18 Water Activities In Bahrain

Water activities in Bahrain

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Spend a wonderful time in Jerada Island
5.0 (8)
  135 Tickets Sold
440.55 USD
* per group
fishing trip in Bahrain
4.6 (3)
  163 Tickets Sold
507.30 USD
* per group
Available Today 10% off
Boat Trip to Enjoy Sunset
5.0 (18)
  217 Tickets Sold
146.58 USD
162.87 USD
* per group
Kayaking in Bahrain Bay
4.6 (27)
  326 Tickets Sold
16.02 USD
* per person
Exceptional kayak tour in Bahrain Bay
4.9 (18)
  194 Tickets Sold
16.02 USD
* per person
Rent Clear kayaks and explore the beauty beneath
4.9 (22)
  261 Tickets Sold
26.70 USD
* per person
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Enjoy your time with your friends in Kashta
4.4 (12)
  115 Tickets Sold
51.80 USD
53.40 USD
* per person
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Spend a great time in Kashta in Bahrain Bay
5.0 (10)
  89 Tickets Sold
106.80 USD
* per person
Kayaking Water Sport Adventure
5.0 (14)
  141 Tickets Sold
21.36 USD
* per couple
One Hour Yacht Tour in Amwaj Marina
5.0 (2)
  49 Tickets Sold
205.59 USD
* per group
Rent a yacht for 10 pax
5.0 (23)
  200 Tickets Sold
240.30 USD
* per group
Open boat trip in Jarada island (3Hours/Max 10 pax
5.0 (1)
  Less than 10 Tickets Sold
587.40 USD
* per group
17% off
Overnight experience on a yacht for couple
5.0 (15)
  121 Tickets Sold
310.25 USD
373.80 USD
* per couple
Enjoy a beautiful day with your friends on a boat
4.0 (10)
  55 Tickets Sold
694.20 USD
* per group
Amazing trip to Jerada Island
4.0 (15)
  325 Tickets Sold
66.75 USD
* per joiner
Celebrate with ooltah on a parked yacht
5.0 (17)
  254 Tickets Sold
146.85 USD
* per group
3 hours diving trip
4.0 (9)
  91 Tickets Sold
173.55 USD
* per person
Enjoy your trip to Jarada islands on this 6 pax boat
4.0 (15)
  120 Tickets Sold
413.85 USD
* per person

Water Activities in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small nation made up of Bahrain Island and 30 smaller islands in the Arabian Gulf. Situated near Saudi Arabia, this little island state boasts its own Formula 1 Grand Prix track, a burgeoning art and foodie scene, modern Arabian style, and all the hallmarks of wealth. Bahrain is the storied location of the ancient Dilmun civilization and the epicenter of the Gulf’s pearling past. It is the third smallest nation in Asia after the Maldives and Singapore. The tiny island has lots of things to see and do, such as beautiful beaches, famous pearl diving sites, great local restaurants and so much more.

Many people think of water activities as being confined to the water, eg, swimming and aqua jogging, but there is a whole range of water activities that can be enjoyed on the surface of the water too. Being an island nation, many people in Bahrain have great access to water. Water activities in Bahrain can range from high-adrenaline activities, such as windsurfing, kite surfing, and white water kayaking, to more leisurely activities such as sailing, sea kayaking, and fishing – and everything in between.

Water sports in Bahrain are great for all ages and suitable for pretty much anyone. Another reason to go for water activities is that it is great fun. Whether you opt for a surfboard or want to try your hand at kitesurfing, there’s nothing quite like getting out there and letting off a bit of stream while learning something new. Who doesn’t like the feeling of accomplishing a new skill to make you feel good, plus other lovers of watersports are usually great fun and have a huge amount of energy so you’ll bag a lot of giggles too.

Water activities can give you a total sense of freedom. Whatever type of activity and board you choose, you’re in control to have as much fun as you can. Not only that, but you can take your new skills pretty much anywhere in the world!

Water sports in Bahrain

Here are the best water activities you should try in Bahrain:

Pearl Diving (Snorkeling or Scuba Diving)

This Bahrain adventure gives you the chance to search for pearls underwater. Either snorkeling or scuba diving in Bahrain, you’ll collect oysters in the hopes of finding some that contain that desirable mineral. Professional dive instructors will guide you according to your ability; beginners will snorkel while certified divers can choose from three dive sites. Pearl diving is part of Bahrain’s past and current heritage, and this is a hands-on way to experience a piece of local culture.

Fishing Trips

Experience one of the most loved water activities by the locals and embark on a fully equipped fishing trip. Meet the Captain at the beginning of your trip who will be your guide and instructor throughout the day. Enjoy the calm waters and the cool breeze as the boat takes you to the populous fishing spots. The necessary bait and equipment will be provided on the trip which will make your adventure as seamless as it should be.


Soar over the Manama coastline on an unforgettable parasailing adventure! Cruise out into the calm waters of Bahrain on a speedboat, then reel out and take to the skies. Glide above the water and take in a majestic bird’s-eye view of Bahrain's famous coast and landmarks during the flight.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is Bahrain's favorite water activity and the most exciting way to tour the seas, Jet Skiing should definitely be checked off of your bucket list. If the rush of the chase is deeply embedded in your nature, this is the experience for you. Glide across the crystal clear waters of Bahrain in search of the perfect dose of adrenaline and the most awe-inspiring views. You can choose between a 700 CC Jet Ski or a more powerful 1100 CC one to give you even more boost. Whatever you decide, the ride will be worth the while.

Frequently asked questions

Are the water activities in Bahrain safe?

Water activities in Bahrain are thrilling and adventurous provided you follow proper guidelines for the sport and practice caution.

Which is the best time to visit Bahrain for water sports?

The temperature during the months of March and April is perfect for outdoor and sports activities as well as a number of water activities in Bahrain.

What are the best water activities for kids?

Aside from swimming, there are lots of fun and exciting activities you and your kids can enjoy on the water. For example, you can go kayaking with your child, snorkelling, sailing, and more. They're safe as long as children are accompanied by an adult.

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