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Diving In Yanbu

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Diving in Yanbu

The stunning Red Sea beaches in Yanbu and the top-notch scuba diving spots nearby are Yanbu's main draws in addition to other interesting things to do in Yanbu. One of the most reputable dive shops in the area is Saudi Diving Centre, which provides beginner diving lessons as well as equipment rentals for scuba and Yanbu snorkeling.

It's one of the starting sites for liveaboard excursions that take divers to the neighbouring dive spots; some of the best ones are listed below. Yanbu diving has a lot to offer divers.

Untouched reefs and crystal-clear water are two diving attractions in Yanbu region. A stunning collection of reef islands called Seven Sisters is home to a wide variety of fish and colourful coral. Due to their year-round patrol of these waters, "the sisters" are frequently visited by divers looking to see hammerhead sharks. The extra effort to get here to see this untouched habitat is worthwhile.

A relatively undeveloped region of coral reefs, Seven Sisters Reef is home to a number of dive spots that can be explored by liveaboard. It is widely renowned for regular sightings of hammerhead sharks. Divers will have a choice of reef dives and drop-off dives at Marker No. 32, 39, and 41 dive sites, where there is an abundance of marine life. Here, it's possible to see schooling barracuda, red snapper, dog-tooth tuna, and possibly even tiger sharks.

Among the Yanbu scuba diving sites in the region, Abu Galawa may be the most stunning. This dive site, which lies on the Seven Sister Reef, features magnificent marine life as well as underwater grottos and drop-offs. Barracuda, groupers, and a variety of Red Sea sharks are among the fish that divers can expect to observe.

Best Sites for Scuba Diving in Yanbu

The Seven Sisters Coral Reef

There are many incredible places to go diving, from unexplored coral reefs to ancient shipwrecks. The Seven Sisters chain of coral reefs is the first and foremost; it is well-known for hammerhead shark sightings. There are some of the most incredible reef systems in the world at the diving location. The expanse of fields of corals, hidden behind a massive, towering reef wall, resembles an underwater mosaic of colours.

Abu Galawa

Colourful coral and unusual fish are all over Abu Galawa. The diving location is also well-known for the 1947 sinking of a Chinese tugboat, which is now totally covered in both soft and hard corals. The shipwreck is a World War 2 artefact. Speaking of wrecks, the Iona and Luna Wrecks, both of which have fascinating histories, are two other must-dives. A British vessel named Iona sank after colliding with a nearby coral reef system; it is currently the site of an amazing diversity of aquatic life. During World War I, it's still unclear how exactly a British boat entered the Red Sea.

Frequently asked questions

How much does scuba diving cost?

The cost of obtaining your diving certification ranges from $400 to $1200, but the price of a set of scuba diving equipment is from $700 to $2000. Single-tank dives typically cost between $40 and $150, however liveaboard dives and travel costs will be much more expensive.

Does scuba diving require a licence?

You can enrol in a discover scuba diving course, which will provide you with the fundamental instruction on how everything functions, after which you will go on a few dives with a Dive Master.

How challenging is scuba diving?

Scuba diving is incredibly rewarding and opens your eyes to a whole new world. It's not at all difficult, and with the right instruction, you'll be astonished at how simple it is. We'll discuss some of the typical issues new scuba divers encounter in this article so you can be aware of them and, hopefully, adequately prepared.

How can I organise a trip for scuba diving?

How to Plan the Ideal Scuba Diving Trip in 5 Easy Steps:
Step 1: Choose Your Destination. Your first step should be to make a shortlist of appealing destinations.
Step 2: Consider Different Holiday Options.
Step 3: Decide When to Go.
Step 4: Take Care of the Practicalities.
Step 5: Pack for Hassle-Free Travel.

Where can I snorkel in Yanbu?

Here are some great spots for snorkeling in Yanbu:
Barracuda BeachYanbu: This beach is famous for its coral reefs teeming with fish like barracuda, tuna, and red snappers.
Al-Aqah Beach Park: On this beach, you can see a variety of fish and coral formations here as it offers calm waters and good visibility for snorkeling.
Many diving centers in Yanbu also offer snorkeling tours to different reefs and islands.

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