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Diving In Dubai

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Diving in the Deepest swimming pool in the World Deep Dive Dubai
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Diving in Dubai

Dubai is one of the places that have distinctive locations for many recreational activities. Diving in Dubai is one of the most important things to do in Dubai.

Dubai is a great place to dive. If you have never been in diving trips in Dubai before, why not try it out in Dubai? There are many diving schools that can help you get started. You will be able to explore the underwater world and learn more about the sea life around you.

Diving in Dubai is an excellent way to learn about the underwater world. There is a range of different creatures that you can see, from dolphins and turtles to scorpion fish and octopuses.

Ambassador’s Lagoon

Swim with rays, sharks, and tens of thousands of colorful marine fish while being guided by qualified professionals. The Palm is the biggest sand island ever constructed. The tale of the submerged continent "Atlantis" served as the model for the peninsula. The sand island includes The Ambassador, "The Lost Chambers," and the opulent resort with its own water park ("Aquaventure"). The "Ambassador Lagoon" is the largest aquarium ever built, holding a total of 11 million liters of water and reaching a depth of 10 meters.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

With one of the top dive shops in the UAE, explore underwater adventures in the Arabian Gulf. You can explore interesting wrecks and rich underwater life on your guided excursion underneath the sea. A unique shark tank dive experience at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is also offered by the center.


Go snorkeling in Fujairah and swim among the vibrant marine life of the Gulf of Oman. Diving is considered one of the best Things to do in Fujairah, Profit from round-trip transportation from Dubai's city center before getting up and personal with the stunning gulf marine life.

Free Diving

Free diving is a sport in which the diver depends on his ability to hold his breath for as long as possible until returning to the surface of the water, as he does not use external breathing devices.

Benefits of diving

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Increases strength and flexibility of your muscles
  • Connection with nature
  • Increase the emotional well being
  • Healing effects of salty water and sub on skin and bones
  • Feeling of freedom
  • Increases your confidence and self-esteem

Best places for diving in Dubai

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium is one of Dubai's most popular attractions, but instead of admiring it from the outside from the huge acrylic screen, why not step into an amazing encounter? Ages 8 and above can participate in the diving and water activities offered by Al Boom Diving Company in the aquarium in The Dubai Mall, which broke all previous records.

The Aquarium, one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world, is located on the first floor of the Dubai Mall, where thousands of marine creatures live, as it contains more than 140 species. It is home to more than 300 sharks, including one of the largest groups of sand tiger sharks in the world.

Prices range between 632 and 1680 AED.

Jumeirah Beach 

Jumeirah Beach is located on Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3. The center provides you with a complete package that includes all diving equipment, and there is a 30-minute theoretical training, followed by a diving experience with an instructor and you can feed the fish underwater.

Scuba diving Dubai price range from 299 to 550 dirhams.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium 

The Lost Chamber is located in Atlantis The Palm, and it is a huge aquarium with tunnels and halls where a variety of marine creatures are located. Diving courses are divided into several sections for beginners, first training in the basics of diving, and then discovering the wonderful marine creatures in the aquarium. As for the specialized packages for professionals, they provide an opportunity to dive with sharks and feed them.

Atlantis Hotel also offers a great opportunity for those wishing to learn scuba diving in Dubai, which is that it offers lessons over four days and divides them into 5 water sessions.

Dubai Marina Beach

The scuba diving center in Dubai Marina is supervising the Scuba Shed Center, which is located in the Habtoor Grand Resort in Dubai Marina. Diving trips are characterized by the fact that they take place in the depths of the sea on a sinking ship, and the trainees are awarded certificates for completing the training course.

Its prices range from 450 dirhams.

Best centers for Diving in Dubai 

Nemo Diving Center

The Nemo Diving Center was established in 2014 in Dubai. It is a center that provides high-quality services to many divers, offers trips for certified divers, and provides training for all levels from beginners to professionals.

Mermaid Diving Center 

Mermaid Dive Center is an accredited multi-service center located in Rixos The Palm Dubai. It offers a full range of courses in many languages from experience diving to professional level.

Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai is a center for those who want to dive into the deepest swimming pools in the world. It contains a pool with a depth of 60 meters and has a submerged city for beginners and professional divers to explore. and a certificate.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dubai a good place for diving?

Dubai has one of the best places for snorkelling, which is Jumeirah Beach, and it offers small dive sites for beginners.

Is it possible to fish for pearls in the UAE?

There are many pearl diving tours in Dubai, and most of them are located around Jebel Ali. You are taken on a sailing boat and outfitted with your traditional wetsuits to start diving.

How deep is the water in Dubai?

The water depth in Dubai is 196 feet.

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