Boat Trips in Bahrain

Boat Trips In Bahrain

12 Boat Trips In Bahrain

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A Boat Trip for 4 Hours on Jarada Island with snorkeling & BBQ
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5.0 (21)
  386 Tickets Sold
440.55 USD
* per group
Yacht Cruise Tour at Amwaj Marina in Bahrain
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4.4 (147)
  2.2k Tickets Sold
80.10 USD
* per group
Enjoy a beautiful day with your friends on a boat
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4.8 (16)
  312 Tickets Sold
694.20 USD
* per group
4 Hours Group Trip to Jarada Island
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4.9 (68)
  838 Tickets Sold
66.75 USD
* per joiner
Cruise throughout Bahrain beaches and landmarks
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4.2 (31)
  532 Tickets Sold
6.68 USD
* per person
Celebrate with ooltah on a parked yacht
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4.9 (88)
  1.4k Tickets Sold
120.15 USD
* per group
One Hour Boat trip on Amwaj Islands at Sunset
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4.9 (38)
  736 Tickets Sold
146.58 USD
162.87 USD
* per group
Enjoy your trip to Jarada islands on this 6 pax boat
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4.6 (61)
  863 Tickets Sold
413.85 USD
* per group
30 minutes of Cruise Boat  around Saadaa Beach ( 19 pax)
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4.9 (102)
  432 Tickets Sold
186.90 USD
* per group
One hour Cruise Boat to Jarada island from Al Saada Beach(13 pax)
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4.9 (76)
  654 Tickets Sold
200.25 USD
* per group
4 Hours Private Fishing Trip in Bahrain
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4.8 (36)
  647 Tickets Sold
507.30 USD
* per group
Open boat trip in Jarada island (3Hours/Max 10 pax
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4.4 (36)
  574 Tickets Sold
587.40 USD
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The sea has always meant adventure, and boat trips Bahrain are some of the best sightseeing adventures you can enjoy. Boating in Bahrain are short trips that are for tourism and leisure, usually starting and ending in the same place, and their duration is within a day. This is in contrast to large ships that are for several days with accommodation.

Boating in Bahrain

Bahrain is located in the Arabian Gulf, which makes it a tourist attraction due to its extended beaches, suitable for all tourism and recreational activities, as it includes a number of natural reserves, and also includes many ancient monuments.

Spend most of your time on Bahrain Bay boat rides to explore its beauty and enjoy Sea activities in Bahrain. There are a lot of water sports in Bahrain, as the Kingdom is full of charming small islands and coastal resorts, where you can enjoy a cruise on a boat. During your trip, you will have a wide choice of wonderful beaches and beautiful sands. Diving or just relaxing is part of the things to do in Bahrain.

Rent a boat in Bahrain and enjoy your time

Are you looking forward to having fun at the weekend? Here are some exciting family things to do in Bahrain to enjoy.

- Bu Maher Fort

Bu Maher Fort Information Center is the starting point to explore several places in Bahrain, where you can know all the historical information from the center, and you will listen to the story of the pearl from the sea to the major merchants.

This castle has a long history for sailors and pearl traders, as the shore on which the castle stood was the port for fishing boats. Now, you can visit Bu Maher Fort Information Center, through cruises that depart from Bahrain National Museum Harbor and head to the other side of the center!

- Ritz Carlton Bahrain boat

Bahrain boating trips are launched at the Ritz-Carlton for guests and adventurers to explore the incredible places of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its many islands. You can enjoy the ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

- Jarada island trip

It is an adventure to visit Jarada Island in Bahrain on an open boat ride bahrain to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or even sitting to watch the wonderful landscapes of Jarada Island. This island has the best beaches in Bahrain.

- Al Dar Islands

It is considered one of the best trips to Bahrain Islands. You can relax on the magnificent sands of Al Dar Islands. It is a coastal island for the weekend because of its peaceful atmosphere and amazing beaches. It is easily accessible by Bahrain boating which leaves the port daily. If you are looking for a special day in Bahrain, add the Dar Islands to your itinerary and take a boat to get there.

Boat rentals in Bahrain

Bahrain is the best place to rent a boat. Renting a boat with or without a captain makes you enjoy the beautiful scenery while spending quality time with your friends or family. If you are planning a family vacation, Bahrain Boats is the ideal rental destination.

It's easy to plan trips; be sure to research a lot and find out the average Bahrain Bay boat ride price for your ideal cruise. And when you notice a fall in its price, grab the opportunity. Many cruise companies in Bahrain offer various packages, so be prepared. You can easily find out Bahrain boat ride prices and book your trip easily with us.

Boat trips advantages                            

The cruise in Bahrain transports you to another world of fun. Cruises cover the whole world, carrying travelers every year to different destinations.

boat trip Bahrain also provides a great option for families, as many ships provide entertainment tools such as water slides, mini-golf courses, and fun clubs for the kids.

Travelers also prefer this type of trip because cruises are often less expensive per night compared to staying in a hotel.

Frequently asked questions

Why go to Bahrain?

Bahrain is less crowded than other countries, and it also offers many historical attractions including two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

How long does the boat tour take?

The boat trip may take half a day or an entire day, depending on the journey and the number of stops.

Why are boat trips the best way to discover the world?

Ease of tourism: the cruise is still a great way to travel and tourism, and it is not exhausting at all, as you do not have to carry luggage between airports or in taxis.

Saving money: Cruises are not as expensive as the night you can spend in a hotel. You can also visit many countries instead of taking a tourist trip to each country, which costs you a lot.

What are the sea activities in Bahrain?

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