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Water Activities In Dubai

32 Water Activities In Dubai

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 Shared Dinner Cruise with VIP Table
4.9 (172)
  3.9k Tickets Sold
133.24 USD
135.96 USD
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100 minutes of fun on a boat in Dubai
4.9 (40)
  739 Tickets Sold
64.87 USD
66.88 USD
* per person
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Jet ski & flyboard around Dubai sights
5.0 (32)
  352 Tickets Sold
89.78 USD
95.51 USD
* per person
Rent a 48ft Luxury Yacht - 3 Hours
4.9 (150)
  2.1k Tickets Sold
286.20 USD
* per group
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30 min jet ski experience from Burj Al arab hotel
5.0 (46)
  801 Tickets Sold
98.80 USD
100.82 USD
* per person
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30 Mins Donut Boat Ride with 11% Off
5.0 (26)
  692 Tickets Sold
108.99 USD
122.61 USD
* per group
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Get 7% Discount on 30 Min Flyfish Boat Ride
4.0 (45)
  774 Tickets Sold
114.03 USD
122.61 USD
* per group
4.6 (18)
  159 Tickets Sold
574.88 USD
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Dubai yellow boat tour
4.9 (150)
  2.3k Tickets Sold
55.50 USD
57.22 USD
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 Azimut 45 ft Yacht Rental with 24%  Discount
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169.38 USD
204.07 USD
* per group
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Watch the Sightseeing of Dubai Through A Boat Trip
5.0 (13)
  268 Tickets Sold
43.60 USD
57.22 USD
* per person
Yacht 45ft: 1 or 2 Hours Private Yacht Tour
5.0 (6)
  57 Tickets Sold
130.51 USD
* per group
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30 Mins of Parasailing With 18% Off
5.0 (36)
  782 Tickets Sold
88.55 USD
108.99 USD
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Dubai allows you a big opportunity to do a lot of global activities, it provides a unique experience. Dubai is one of the most important and popular tourist attractions that's why it becomes one the top places you must visit because it has a variety of activities and places, you can do many indoor activities and outdoor activities in Dubai, but if you a fan of taste different food there are many restaurants in Dubai has a taste from the whole world. 

Despite Dubai being considered the leader in modern tourism in the Middle East, you should put on your to-do list Dubai water activities, and we will go to show you the best Water Activities in Dubai. 

Best 10 Water Activities in Dubai 

  • Jet Skiing 

Have you dreamed of flying? Jet Skiing in Dubai can make it real by riding a personal motorized vehicle ridden like a motorcycle Pushes you to the highest point above the sea surface and have a unique experience full of adventure and Adrenaline rush.

  • Fly fishing

Now you fly above Dubai and feel the cold air touch your face with all the safety methods to be safe. Yes, it could happen in the highest-demanded water activities in Dubai, fly fishing is about an inflatable shape like an E letter and you're well connected to it to ensure you're safe.

  • Diving

You can watch the world from another side, meet millions of different kinds and shapes of creatures under the sea and have one of the most exciting adventures where you can meet sharks, fishes, and a lot of strange objects you don’t imagine to meet.

  • Water Skiing

Instead of skating on an ice skate on the water in an exciting adventure, water skiing is one of the best water activities in Dubai. Which is characterized by the fast it’s about a skateboard connected to a boat that is tugged along the skateboard. 

  • Swimming with Dolphins

Because Dubai always opens its door to all entertainment activities for all ages and one of the interesting water activities in Dubai is Dolphin shows which are loved by adults and kids. It isn't limited to just watching the Dolphin show. You could also play and swim with them in an undangerous activity.  

  • Windsurfing 

One of the main interesting factors of tourist attraction in Dubai is its many water sources which allow it to practice many water sports. And one of the best water sports is Windsurfing, its blend of sailing and surfing that's why it is attractive to the local population and tourists to experience it on the amazing beaches of Dubai. 

  • Speed Boating

Share your friends in another exciting activity on one of the best beaches of Dubai, this activity helps you to get rid of negative energy and capture videos and photos with your friends in the middle of the water while watching the amazing sights of Dubai. 

  • Parasailing

Flying into the sky from the sea by parasailing is considered the perfect sport for you which makes you live a unique experience by a parasite connected to a boat and rises by the speed of the boat then floats in the sky, it’s one of the most exciting and adrenaline rush water sports.

  • Flyboarding 

It’s like you are wearing shoes but it’s flying above the sea surface. This is flyboarding, one of the most popular and interesting water activities in Dubai. 

  • Kayaking 

It’s one of the funniest water games in Dubai. In addition, it’s a helpful sport if you sit in a small boat and use kayaks to move water. This activity helps you to watch every sight around the water and enjoy the sunshine. 

Places for Water Activities in Dubai

There are a lot of places that provide water activities in many ways with high-quality services such as: 

  • Nemo WaterSports 

It has almost all of the water activities in Dubai just as Jet Ski, Fly board, Parallelising, and other kinds. They are ready every day from the Sunshine to the Sunset 

Address: Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour, Umm Suqueim 2, Jumeirah Road, Dubai. 

  • Seawake Watersports 

One of the important places for entertaining water activities, it also has a lot of good reviews. 

Address:  Dubai Harbour- Dubai Marina 

  • Sky&Sea 

This amazing site offers you an interesting collection of exciting water activities in Dubai with all the needed equipment. 

  • Sea Life Watersports 

Provides you with an amazing experience with all the sources of water activities in Dubai, where you can do Parallelising above the Dubai Harbour and other Water activities. 

Frequently asked questions

Are water activities in Dubai Safe?

To have an unforgettable experience in Water activities all you need is to Practice citation and you will have the most exciting adventure.

Which are the best beaches for water activities?

Dubai has a lot of perfect beaches for water activities such as Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach, Club Mina, and DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai.

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