5 Things to do in Umluj

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Spend an amazing day with horses on beach
5.0 (17)
157 Tickets Sold
36.05 USD
* per person
Spend your day in an amazing jalsa in Duqm beach
4.0 (8)
55 Tickets Sold
89.45 USD
* per group
Enjoy your day on private sand beach
4.0 (1)
11 Tickets Sold
141.51 USD
* per group
Half an hour riding a quad bikes on the beach
4.0 (12)
163 Tickets Sold
18.69 USD
* per person
Boat Trip in Umluj
Less than 10 Tickets Sold
291.88 USD
* per group

Frequently asked questions

Is there an airport in Umluj?

There's no airport in Umluj city. Umluj is located in the middle between Yanbu and Al Wajh and each has an airport. You can take a flight to Yanbu Airport then have a two-hour car ride to Umluj.

How much time does it take to get from Jeddah to Umluj?

It takes nearly 5 hours to drive from Jeddah to Umluj. There are also 3 or 4 flights daily from Jeddah to Yanbu which is the closest major city to Umluj. Alternatively, a taxi service is available and can be shared to keep the cost low. Buses operated by the national company SAPTCO from Jeddah airport also offer city to city services and are cheap and very convenient.

What are some of the best Umluj hotels?

Umluj houses a number of hotels which all offer excellent service and guarantee you a comfortable stay. For example, the boutique Juman Hotel offers beautiful sea views and a central location for exploring, while Royal Tours Permanent Camp is home to Bedouin-style tents, set in the sandy desert on the edge of town.

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