30 Outdoor Activities In Bahrain

Outdoor activities in Bahrain

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Spend a wonderful time in Jerada Island
5.0 (8)
  135 Tickets Sold
440.55 USD
* per group
Available Today 31% off
Lost Paradise
4.6 (160)
  8.8k Tickets Sold
40.53 USD
58.74 USD
* per person
fishing trip in Bahrain
4.6 (3)
  163 Tickets Sold
507.30 USD
* per group
Horse riding in Karzakan Forest
4.7 (43)
  573 Tickets Sold
18.69 USD
* per person
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Boat Trip to Enjoy Sunset
5.0 (18)
  217 Tickets Sold
146.58 USD
162.87 USD
* per group
3% off
Go Karting in Bahrain
5.0 (51)
  568 Tickets Sold
22.80 USD
23.50 USD
* per person
Spend your day in Bahrain with horseback riding activity
4.5 (36)
  1.1k Tickets Sold
16.02 USD
* per person
Kayaking in Bahrain Bay
4.6 (27)
  326 Tickets Sold
16.02 USD
* per person
Exceptional kayak tour in Bahrain Bay
4.9 (18)
  194 Tickets Sold
16.02 USD
* per person
Rent Clear kayaks and explore the beauty beneath
4.9 (22)
  261 Tickets Sold
26.70 USD
* per person
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Enjoy your time with your friends in Kashta
4.4 (12)
  115 Tickets Sold
51.80 USD
53.40 USD
* per person
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Spend a great time in Kashta in Bahrain Bay
5.0 (10)
  89 Tickets Sold
106.80 USD
* per person
Kayaking Water Sport Adventure
5.0 (14)
  141 Tickets Sold
21.36 USD
* per couple
One Hour Yacht Tour in Amwaj Marina
5.0 (2)
  49 Tickets Sold
205.59 USD
* per group
Rent a yacht for 10 pax
5.0 (23)
  200 Tickets Sold
240.30 USD
* per group
Open boat trip in Jarada island (3Hours/Max 10 pax
5.0 (1)
  Less than 10 Tickets Sold
587.40 USD
* per group
17% off
Overnight experience on a yacht for couple
5.0 (15)
  121 Tickets Sold
310.25 USD
373.80 USD
* per couple
Amazing chance to try padel tennis
5.0 (21)
  183 Tickets Sold
48.06 USD
* per group
Enjoy a beautiful day with your friends on a boat
4.0 (10)
  55 Tickets Sold
694.20 USD
* per group
Take care of your body with natural body treatments
4.8 (14)
  138 Tickets Sold
58.74 USD
* per person

Outdoor activities in Bahrain

Bahrain is a small nation made up of Bahrain Island and 30 smaller islands in the Arabian / Persian Gulf. It is the third smallest nation in Asia after the Maldives and Singapore. Situated near Saudi Arabia, this little island state boasts its own Formula 1 Grand Prix track, a burgeoning art and foodie scene, and all the hallmarks of wealth, modern Arabian style. It’s the storied location of the ancient Dilmun civilization and the epicenter of the Gulf’s pearling past. The tiny island has lots of things to see and do, such as beautiful beaches, famous pearl diving site, great local restaurants and so much more.

Outdoor activities are recreation engaged in out of doors, most commonly in natural settings. The activities themselves — such as fishing, hunting, backpacking, and horseback riding — are characteristically dependent on the environment practiced in. Other traditional examples of outdoor recreational activities include hiking, camping, mountaineering, cycling, canoeing, caving, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, running, sailing, skiing, skydiving and surfing.

Our hectic modern lives require us to sit in front of screens for hours as we work, build social interactions and networks, solve our practical day to day issues and follow up with the latest news. Our body is forgotten as our minds take over, and physical space gives way to virtual space. Outdoor activities enrich people’s lives.  Not only do they put our bodies in motion, oxygenate us and put us in touch with sunshine, rain, wind, snow, and more, they also help us bring our attention to the present moment and share unforgettable experiences with both loved ones and strangers.

Outdoor activities in Bahrain

Here are the top outdoor activities you should try in Bahrain:

Bahrain Desert Tour

Explore a majestic, arid landscape on those magical Bahrain desert tours that usually includes the Grand Prix Circuit, Royal Camel Farm, the Gulf’s first-ever oil field, the Tree of Life, Riffa Fort, and A’Ali Burial Mounts. Desert heat and sun can be punishing, but traveling in a climate-controlled minibus stocked with chilled drinks ensures a comfortable afternoon of sightseeing, and you'll enjoy sweeping views of desert scenery throughout the tour.

Horse Riding in Bahrain

Ride an Arabian horse in the desert on a Bahrain horseback riding tour. Desert temperatures can be punishing in the middle of the day, but this tour is usually timed so you can enjoy the cooler air and golden light of the desert at sunset; you’ll have views of the UNESCO-listed Bahrain Fort as the sun drops into the sand.

Bahrain Shore Excursion

This tour is for a shore excursion in Bahrain, the best tourist attractions selected so you discover Bahrain in a few hours. You can customize your tourist program as long the attraction is open and you have enough time to visit it. This tour includes visiting Al-Fatih Mosque, Bahrain World Trade Center, Qalat al-Bahrain, Royal Camel Farm, and Bab el-Bahrain Souk.

Pearl Diving in Bahrain (Snorkeling Or Scuba Diving)

Live in high spirits as the sun, the blue seas and a one of a kind experience awaits you; Pearl Diving. Arrive at the diving center by Reef Island where you will meet your instructor and obtain the equipment which includes the boat ride, training, and a wonderful opportunity to experience the historic and fun-filled activity that dates back to centuries. Bahraini natural pearls are considered the finest in the world- if you find a pearl whilst diving, it is yours to keep, an excellent (and valuable) souvenir. One cannot leave Bahrain without having this adventure as a part of the trip!

Jet Skiing (Yacht Club)

Being the island’s favorite water sport and the most exciting way to tour the seas, Jet Skiing should definitely be checked off of your bucket list. If the rush of the chase is deeply embedded in your nature, this is the experience for you. Glide across the crystal clear waters of Bahrain in search of the perfect dose of adrenaline and the most awe-inspiring views. You can choose between a 700 CC Jet Ski or a more powerful 1100 CC one to give you even more boost. Whatever you decide, the ride will be worth the while.

Frequently asked questions

What outdoor activities in Bahrain that take 1 hour or less?

Outdoor Activities in Bahrain that are 1 hour or less are: Amwaj night blast, Jet Ski rental at the Bahrain Yacht Club, and professional photoshoots in Bahrain.

What tours in Bahrain are good for avoiding crowds?

These hidden gems in Bahrain may have limited interaction with crowds: half-day desert tour, discover Bahrain in a one-day private tour, pearl diving (snorkeling or scuba diving), and private Bahrain transit city tour.

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