Boat trips in Umluj

Boat Trips In Umluj

Boat Trips In Umluj

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Boat Trip in Umluj
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Boat Trips in Umluj

Do you want to visit the Maldives while you are in Saudi Arabia? It is not a joke, as the city of Umluj Saudi Arabia is referred to as the Maldives because of its soft white sand, clear turquoise water, and wonderful coral reefs, it is home to more than 1000 species of fish and about 300 species of coral reefs.

Umluj city is one of the cities of the Tabuk region, and it is located on the coast of the Red Sea, specifically in the north of Al-Wajh, and south of the city of Yanbu. This charming place, which has great archaeological and historical treasures, is one of the most amazing landmarks in the Kingdom and one of the most attractive destinations for tourists. Cruises in Umluj are the perfect way to discover the Saudi Maldives, so imagine swimming in warm waters, watching beautiful dolphins, and taking a stroll on the soft sandy beach ... What a wonderful feeling!

Umluj Boat Trip

Umluj is the best place to rent a boat. Renting a boat with or without a captain makes you enjoy the beautiful scenery while spending quality time with your friends or family. If you are planning a family vacation, take advantage of the good weather and wonderful nature found in Amlaj, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, and embark on an unforgettable adventure across the Red Sea. Where you can tour the trowel on a boat with many recreational activities such as snorkeling, spotting and fishing, and dolphin watching. Hence, catamaran boat rental is the ideal activity for anyone looking to escape from the daily routine. 

Umluj Boat trips advantages                            

  • The boat transports you to another world of fun. 
  • Boats provide a great option for families, as many ships provide entertainment tools such as water slides, mini-golf courses, and fun activities for the kids.
  • Travelers prefer this type of trip because boats are often less expensive per night compared to staying in a hotel.

The best things to do in Umluj

Enjoy fun activities in Umluj including snorkeling in Umluj and fishing on a private Umluj boat rental that takes you on a boat trip across the Red Sea.

Umluj Beach

The coastal city of Umluj has one of the most beautiful and quietest beaches not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but all over the world. Umluj Beach is the ideal place for swimming, relaxation, and water sports due to its clear waters and abundant coral reefs. Visit Umluj beaches and enjoy.

Coral reefs

Explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea by heading to one of the islands, including Jebel Hassan, and browse more than 300 different species of colorful coral reefs.


There is an absolute abundance of marine life under the sea, which includes 1,200 species of fish. Rent a boat, and find a place to explore the beauty of Umluj.

Turtle Control

Sea turtle is a common sight in the waters of the Mughal Islands, where there are four species of them: green turtle, hawksbill turtle, head turtle, and Ridley turtle.

See migratory birds

The Umluj area is attractive to migratory birds, where bird watchers can see 511 species of birds in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Tabuk, migratory birds can be seen in protected areas and wetland areas.

Visit archaeological sites

If you want to get away from the natural islands of Umluj, then you will find many historical sites in the Tabuk region that are worth visiting. You can see rock paintings, engravings, forts, and ancient tombs. You can also discover the oldest human fossil of the leaves of a man around 85,000 years old.

Hotels in Umluj

Umluj has many luxurious hotels that you can stay in during your tour of the city, among these hotels is the Joman Hotel, which features sea views from every room, modern interiors, and a breakfast room with stunning views of the beach. The Royal Tours Hotel is suitable for those looking for outdoor accommodation as it contains luxurious Bedouin-style tents, located in the sandy desert at the edge of the city.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the boat tour take?

The boat trip may take half a day or an entire day, depending on the journey and the number of stops.

How far is it from Jeddah to Umluj?

The distance between Jeddah and Umluj is 464 km. The road distance is 534.3 km.

What is the best time to visit Umluj?

Anytime is a good time to visit Umluj as it is still quiet. However, you will feel more comfortable if you plan to visit it between January and June

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