alexandria, La Vista houses luxury properties for sale and for rent, and no hotel or dining area, just a large number of facilities, amenities, swimming pools, and gardens.   Telal Also a quiet destination, Telal is situated 129 kilometers away from Alexandria. The fancy resort is famous for its elegant villas and houses, even the images of the place exude serenity. But just because it is quiet doesn’t mean that it lacks luxury by any means. All amenities, facilities, and services can be found in the upscale compound. To learn more about tourism in Egypt see also: Siwa Oasis: The pure Beauty of Egypt Tourism in Luxor: Things to do in Luxor


Places to visit in Riyadh: Wonderful attractions and activities to do in the capital!

March 07, 2021

Riyadh is the capital city and seat of government of the Riyadh Province and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It's the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula and one of the wealthiest cities in the world. There are several places to visit in Riyadh and enjoy to the fullest. Riyadh had a population of 7.6 million people in 2019, making it the most populous city in Saudi Arabia, second most populous city in the Arab world after Cairo in Egypt. Riyadh is home to Saudi Arabia's best museum, a World Heritage Site that relates the Kingdom's genesis story, and some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the country. Riyadh is situated in the central portions of both the country and the larger Arabian Peninsula. Few of the world’s cities have transformed as rapidly as Riyadh, which grew from a small, fortified desert village in the 17th century into a modern metropolis of several million inhabitants in the 20th century. Riyadh feels more conservative than other Saudi cities like Jeddah. But the winds of change sweeping the nation are also affecting the capital. A long overdue metro system is on its way, as is a public bus service, and the atmosphere is far more liberal than it has ever felt before. Riyadh recently hosted the country's very first music festival, where a female singer performed live for the first time in Saudi history. In this article, we will walk you through the best places to visit in Riyadh, exciting things to do in Riyadh, and much more!   Riyadh tourist places Saudi Arabia continues to work on becoming more attractive to tourism. Many entertainment and leisure ventures have been opening in the Kingdom’s capital that will attract tourists from both other parts of the country and abroad. Here are some of the best places to visit in Riyadh:   Edge of the world Riyadh The Edge of the World (Jebel Fihrayn) is an unexpected and dramatic geological wonder in the rocky desert northwest of Riyadh. Located only 90 kilometres outside of Riyadh, the place is perfect for a day-trip or an overnight camping trip from the city. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Riyadh.    World sights park Riyadh This small and strange spectacle offers you a magical tour of the world. It holds miniature replicas of world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal. There are also Saudi landmarks, including the two Holy Mosques, Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and the Prophet's Mosque in Medina.   Masmak Fort Masmak Fort is vast clay and mud-brick citadel that witnessed the birth of a kingdom, Al Masmak — the word means a high, strong and thick building — serves as a proud reminder of Saudi Arabia’s storied history. Built in 1865, the fortress has served many purposes. Although originally used to house the garrisons who protected the city, it later was an ammunition warehouse after the raid by King Abdulaziz and, later still, a prison.   King Abdulaziz Historical Centre Located near the National Museum, King Abdulaziz Historical Centre is considered one of the most distinctive tourist places in Riyadh. It extends over a large area and includes many exhibitions that cover different topics, such as the history of Saudi Arabia, the ancient and modern Arabian Peninsula, the relationship of man with the universe and the history of Islam and other Arab civilizations.   Kingdom Center Kingdom Centre clinches a vision of the future with the sky bridge which commands a remarkable view of Riyadh city unrivaled by any other. Kingdom Centre SkyBridge is a steel structure extending 65 meters in length and weighing about 300 tons sits on top of the 300-meter height tower and overlooking the whole of Riyadh. Its unique position gave it the advantage of being one of the most important attraction points for tourism in Riyadh.   Diriyah Diriyah was once the home of the Saudi Royal family and the first Saudi capital. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was one of the largest cities on the Arabian Peninsula until it was destroyed in the early 19th-century. The city is now a tourist destination where visitors can enjoy up-close the ancient mud architecture, numerous parks, and its interesting spaces – including the Saad bin Saud Palace, which is famous for its courtyard.   Things to do in Riyadh What to do in Riyadh? From shopping malls and parks to desert trekking and museums, Riyadh has a range of different activities to try and enjoy whether alone or with a group of friends or family.   Riyadh Water Park Riyadh has some water parks and theme parks where you and your children can enjoy such as: Water Splash Riyadh: This place is great for kids. It has a big Pool with few slides of different styles and a few other splash things for kids' entertainment. There is an ice-cream shop, a small tea shop and lots of open areas for parents to keep an eye on kids and relax. It also has a small garden, a toy store and small bits that you can rent. Al Yamama Pools and Resorts: Enjoy a fun-filled day by taking part in amazing water activities and fascinating water rides at Al Yamamah Resorts which boasts of having the largest wave pool in Riyadh.   Paintball Riyadh Paintball games are stress busters while you thoroughly enjoy the combats against your opponents. One of the best places to go for paintball is ( 1st Paintball Riyadh ). The place is one of its kind and is the largest facility in the Middle East. It has huge outdoor as well as indoor arenas to let you enjoy paintball to the fullest. They provide all the necessary equipment required to play the game.   Riyadh National Zoo Riyadh National Zoo is stretched across a beautiful landscape of 55 acres, this park contains over 150 exotic animals and includes 40 species such as reptiles, birds, amphibians and endangered animals as well. Animal lovers will definitely find this visit worthwhile!   Al Faisaliyah Tower Al Faisaliah Tower is another iconic tower in the Riyadh skyline. With 44 floors, this is the fourth tallest tower in the city and it towers over Riyadh at 267-metres high. Just like with Kingdom Tower, you can go up to its viewpoint at the top and find a mall at its base (Al Faisaliyah Center). Also Read: Places to visit in Saudi Arabia: Discover the beauty of Saudi Arabia


Bahrain water park: Experience a unique adventure in the best water parks

September 23, 2020

Love wet and wild vacations? We searched for the best Bahrain water park. The weather is undoubtedly one of the best things about visiting or living in Bahrain. During the winter months, all you want to do is spend the entire day outside, and there is no outdoor activity better than heading to a water park. Fun games, long slow rivers, and tall tree houses with swing bridges make summer a favorite season for many. A weekend road trip would be enough for a fun family vacation even if you don't live near the ocean. You'll still feel like you're at the beach while relaxing in a lounge chair listening to the rolling waves. A water park is a park that consists of many water play areas such as swimming pools, waterslides, lazy rivers, sprinkler platforms, water playgrounds, as well as bathing, floating, swimming, and other environments barefoot. Modern water parks may also be equipped with some type of artificial surfing or skateboarding environment, such as a wave pool or FlowRider.   WAHOOO! Wahooo! It is the most amazing Bahrain water park and the perfect day out for the whole family! It is located in City Center Mall, Manama, Bahrain. Wahooo! The name says it all. Slide and set off in the first indoor and outdoor water park in the Middle East with an area of 15,000 square meters. It is meant to be the best water festival that provides a new world of exciting rides and water attractions that includes Master Blaster, Sidewinder, Wave pool, Toddler pool, Matt Racer, Multi-Level Rain Fortress, and Lazy River. The water park is intended for families and youth with a variety of rides for all ages. Wahoo waterpark is a good choice for a weekend getaway, where you can have fun with your family and friends. The park is large enough and contains facilities for all ages for children and adults (such as a surf simulator). This water park is located within the CityCenter which makes it one of the best sites for families to visit. Kids can have fun playing while parents have fun shopping! Water games are very fun to play with. A friendly and suitable environment for all ages. If you love adventure and want many hours of fun, carry your swimsuit and join us for the world's best rides, slides, and other water attractions. There is something for everyone, big and small, with indoor and outdoor pools making it one of the area's top attractions all year round. Are you ready for some serious fun? Come to Wahooo! Lazy River to The Master Blaster, Experience all kinds of fun and excitement in Wahooo!   The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park The largest Bahrain water park. Set on 77,000 square meters of oasis desert, Lost Paradise features 18 state-of-the-art slides, swimming pools, and fountains. The Lost Dilmun Water Park is located in Al Areen, a few minutes away from the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) and the University of Bahrain near Zallaq. Go and enjoy some family time at the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Bahrain water park. This sprawling water park on the east coast of Bahrain has something for travelers of all ages; It's a great way to enjoy a day out with the family or spend time soaking up the beautiful sunshine and warm climate that Bahrain has to offer. Based on the rich history of Bahrain, which is linked to the Dilmun civilization, this fun theme park is educational and fun. From a lazy river to a sandy beach, and from a wave pool to a family cruise, Lost Paradise of Dilmun offers a range of relaxing and exciting water rides on an area of 77,000 square meters. The park is divided into six distinct sections: Dilmun Beach, Enki Palace, Telusblach, Children's House Mesopania, Falconry, and the Oasis Pool. Visitors can experience everything from speed slides to therapeutic waters in the spa pool, providing the right mix of fast and relaxing entertainment. The lost paradise of Dilmun restores the beauty of Dilmun ruins, highlighting the ancient history of Bahrain in the theme of the park. Aside from water parks, swimming pools, and spas, there are also many amenities on site. At the entrance to the park, there are restrooms and locker room facilities, perfect for parents. There is also a massage station if you want to enjoy some relaxation. The large dining area in the water park serves fast food favorites like burgers, salads, hot dogs, and more, with plenty of seating available. There are several types of food and drink stalls around the park if you just want to pick something up on the go. Before leaving, head to the "market", the store in the park, to buy souvenirs, gifts, and useful gadgets for summer such as sunscreen and summer hats. The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park is located 25 minutes from Manama by car and only five minutes from the Bahrain International Circuit.   Waha Splashclub The latest Bahrain water park! Escape anytime with the magic of water, and enjoy a respite from the crowded urban landscapes; Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Lagoon Park, Amwaj Island, this exciting oasis features a variety of magical sprays, jet streams, fountains, and exciting spots, inviting families to play, laugh and relax! Oasis Splash Club is all about interactive and social water games, making your kids inspire intuitive discovery while engaging in a fun and safe environment. With over 30 different features, Waha Splash Club is a great place for families to have a great time. The Oasis Splash Club has designated areas for people of all ages and abilities so you can rest assured that everyone from ages 1 to 100 will have fun! The stunning lighting will make Splashclub an experience both day and night. Read Also: Resorts in Bahrain: The Best Bahrain’s Luxury Resorts and Hotels Pearl Diving: Experience Diving and Have a Precious Pearl Best Malls in Bahrain: Shopping in the Pearl of the Gulf

This is Egypt: a new trend spreading on social media

September 03, 2020

A large number of people and newspapers circulated on social media a new hashtag "This is Egypt", in which some people publish photos of tourist places, resorts, hotels, museums, and historical monuments of Egypt to stimulate and promote tourism again.   In addition to the role of the actors who posted photos of them in attractive tourist places in Egypt, these photos are also circulated through various social media sites (Instagram - Facebook - Twitter) bearing the hashtag This is Egypt.   Egyptian citizens did not stop at this stage, but rather published photos of many world-famous people who had previously visited Egypt, as a kind of promotion for Egyptian tourism such as the Argentine player Lionel Messi and American star Will Smith, in addition to the wife of US President Melania Trump. And the American Danny Glover.   Solidarity with this initiative, let us get to know the most beautiful tourist places in Egypt that contain the treasure of tourism in terms of the rarest natural reserves and unique monuments that attract tourists from everywhere.   This is Egypt: The Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Egypt  Tourism in Egypt varies between religious, historical, pharaonic, and therapeutic, among others. Through this article, we will learn about one of the most important tourist places in Egypt by determining the top of each government.    Cairo and Giza The tourist attractions of the governorates of Cairo and Giza are close in terms of distance, so you can visit them together in one day. The main places that tourists come to are in Cairo and Giza are (The Pyramids, The Egyptian Museum, Salah El Din El Ayoubi Citadel, Khan El Khalili Market). So let’s clarify each of them.   The Pyramids: The pyramids of Giza are classified among the Seven Wonders of the World, and they are among the trips that cannot be ignored in any visit to Egypt. The great pyramids were built in the era of the pharaohs and are tombs of the great, mighty pharaohs guarded by the Sphinx.   The Egyptian Museum: The Egyptian Museum houses the treasure of the ancient Egyptians, as it is one of the largest museums in the world, and contains an impressive amount of valuable exhibits. As for the upper floor, it is the golden glory of King Tutankhamun and the wonderful mummy exhibits. In fact, every corner of the museum highlights a different part of ancient history.   Salah El Din El Ayoubi Citadel: One of the historical monuments that you can not miss on your visit to Cairo is the Citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, one of the most famous tourist attractions that has nothing to do with the Pharaohs, in it is a history of the medieval wars as it is designed with terrible defensive walls and towers, and huge gates. The castle includes the most important archaeological landmarks such as the impressive Muhammad Ali Mosque, a museum of vehicles, a military museum, and the Garden Museum, in addition to that the castle includes the Jawhara Palace, named after the Jawhara of Hanim, Muhammad Ali's last wife.   Khan El Khalili Market: No trip to Cairo would be complete without a visit to Khan Al Khalili. The bazaar is noisy, crowded, colorful, and exciting - filled with all kinds of shiny goods and trinkets. You can find typical tourist trinkets there.    Red Sea Reef  The Red Sea coast is considered one of the most wonderful coasts in the world for diving, it contains thousands of different coral reefs and unique fish, and cities are also distinguished by its wonderful water and rare beaches, among the most famous cities of Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Hurghada.   Luxor and Aswan  Aswan is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Egypt that attracts many tourists from everywhere and is famous for its Nubian houses and their simple, charming designs. Aswan is located near Luxor, so you can visit it after returning from the antiquities and museums in Luxor which contains a third of the world's monuments. You can read this article to learn about the most important tourist attractions in Luxor and Aswan.   Top Attractions to visit in Aswan 1- Philae Temple (Temple of Isis) 2- Aswan High Dam 3- Unfinished Obelisk  4- Nubian Villages (Siou and Koti) 5- Temple of Kalabsha 6- Aswan Botanical Garden 7- Elephantine Island  8- Nubian Museum  9- St. Simeon Monastery  10- Aga Khan Mausoleum (Tomb of Muhammad Shah Aga Khan)   Top Attractions to do in Luxor 1- Temple of Karnak 2- Valley of Kings 3- Luxor Temple 4- Temple of Deir al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut's Temple) 5- Luxor Museum  6- Mediant Habu  7- Tombs of the Nobles 8- Colossi of Memnon 9- Ramesseum 10- Valley of Queens    Siwa Oasis  Siwa is charming, located far near Morocco and Libya in the far west of Egypt on the Great Sea of ​​Sands. You will spend a long time on the road but it is worth it because of its attractive and rare scenery. If this is your first visit to the Siwa Oasis, there are some famous places that you should visit, such as a historical tour of the main city in Siwa, Shali, which contains strange and interesting relics, and Lake Cleopatra, in which it is said that the legend Cleopatra used to swim, which was also classified from medical trips For bones and skin because it is sulfur water, and you can visit the Oracle Museum, which Alexander the Great visited himself and the Siwa Museum, the Great Wizard’s House.   Certainly, these are not all tourist places in Egypt, there are many more than those mentioned in Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, Ain Sokhna, and others. But let me now introduce you to the most luxurious hotels in Egypt.   This is Egypt: Top Resorts and Hotels in Egypt Hotels in Cairo and Giza   1- Sofitel Cairo Nile Al Gezerah  2- Sonesta Hotel  3- Novotel Cairo El Borg   Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh    1- Sultan Gardens Resorts 2- Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort   3- Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh Golden View Beach    Hotels in Hurghada    1- Sunrise Crystal Bay Resort - Grand Select  2- Desert Rose Resort  3- Sheraton Miramar Resort - El Gouna    Hotels in Aswan    1- Sofitel Legend Old Cataract - Aswan  2- Kato Dool Nubian Resort  3- Citymax Hotel - Aswan    Hotels in Luxor   1- Pavillon Winter Luxor 2- Al Hambra Hotel 3- Cleopatra Hotel    Hotels in Siwa   1- Adrere Amellal  2- Palm Trees Hotel 3- Dream Lodge   For more about Egypt Check these: Ancient Egyptian Sports: Best sports in the Pharaonic civilization Tourism in Luxor: Things to do in Luxor  


Places to visit in Saudi Arabia: Discover the beauty of Saudi Arabia

July 21, 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country on the Arabian Peninsula, is hiding its secrets in the vast deserts and ancient cities and is waiting to be explored. Travel in places that haven't seen many visitors and discover the varied landscape. It is interesting that Saudi Arabia is the largest country without a permanent river. There are many places to visit in Saudi Arabia, where you can enjoy the breathtaking views from skyscrapers, stand on top of cliffs, and experience the feeling of standing at the edge of the world, or you can explore the beauty of the Red Sea, especially its coral reefs. Jeddah Saudi Arabia boasts many riches - but perhaps nothing is as breathtaking as its commercial capital, Jeddah. It is a center of diversity as a melting pot of different cultures highlighted by attractive and modern malls. But it also places a strong emphasis on local customs and traditions according to Saudi principles. If you are looking for a traditional experience of Islamic culture, look no further than Saudi Arabia and its second-largest city, Jeddah. Jeddah is one of the busiest cities in the Middle East, and a large part of it comes from its proximity to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. There are a huge number of shopping options ranging from modern malls to traditional stores that have been roaming their business for decades and decades. Jeddah is the largest city along the Red Sea and this gives it access to some truly amazing beaches. If you're looking for a sunny day out, you'll find in Jeddah everything you need. You can also pamper your inner architect by touring the city and enjoying impressive buildings just as well as preserving them.   Al-Shallal Theme Park One of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia especially in Jeddah and that you can enjoy so much is to explore Al Shallal Theme Park. Located on the Red Sea, the waterfall is more than a resort. Attracts many residents and tourists every day. Many man-made lakes and waterfalls are found in the park. Some are scattered on the ground using rotating coasters, while others are spread among them. You can enjoy a stunning sea view because of its location near the Red Sea. Dine-in one of the many restaurants in the garden or stroll around the two-story mall.   Safari Desert Safari is one of the best things you can do in Jeddah. If you want to enjoy the desert safari around Jeddah, you can choose one of the many safaris in Jeddah. There are many desert safari trips like jeep trips with safari tours, camel tours, and sand dune trips in the desert.   Riyadh Riyadh is the most straightforward city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With most forms of entertainment banned, few attractions of interest, and a brutal climate, Riyadh is mostly a commercial destination. Although everyone is bound by the rules of the dress code for men and abayas, many Saudis have come across Western clothes. Riyadh is the capital as well as the most populous city in Saudi Arabia and also is one of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia, which is located in the central region called Najd, on a sedimentary plateau at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. It has its own television radio production complex, satellite communication facilities, and the largest and most recent campus in the Kingdom, colleges, schools, hospitals, clinics, and specialized healthcare centers.   National Museum The history of Islam is the main focus of this museum, which consists of 10 galleries, plazas, and a section that includes luxury cars and other property for the founding king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The museum is huge and very well known to tourists who do not know much about Saudi Arabia, and it is a good place to start discovering it. The surrounding historical area is very ethnic and beautiful and can take half a day to wander around.   Riyadh Zoo The largest zoo in the Kingdom and one of the top places to visit in Saudi Arabia and includes about 40 species of animals. The Riyadh Zoo is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Riyadh where history goes. It was formerly the King's own park for carrying his wild pets, which later became a zoo and is now open to the public. A suitable place for children and adults alike, where you can find many different animals, a beautiful playground.   Madinah Medina - known as one of the beautiful desert cities in Saudi Arabia - it is second only to Makkah Al-Mukarramah, which is of religious importance to the Islamic religion. The city has a lot to offer travelersو from religious monuments to the stunning cultural traditions that truly distinguish the city from the rest. The creation of Medina holds a very interesting story. Medina offers a wonderful blend of old Saudi culture and new business culture that has developed in the Kingdom. This city boasts a vibrant array of shopping malls, restaurants, galleries, and cultural activities as well as many desert activities - all within the city limits. At night, the city's landscape is unparalleled. Surrounded by rolling hills, moonlight is captured in such a way that you truly feel stuck in a magical Arabic fairytale!   Madain Saleh Tombs This is one of the greatest places to visit in Saudi Arabia, and it is also a very historical attraction for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This former capital of the Nabataean Empire is a site to visit on your trip to Al Ula. during your tour, which lasts for about 2.5 hours and stopped at key sites like Lonely Castle.   City Sightseeing on Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Enjoy Medina to the fullest on a bus tour. Your ticket allows you to see the city the way you want it and quickly jump into any of the eleven stations. Learn what you see with a voiceover with the available headphones. It will also stay cool and connected with free water and Wi-Fi on the bus.   Dammam The capital of the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dammam is the sixth-largest city in the country. Itis the main hub for the Saudi oil industry and is the largest developing city in the entire Arab region. The city, like the rest of the country, enjoys Saudi culture, traditions, and cuisine. The city is well developed and has many interesting places to visit including the beautiful Dammam Corniche area and King Fahd Park. To learn more about the history of the eastern region and Saudi culture, the Dammam Regional Museum is very helpful. The city also has some theme parks like Dolphin Village to see some fun live shows by friendly creatures. Like all major cities in the Gulf region, Dammam also has many major shopping centers where you can find the latest collection of the best brands, as well as many local street restaurants that serve famous authentic Middle Eastern dishes.   Dolphin Village One of the most interesting places to visit in Saudi Arabia is the Dolphin village. It is located at the entrance to the beautiful Al Marjan Island on Dammam Corniche. It includes horseback riding, a huge pool, daily show of dolphins along with seals, circus during special events such as Eid holidays as well as national events.   Al-Marjan Island This island is one of the most magnificent artificial islands in the Middle East. They connect to the Dammam Quay and carry all the attractions that locals, families, and tourists need, such as green spaces, playgrounds, and seating. You can also enjoy a boat ride to and from Al Marjan Island with a free meal. 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