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Sea, Sun, and 5 stars Luxury yacht, do you want something else?
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 Small yacht with lady captain availabe for rent all weekdays
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Doha: Jet Ski Rental Adventure
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Have a unique experience in the Royal suite
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Celebrate your occasions in the Royal inn house boat
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Best Jet Skiing Activities

Summertime means it's time to go to the sea and enjoy various water activities in Qatar. Jet ski in Qatar is one of the most important and popular Qatar water sports that you can try and enjoy. It is an exciting recreational activity that you can do with your friends or alone. Qatar’s beauty is not only in its vast desert but also in its charming beaches which have added a touch of unparalleled magnificence. You will find that jet ski rental Qatar offers a fun-filled time to travelers. Its blue waters and clear sky not only attracted tourists but also made Qatar a unique destination for water adventures and recreational activities.

Jet Ski Adventure Tour in Qatar

Most people consider jet skiing or "water bike riding" to be one of the best, easiest, and most popular water sports. It is a sport that makes your body more flexible while you are in the water.

Sail in the wonderful waters of Qatar and explore its beauty with  jet ski Doha, and you will be with your trainers who specialize in practicing jetski, and you will have a great time regardless of your level, whether you are a beginner or an experienced one, you will find your fun here. Do not miss to explore more things to do in Qatar.

Best Spots to Rent a Jet Ski in Qatar

There are many unique locations to enjoy jet ski Qatar with Ootlah. One of the most important jet ski places in Doha is Pearl Qatar, which is still something different from other water skiing spots in Qatar because of its affordable jet ski rental Qatar price and amazing views of the skyscrapers in Qatar. 

Al Safliya Island in Qatar is also an ideal location to relax and enjoy various water activities like jet skiing.

There is also Katara Beach, where you will find everything, from the soft sand and golden sun to a myriad of water sports and entertainment options, the most important of which is jet skiing. In addition, some of the most important Jet Ski spots in Qatar are West Bay Beach, Old Doha Port, The Pearl-Qatar, Banana Island,  and Al Wakrah Beach.

Jet Ski Rental in Qatar

Experience the fun of riding a water bike. We provide the best jet skis in Qatar so that everyone in your family or group of friends can enjoy their ride while on vacation in Qatar. In addition, you can choose the types of jet ski that suit you.

Rent a water bike and give your family an unforgettable day of water skiing and sightseeing in breathtaking Qatar including Pearl Qatar and Al Khor. Book before it's too late, and enjoy a fun-filled day in the sun. Rent Qatar jet ski today!

Book a Jet Ski in Qatar with Ootlah

The beautiful waters of Qatar are ideal for renting a jet ski, where you can enjoy an amazing view of the beach while experiencing the thrill of full-speed water skiing. Jet ski activity is one of the most exciting activities in Qatar, and thus fun and excitement are guaranteed.

Join us for an unforgettable Jet ski ride with Ootlah, we welcome you every day of the week from sunrise to sunset.

Relax and enjoy this fun tour and book a jet ski rental in Doha to discover the beauty of the Arabian Gulf's blue waters and the wonderful beaches overlooking the attractive horizon. Explore more water activities in Qatar, such as diving.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Jet ski?

Jet ski is similar to motorcycles and skateboards, it is equipped with a motor and is used to move around in the water. It is one of the best water sports. Jet skiing is a great sport that develops your balance. It is based on the use of a jet ski which uses an engine that pulls water and pushes it back.
You can get the best jet ski experience in Qatar, as Qatar has many suitable locations to enjoy this activity.

Is jet skiing popular in Qatar?

Yes, it is one of the best water sports to try in Qatar, Qatar Jet Ski is an experience that not only gives you the thrills of water activities but also provides a fun-filled time.

What are the best water adventures to try in Qatar?

Water activities are the best fun things to try in Qatar. For the most exciting experience, you can try the following:
Jet ski.
Diving in Qatar.


Yacht rental in Qatar.


Banana boat ride.

Kite surfing.

How old do you have to be to ride a jet ski in Qatar?

The minimum age to ride a jet ski in Qatar is 18 years old. However, people under the age of 18 can ride as a passenger with a parent or legal guardian who is at least 18 years old.

What Tips for your jet ski experience?

Stay Hydrated
keep safe distance and speed
wear suitable clothes
avoid the duty or rainy atmosphere
listen your guide structure about safety

What is the cost of renting a jet ski in Qatar?

Our jet ski tours in Qatar start from 300.00 QAR up to 2,200.00 QAR

What is the top-rated jet ski rental in Qatar?

Explore Best Jet Skiing Activities:

What is the best time for a jet ski tour in Qatar?

The morning (8 a.m.–noon) is the best time for a jet ski experience.

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