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Football is a universal sport that is and by far the most popular sport in the world. It goes beyond divisions like gender, age, language, race, etc. Football fans declare it the best sport on the planet without a thought. The principles of the game and the ease of playing absolutely anywhere have made football one of the most widespread and most played sports in the world. As a popular sport in the kingdom, a variety of football pitches are available for rent in Bahrain.

Why do people love playing football?

Football is one sport that is played most consistently around the world. According to FIFA's Big Count survey in 2006, there were 265 million players actively involved in football around the world, roughly about 4% of the world's population. It's not practiced or dominated by one particular country. This means that 1 in 25 people you meet is directly involved with Football, and it just keeps on increasing every single year by 2 or 3%.

One of the reasons why football is the #1 sport is that its rules are pretty simple (unless you are playing professional football), you just need to get the ball inside the opponent’s goal without using your hands, and that’s it. There is never a bad season or time for playing football with your mates. Minimal requirements mean that you can start a game anywhere, at any time.

In a football game, each one has a specific duty, but in every position, even goalies can push forward, help defend a play, take a free-kick and even score. The offside rule is what spices things up: you cannot be closer to the goal than the last field defender when receiving the ball from your partner.

What are the Benefits of Football?

Besides being a sport that's easy to pick up, football brings numerous benefits for you and your health. It's a sport that involves a lot of running and sprinting. This will train your cardio fitness and your endurance. It's also a game that stimulates your coordination, balance, and muscle tone thanks to the variety of movements you perform.

And in case you had any doubts, it is fun and helps your personal development. Football builds your sense of team spirit. You'll learn that solidarity and team effort outweigh individual talent. Don't forget to consult your doctor before starting to make sure that you won't suffer any medical complications!

Types of football pitches

There are primarily two types of football playing surfaces: natural grass and artificial turf. Natural fields require plenty of effort and care to stay looking healthy and keep a thick mat for game and event days.

Artificial or synthetic turf requires little maintenance compared to natural grass fields. Synthetic turf has been developed and improved to further replicate the look, feel, and behavior of true grass. Now both indoor and outdoor stadiums are equipped with synthetic turf, providing athletes with practice fields for all seasons that would withstand all types of weather.

Are you torn between the grass and synthetic pitches? From 5- to 11-a-side, outdoors & indoors, you will find all types of football pitches for rent. Grab your friends, your housemates, your course mates, your colleagues, or your family and book a football pitch on Ootlah.

Types of football games

Football can be played absolutely anywhere, at any time, and can even be done indoors on 5, 7, or 11-a-side teams. Five-a-side football is played on a smaller pitch, and the panels around the edges can be used to bounce the ball off. Many people think 5-a-side football is more convenient and easier to organize than 11-a-side. Whether you like this or that, you will find all types of best football fields to rent for your game.

Football pitches for rent in Bahrain

If you are interested in playing with your friends, either for fun or practice, you can check a variety of football pitches for rent, with various prices and locations. Find what suits you and start playing now.

Frequently asked questions

Can I rent the pitches for events other than football games?

Yes, customers often book football pitches for other events or sporting activities. Book now for any event you want to make and enjoy your time!

How big is an 11-a-side football pitch?

11-a-side pitch measurements can vary considerably, but according to FA regulations, should fall between 100-130 yards (90-120m) long and 50-100 yards (45-90m) wide.

How can I book on Ootlah?

1- Choose a suitable football pitch from the listed ones.
2- Click on the "Book" button.
3- Fill in the required info.
4- Pay online for your booking.

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