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Shopping Experience in Bahrain

Welcome to the world of shopping and family entertainment. Enjoy shopping in a series of famous malls that provide all services and entertainment for family and friends. People come to it from everywhere to shop, especially in Saudi Arabia. So let's get to know the places of shopping experiences in Bahrain.

Top Malls in Bahrain 

1- Al Juffair Mall

The Juffair Mall was opened in Juffair area in 2015, and Lulu Hypermarket was opened in Juffair mall in 2016, which considered one of the largest and most luxurious supermarkets within 100 markets in the world.  

Juffair Mall consists of 5 floors, their stores vary between clothing, makeup, accessories stores and others, as well as a food court that contains many different restaurants.

2- Oasis Mall, Juffair

Oasis Mall, Juffair is concerned with providing excellent service and providing an unparalleled shopping experience in Bahrain. This is done through the various food stores, cinemas, spacious parking spaces, in addition to that it contains 121 varied stores to provide all your needs and everything you are looking for.

3- CenterPoint, Bahrain

Centrepoint is a one-stop shopping destination that includes a kids store like Babyshop, and Splash, Lifestyle, Shoe Mart and Beauty Buy under one roof. Centrepoint has become the premier destination for family shopping in the Middle East, and has been designed to reflect the dynamism and diversity of the brands it represents and to enhance their brand value and attractiveness. Try it and tell us about your shopping experience in CenterPoint, Bahrain.

4- Bahrain Mall

Bahrain Mall is one of the largest malls in Bahrain, which enjoys a unique shopping experience in Bahrain, located on an area of ​​70 thousand square meters and includes a large car park with 1600 parking places, not only that, but the mall contains many shops with prestigious brands so it is attracted to it About 480,000 visitors per month to enjoy the shopping experience.

Online Shopping in Bahrain

Online shopping in Bahrain has an unparalleled pleasure, because now the idea of ​​online shopping has become very popular because it saves time and effort. There are many well-known websites in Bahrain that allow the idea of ​​online shopping and offer many different products such as Ubuy, Souq, Amazon and others that will be mentioned in this article.

1- Ubuy

Ubuy is one of the most famous online stores in Bahrain. It offers you all international goods at a great price. Once you click on your order, it will reach your door. Ubuy offers international goods that are difficult to easily provide with superior service. You will have a wonderful shopping experience among various products, which are fashion, jewellery, mobile phones and tablets, video games and entertainment, games and games, baby care tools, home furniture, electronics, computers, and gadgets. Healthcare, sports and fitness equipment, office and school supplies, pet supplies, beauty supplies, perfumes, travel and auto accessories.

2- works to transform the online shopping service into a wonderful shopping experience in Bahrain, as it selects the products it offers carefully and keenly to suit your taste. It offers a wide range of products supported by a distinguished delivery service, and is characterized by active and quick customer service, specifically to respond to your inquiries.

3- is one of the online shopping stores that located in Bahrain and is considered the most popular electronic marketplace in Asia and Africa. It works to meet your needs by providing the best goods at the best prices.

Top things that people used to buy from Bahrain

Bahrain is known as the world of shopping because of its attractive products and various goods, as it is full of malls and markets that people come to from everywhere, and the things that Bahrain is famous for are gold and perfumes, and here are the most famous places for gold and perfumes that people resort to.

Top choice perfumes in Bahrain

1- Kingdom of Perfumes

One of the most enjoyable shopping experiences in Bahrain is shopping for perfumes and watching the charming business owner mix oils together to reach the scent you want, a man can mix oils that look strange and this will surprise you, but in the end it reaches the desired perfume with the utmost smoothness and magic at work.

Known for its affordable prices, small bottles start from 1 BHD to 4 BHD.

2- Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

One of the most famous names in the Middle East for scents of oud, musk, oud oils and other perfumes. People come to it especially to buy the most ancient and most expensive perfumes, it is known for its high prices, but it is wonderful.

Top jewellery stores in Bahrain

1- Gold Souq

The most appropriate place to get gold according to your own taste in the gold souq, as it is a large market for gold established by Indian immigrants to provide your gold spot. Look for workshops, as goldsmiths can still be seen in action.

2- Gold City

This modern, two-story building is an extension of the historic gold market founded by Indian immigrants who run the gold trade in Bahrain. Walk around and be prepared to barter. This is an excellent place to get a bargain on the most expensive minerals, especially the richer Indian version, which is found in abundance here.

Frequently asked questions

What can I buy in Bahrain?

Persian Rugs
Bahrain Gold

Is Bahrain cheaper than Dubai?

Cost of living in Manama, Bahrain is 28% cheaper than in Dubai.

Are electronics cheaper in Bahrain?

In Bahrain, just like UAE, electronic items are cheap.

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