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Enjoy Jet Ski in Jeddah Sea for 30 mins
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Exciting Jet Ski Ride in Jeddah

Take a jet ski tour in Jeddah to discover the beauty of the city from the ocean. The tour will be one of the coolest things you do in Jeddah because it will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime water adventure. Riding a jetski Jeddah gives you the ultimate pleasure, whether you like to hang out with pals or feel your heartbeat through your chest.

Riding along the shore on a jeddah jet ski will allow you to see the city skyline from a perspective that few people get to see. Ride your jet ski for an hour along the calm waters of the Jeddah Marina Sea, accelerating it as you choose. As you feel the wind in your hair, savour the sea breeze. To outperform one another, challenge your family and friends.

We promise an exhilarating journey that you won't want to finish. Maybe you've never ridden a jet ski before. You won't need to worry; we have qualified instructors on hand to help you master riding a jet ski swiftly. Our instructors will stay with you until you feel comfortable using a jet ski. We guarantee your safety to the highest degree using cutting-edge technology and stringent safety requirements. For the most affordable Jeddah jetski tour, book with us. With the greatest instructors in Jeddah, we guarantee you a safe jet ski adventure tour at the best possible price.

Best Places for Jet Ski Rental in Jeddah

In the Jeddah neighborhood of Obhur, the majority of marinas and beach areas hire jet skis.

Jet Ski Rental

Location: Obhur Al Shamaliyah, Jeddah

Jeddah Yachts Marina

Location: Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, North، Jeddah

Spots to rent a jet ski in Jeddah

Discover the hidden gems along Jeddah's coastlines, which feature magnificent sea views. Enjoy spending little to no time with your loved ones jet skiing!

Khaleej Salman

'Khaleej Salman' is an undiscovered gem that locals are aware of and is a public beach on the fringes of northern Jeddah near Dahban. Grab a slice of watermelon from the kiosk in the shape of a watermelon by the water's edge, or spend the entire day and night setting up camp with your car, a tent, and your friends.

South Corniche Beach

The South Corniche Public Beach, another undiscovered gem, is situated at the southernmost point of Jeddah. There is a long shoreline where you may park your car in the sand and enjoy the breathtaking view of the distance. Grab some ice cream from one of the many passing ice cream trucks.

How much does it cost to rent a jetski in Jeddah?

jet ski Jeddah prices range from 350 to 850 SAR  per hour, depending on the rental duration and the type of jet ski.

Why Should You Try Jet Skiing in Jeddah?

  • Thrilling Experience: Jet skiing provides you with a sense of freedom and excitement as you glide over the waves.
  • Breathtaking Views: You will be able to enjoy captivating views of Jeddah city and its bay from a unique perspective.
  • Activity Suitable for Everyone: Anyone can try jet skiing, regardless of age or fitness level.

Frequently asked questions

If you can't swim, is jet skiing safe?

Absolutely! Swimming won't be necessary. Although it's not difficult to keep on, the vests will catch you if you fall off the jet ski.

Are shoes required to jet ski?

Put on appropriate shoes. The finest footwear for the water is a pair of water shoes since they won't cause you to slip as flip-flops may and provide protection from submerged items that you might not be able to see when stepping off your jet ski.

Can you ride a jet ski slowly?

Push the throttle pedal on the handlebars to start the jet ski. To get a feel for it, slowly start to press the throttle. Only travel at a speed of 5 to 10 mph until you are at ease and far enough from the shore.

What to avoid while using a jet ski?

Guidelines for Safe Riding
Wear a life jacket; it will keep you safe in the event of accidents or unanticipated circumstances.
When passing another jet ski, always keep enough space between yours and the other boat.

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