Yacht Rental In Jeddah

Yacht Rental In Jeddah

16 Yacht Rental In Jeddah

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Spend your day in yacht Sargan
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5.0 (43)
  767 Tickets Sold
507.30 USD
* per group
A trip on a large Yacht on the Jeddah sea with outdoor Jalsa & Refreshments
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One hour tour in amazing yacht
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4.9 (34)
  621 Tickets Sold
133.50 USD
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Atlas Yacht For Rent in Jeddah
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4.5 (46)
  907 Tickets Sold
400.50 USD
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yacht for rent
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4.9 (26)
  467 Tickets Sold
3,204.00 USD
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5 hours yacht tour in the Maldives Jeddah
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4.9 (59)
  1.2k Tickets Sold
532.67 USD
560.70 USD
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Celebrate your special occasion on Yacht
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4.8 (18)
  295 Tickets Sold
614.10 USD
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Jeddah Coast
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3.9 (9)
  164 Tickets Sold
400.50 USD
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Bayada Island: A full day yacht trip.
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4.3 (17)
  267 Tickets Sold
2,883.60 USD
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Yacht Trip
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4.1 (16)
  247 Tickets Sold
1,922.40 USD
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 yacht in Jeddah
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4.8 (32)
  611 Tickets Sold
267.00 USD
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Fishing Trip on Sewar Abhur Mini Yacht
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453.90 USD
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Trip to Bayada Island on Almonda yacht for 8 hours
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4.0 (555)
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6,675.00 USD
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Rental yacht for all your happy occasions
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4.0 (8)
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Rent a yacht in Jeddah

Are you looking for a distinctive destination to enjoy your weekend? Are you bored of spending your holiday in shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes? You can spend a wonderful day enjoying various recreational activities, especially on the beaches, which are different and breathtaking places for everyone. Jeddah beaches are well known for the possibility of practicing the most beautiful water activities such as diving and swimming, as Jeddah is considered the bride of the Red Sea and the destination of everyone who loves nature and wants to spend a good time or looks for wonderful recreational places to enjoy the scenic scenery.

Jeddah is a city in Makkah Province, a great place to rent the most luxurious yachts. Where you can rent a yacht and enjoy the beautiful scenery and have fun with your friends and family. From birthday celebrations to family vacations, Jeddah is the ideal yacht rental destination. Enjoy the pure water and feel the Jeddah Sea breeze. The sea that extends up to the horizon to meet the blue sky will provide the most peaceful scenery to look at and relax.

The yacht trip in Jeddah is one of the best cruises in Jeddah, which is characterized by luxury and is considered one of the best things to do in Jeddah, which is characterized by calm and clear skies, so you should try to rent a yacht in Jeddah.

Usually, the yacht starts to move from early morning until evening, where you can enjoy the experience of fishing in Jeddah and barbecue on the Yacht surface, and the yacht also contains rooms, beds, bathroom, kitchen, and TV, as well as diving tools if you are an enthusiastic snorkeled. Whether you want to try a private Jeddah cruise, Jeddah yachts marina trip, Yacht trips in Jeddah, Jeddah fishing trip, Jeddah scuba diving tour, or Jeddah snorkeling trip, you will find the best rent in jeddah trips.

What do you do when you rent a yacht?

There are a lot of activities to do when renting a yacht, depending on your preference! Yacht Rental holidays are usually focused on 'relaxation'. The idea of ​​yacht Rental is all about adventure and discovery, you rent a yacht to visit as many places as possible. You can sail, relax under the sun, swim in crystal clear waters, explore castles, rent motorcycles, eat, drink and snorkel.

Some of the water sport activities when renting a yacht in Jeddah:

  • When renting a Jeddah yacht, you can go fishing.
  • You can rent a yacht in Jeddah to enjoy diving and jet skiing.
  • When you rent a yacht in Jeddah, you can shoot underwater.
  • When renting a yacht in Jeddah, you can see colorful fish and coral reefs.
  • Yacht rental Jeddah makes you meditate and listen to music while watching the wonderful sunset.

Why the Red Sea?

The Red Sea is home to more than 200 species of coral reefs that attract countless species of fish as well as sharks and dolphins.

Renting a luxury yacht in Jeddah Red Sea is an opportunity to enjoy the sea, golden sand, and fresh air. Now is the time to discover this attractive destination for tourists.

Marines in Jeddah

Sharm Obhur - Jeddah

Sharm Obhur is located in the northern part of Jeddah city, 30 km from the city center. It is one of the areas that attract tourists, as it is distinguished by its white sand and blue water, which makes it one of the most beautiful areas. It is also a marina for yachts in Jeddah, and from there, Yacht cruises depart.

Al Ahlam Marine

It is located in Jeddah city it is like jeddah yacht club, which is considered the most diversified city in tourism and leisure services. Hence, establishing Al Ahlam Marina in Jeddah as the first branch from Marsa Al-Ahlam, which has experienced more than 10 years. Al Ahlam Marine Jeddah has VIP yachts, shared yachts, and many other yacht Jeddah options.

Red Sea Marina

The Red Sea Marina is one of the greatest jeddah yacht marina. Located in North Obhur, it was established as the main yachting destination in the Middle East. It covers an area of ​​53,000 square meters in the water and covers an area of ​​36 square meters on land. It has more than 300 yachts and provides visitors with access to the coasts, islands, and nearby cosmopolitan Jeddah cities.

Jeddah Yacht Rental with Ootlah

The experience of renting a yacht charter jeddah became easier with Ootlah website which allows you to quickly search, compare prices,  submit rental inquiries, and pay for your rental. Whatever your needs, we can help you plan the best Jeddah trips for you.

Each trip is exceptionally designed to meet your unique taste to feel luxurious and comfortable, making yacht rental Jeddah the most preferred leisure activity for all. We guarantee you the best trips, just find out the ideal experience now and book a great day out on the water with Ootlah.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best day trips from Jeddah?

The best day trips from Jeddah according to Ootlah travelers reviews are:
- Yacht Sargan
- Cruise tour in mini yacht
- sail in an amazing yacht in Jeddah

When can you rent a yacht in Jeddah?

A relaxing sailing adventure is best enjoyed on the shimmering beaches of Jeddah between October and March. As the temperatures are nice, making it an excellent time for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht?

The rental price of a yacht in Jeddah starts from 500 SAR per hour, and the cost varies according to the duration and activities on the yacht's board and whether you want the whole yacht only for you, or you want a shared yacht.

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