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Chalet For Rent in Al Qassim

There's nothing better for a traditional holiday than renting a chalet in Al Qassim and enjoy the time having the place all to yourself. Whether you rent a holiday chalet for a weekend or a couple of weeks, there are always plenty of options for chalets for rent in Al Qassim.

If you're looking for romantic escape then you're definitely in the right place. Share a quality time while you watch the sunset or set by an open fire in one of the chalets for rent in Al Qassim for couples.

Additionally, holidays with large groups or family are always great fun. With our listed chalets for rent in Al Qassim you can all stay in the same place, wake up with a sunrise view and enjoy all the fun of the gatherings in your chalet.

Al Qassim Saudi Arabia  

The Qassim Province is one of the 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia. Qassim has a population of 1,370,727 and an area of 58,046 km² and it's located at the heart of the country near the geographic center of the Arabian Peninsula. Because of its agricultural assets, Qassim is known to be the "alimental basket" or “food basket” of the country. Al Qassim is rich in heritage, food, and culture. It possesses essential nonmetals such as marble, salt, plaster, and kaolin. It also hosts the biggest fishing farm that packs about 1000 tons of fish every day! It is indeed an amazing area that is worth visiting.

The capital city of Qassim is Buraydah, which is inhabited by approximately 60% of the region's total population. Al Qassim is the seventh most populated region in the country after Jizan and the fifth most densely populated. Qassim has more than 400 cities, towns, villages, and Bedouin settlements, ten of which are recognized as governorates.

Al Qassim Location

Qassim is located in the center of the Kingdom, and approximately 400 km northwest of Riyadh, the capital city. It is bordered by Ha'il Region to the north, Al Madinah Region to the west, and Riyadh Region to the south and east. Al-Qassim's airport is Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Airport.

Al Qassim Things To Do

Al-Qassim is one of the most beautiful and touristic areas in Saudi Arabia, which attract visitors to it, whether from its residents or from outside it, as it includes famous and distinctive monuments, because of its rich cultural and historical heritage. Here are some of the most remarkable places to go in Al Qassim to enjoy a good time with family or friends.

Al-Hamdan Heritage House Museum

It provides a model for rural houses in the city. The museum includes many important heritage collections in the history of the region. It is divided into several sections, including the Majlis, the dome, the Fellaih coffee, the bride’s room, as well as a courtyard composed of several halls.

Al Bukayriyah Mall

One of the most remarkable shopping centers in the area, Al Bukayriyah Mall includes many interesting entertainment aspects, among the big brands' stores in the world, and a chain of restaurants and cafes. It also has children’s play areas.

Camel market

Al Qassim is famous for having a great number of camels. The city hosts the largest camel market in the world. The festivals are held at different locations which tend to attract a great many tourists to watch camels.

Talents Garden Protected Birds

With 500 birds and 40 species, Garden Tennis Reserve for Birds is the largest natural reserve for ornamental birds in the Kingdom and one of the most tourist attractions in Al Qassim.

Jadiah Heritage Castle

Jadiah Heritage Castle is one of the most luxurious tourist places in Qassim. It has a total area of ​​6250 square meters and contains an impressive array of facilities, buildings and heritage rooms, including the Jeddah House, the People’s Market, and the residential heritage houses.

Frequently asked questions

How far is it from Riyadh to Al Qassim?

The distance between Riyadh to Qassim is almost 355 km. It takes approximately one hour and 45 minutes to get from Riyadh to Al Qassim.

How is Al Qassim Weather like?

In general, Al Qassim has a desert climate, with long hot summers and short, mild winters, and there’s little precipitation, so it’s a great place to get out and have a good time exploring.

How far is Qassim airport from the city?

Al-Qassim airport is Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Airport which connects Al Qassim to the other provinces of the country. Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz Airport is situated approximately 30 kilometers (19 miles) to the west of the city of Buraydah, a journey of about 25 minutes. Qassim airport also serves destinations to GCC, Egypt, and Turkey. The airport was established in 1964 and it is owned and operated by the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

What other places can I go to in Qassim for fun?

In addition to the places mentioned above, you can also enjoy visiting Prince Faisal bin Bandar Al-Qassim Park, Al-Hajeb Park, Buraydah Museum, King Abdullah National Park, and Buraydah Water Tower.

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