Boat trips in Al-Jubail

Boat Trips In Al-Jubail

Boat Trips In Al-Jubail

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  5 Hours fishing trip in Jubail
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333.75 USD
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Boat rental in Al Jubail
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4.5 (28)
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66.75 USD
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Swimming trip on Jana Island
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Spend your day in trying Swimming & Snorkeling in Al Jubail
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Are you planning a summer holiday where you'll charter a boat and sail into the sunset? That sounds like a brilliant and unique idea. Nothing compares to the stars above a cruise on the open sea. So, if you've decided on a destination and assembled a team, you're almost ready to go. Whatever you want, we are here to assist you in creating your ideal vacation through Jubail Boat Rental and many boat trips in Jubail.

Boating in Jubail

Boating in Jubail is a normal mode of social distancing as a sport and a common outdoor leisure activity. Your boat must maintain a certain distance from other vessels (much like vehicles on a highway), and you are surrounded by water and fresh air while on a boat. Additionally, there are a lot of things and water activities in Jubail to do. Let yourself explore many islands there, such as Al Batwah Island in Jubail. 

Imagine yourself gliding across the Red Sea's turquoise embrace, feeling the cool spray tickle your face. Watch the bustling city skyline shrink, replaced by a horizon promising hidden coves teeming with life. Dive into crystal-clear waters with your family on a sunny day, where vibrant coral reefs and playful dolphins await. A boat trip in Jubail isn't just a journey on water, it's a plunge into an underwater wonderland and a breath of fresh sea air for your soul.

Fun water activities to enjoy in Jubail boating

  • Fishing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Riding Tow-Toys
  • Take-Out Dockside Dinner with a View
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving

The Best Jubail Fishing Locations

Al Fanateer Beach 

Craving a modern beach escape? Al Fanateer Beach in Jubail is your answer. It’s one of the best public beaches in Saudi Arabia. Lush green parks and jogging tracks border the clean and sandy shore. 

Fanateer beach boating is the perfect choice for families to spread out picnics by the fountains. Foodies will love the variety of restaurants offering everything from fresh seafood to local specialities, all with a breathtaking ocean view.

Al Nakheel Beach

It’s a breath of fresh air for families and all relaxation seekers. Imagine yourself strolling under a canopy of palm trees with warm sand between your feet. Your kids can giggle on the playground while you unwind by the sparkling water. Al Nakheel Beach is also famous for its calm waves and clear water. Additionally, you can enjoy a delicious meal with a stunning sea view. So, Al Nakheel Beach offers a perfect escape for a memorable day.

Jubail Sunset Boat Trip

Both certified divers and snorkelers are eligible for this boat ride! Fishing from a boat is also an option! The Advanced Open Water Diver course is built to help you gain a better understanding of and skills in the water. It helps you develop your navigation skills, fine-tune your buoyancy skills, and expose you to new diving activities like wreck diving, night diving, and underwater photography. To earn your license, you must complete five Adventure Dives: a deep dive (beyond 18m/60F), a navigation dive, and three additional Adventure Dives of your choosing.

Frequently asked questions

How do you keep kids entertained on a boat?

If you're taking children on board, here are some of the fun, favorite things I'd suggest bringing:
Bring Playdough.
Have a Movie Time!
Order Pizza to the Deck.

What is a fun boat?

The Funboat is the ideal entry-level sailboat because it is quick to rig and sail. The Funboat is extremely seaworthy thanks to its combination of roominess, stability, maneuverability, and simplicity. The Funboat is built with a modified tunnel hull and has everything for someone who just wants to have a good time on the water.

Why is boating so fun?

Whether learning to water ski or simply enjoying the warm glow of an evening sunset, recreational boating fun offers a constructive outlet for entertainment that reduces tension and provides enriching opportunities for self-discovery.

How much is the boat ride in Fanateer?

The Fanateer Beach boating price in Jubail varies depending on many factors such as the type of boat, the duration of the ride, and the company you book with.
the average price for a short group boat ride in Fanateer could be around 200-250 Saudi riyals (US$53-66).
Note that Al Fanateer Beach Jubail boat cruise prices can go up depending on the amenities offered on board.

How far is Jubail from Makkah?

The distance between Jubail and Makkah is about 1,352 kilometers (840 miles).

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