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Horse Riding In Al Ahsa

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Horse Riding in Al Ahsa

Have you ever experienced horse riding in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's desert and felt at peace with the beauty of its sands and towering mountains with the fresh air while moving horses? If you have not tried horseback riding, you should enjoy it, especially in Al-Ahsa city. Al Ahsa is one of the best places to go horseback riding, as it is one of the largest governorates in Saudi Arabia that has a big number of horses of all kinds. It has more than 400 horse stables, and each stable can accommodate more than 20 horses.

Al-Ahsa is a Saudi governorate located in the Eastern Province and one of the oldest cities in Saudi Arabia. It is 328 km away from the capital, Riyadh, and covers an area of ​​379,000 square kilometers, which is equivalent to 20% of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's territory. The Empty Quarter desert “Rub' al Khali” covers about three-quarters of the governorate, distinguishing it by having the greatest number of palms, and therefore it is known for producing the best types of dates at all. Also, this city was included in the Guinness Book of Records in 2020 as the world's largest palm oasis. Al-Ahsa province is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Kingdom, with a rich cultural history dating back thousands of years. It is a world heritage site and is distinguished by its heritage in all fields. Al-Ahsa has a rich musical heritage, as well as a handicraft heritage, and the region's famous dishes.

 Al-Ahsa’s location is distinguished and strategic, as it is surrounded by the Arabian Gulf to the east, Oman to the south, Abqaiq city to the north, and the Al-Dahna desert to the west. It is also distinguished by its location, which links two major cities, Riyadh and Dammam, as well as the other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

The best horseback riding places in Al-Ahsa

Al-Ahsa city includes a number of tourist attractions, which are among the most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, the most famous of which are the parks and mountains. It also has a variety of recreational activities, the most important of which is horse riding. Among the best places for horse riding in Al-Ahsa are:

  • Al Asfar Lake has a charming nature. It is one of the tourist destinations in Al-Ahsa and a great destination for watching the sunset and enjoying many recreational activities such as paragliding on the lake, horse riding, and hiking on the lake's white sands.
  • Ahsa Equestrian Field, where you have a chance to ride horses amidst wonderful landscapes.
  • Al-Ahsa National Park, is an ideal destination for families, as it includes many playgrounds and green spaces, as well as a swimming pool and walking paths. Horse riding can also be enjoyed there.

Enjoy horse riding with Ootlah

Horseback riding is one of the most exciting activities in the world, as well as being one of the best ways to explore the beautiful landscapes of Al-Ahsa. Spend the day with your family or friends accompanied by the most beautiful horses in the world and discover the best places in Al-Ahsa and book with Ootlah.

Enjoy a horse riding tour in the most wonderful places for horseback riding in Al-Ahsa with Ootlah, where we can help you fulfill your desires and provide you with the best offers and entertainment tours.

Frequently asked questions

How far is Al-Ahsa from Riyadh?

Al-Ahsa is located in the eastern of the Kingdom, 450 kilometres from Riyadh, and the distance between them takes about 4 hours by car.

When is the best time to visit Al Ahsa?

Al-Ahsa is characterized by its hot continental climate in summer and mild in winter, and it is the best time to visit Al Ahsa to enjoy the recreational activities.

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