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Karting in Riyadh

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Karting in Riyadh 

Saudi Arabia is no longer famous because of religious tourism only, it has also become a tourist attraction in the Middle East Because of its development project, festivals, and celebrations. Now you can do many activities on Saudi lands such as camping, Safari, Hiking, and Karting. When do you ask where you can spend your next vacation in Saudi? You can have a great time in different cities like Al Ula, Sharm Abhar, Wadi Tawqi, Fifa mountains, and Riyadh.

Because Riyadh is the capital of the kingdom, so it’s the most important city which has all the facilities and amenities such as the large hotels like Golden prince Al Suliemaniah Hotel and Braira Hotel, shopping malls like Riyadh Gallery mall and Granada mall, also there are many restaurants in Riyadh for example, Rosso restaurant and the Glob. 

Riyadh was not limited to these activities only, there are outdoor activities in Riyadh for example, swimming, horse riding, mountain climbing, and Karting in Riyadh. 

What is Karting? 

This sport was created in the 50th in the USA also, it’s not like another activity and not like the car race. The Kart had a special design Created from the engines of the lawn mower machine, also it’s unprotected and The driver is some inches off the ground, Although it could be faster some karts have a speed over 100 miles per hour. If you wondered, is Karting dangerous? Of course not, although the machine isn’t heavy and so fast it’s the safest sport for kids and adults, especially now it has all the safety features that the previous time. 

What does Kart look like?

It has a lot of shapes on condition a small size, some could be the small version of car racing or road-going cars. It’s a small vehicle with small wheels/tires, low ground, a seat, a steering wheel, a throttle and brake pedal, and a roll hoop for safety. 

Karting is considered the first level of professional car racing, also it’s not required previous experience in Karting so it is easy for beginners. Karting could be in cover halls or outdoors on purpose-built tracks or in converted car parks. Although, it could practice in gulf ground, or car parking, which makes it not an expensive sport like car racing. 

Karting was not limited to a sport there are different races for Karting such as Speed Racing, Endurance Races, and Dirt Circuit Races and the duration of the race is about 10 mins- 30 mins. 

Also, it has many Physical and psychological benefits such as Strengthening the competitive spirit between friends, Strengthening Social Communication, Control of Reaction Responses, and strengthening self-confidence and memory, in addition to strengthening muscles and stimulating blood circulation.

Karting is one of the most popular sports in the world and through the middle east, you can find Karting in The United Emirates, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia in different areas Such as Go Karting in Riyadh.

Places for Karting in Riyadh

As we mentioned, Riyadh is one of the most beautiful capitals in the Middle East with many activities and places. Riyadh Karting is one of the well-known activities there are many places for Karting in Riyadh such as: 

Doss Karting 

you can have another type of Karting in Doss which is known as you will be fast without limits and capture amazing videos and photos. There are indoor tracks, Multi-level Spiral Ramps, and Electric Karts. Also, Doos karting - whether it is Doos Karting Boulevard or Doos Karting Hittin - is one of the most popular places for Karting in Riyadh.  


-Seating area.                       

- Snacks and sandwiches.                        

- Hot and cold drinks.

- Cabins for changing clothes.                                 

- Parking.

Address:  prince Mohamed Ibn Salman Ibn Abdelaziz Rd, Hittin Riyadh. 

FunXtereme Go Karting

It’s a suitable place for Go Karting Riyadh which attracts adventurers who search for fun and excitement. It provides outdoor car Karting outdoors tracks for kids and adults, and also it hosts the local competition. Fun


  • Suitable for groups you can go with family and friends. 
  • Suitable for children. 
  • Parking. 

Address: Jabal Aiyad Rd, Dahiat Namar, Riyadh.

Kuzam Karting

It’s one of the important places to go karting in Riyadh because of its distinctive features and services. 

 Address: Kuzam Rd, Ar Rimal, Riyadh.

Frequently asked questions

Is Karting dangerous?

No, it’s a fun and exciting game that most karting cars have a roll hoop for safety, also it’s suitable for kids.

What is the average price of Karting in Riyadh?

The price of Karting in Riyadh differs between places and there are many options. So the average price is 150 SAR for the race.

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