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Museum of the future tickets 

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There are many museums that showcase the history, arts, traditions, and various cultures, but the Museum of the Future in Dubai is unlike other museums. The UAE has taken care of the cultural and scientific aspects, so the Museum of the Future was established, which is an icon of the United Arab Emirates' civilizational development.

The Museum of the Future is the first of its kind, taking visitors into the future. It is designed in the shape of a signal eye for future vision, and its height is 77 meters. The goal is to present technological shows that simulate the planned future path over the next 20 years, in addition to shows about social and economic problems and finding solutions for them. If you want to travel through time, you can visit the Museum of the Future, which combines futuristic technology and sustainable solutions.

Inside the Museum of the Future

Many visitors want to see the Museum of the Future from the inside and learn about its sections before going, so they know what is inside it and whether it is of the same high quality as it appears from the outside. Inside, the Museum of the Future Dubai includes a platform for the world's leading technology companies to showcase and test their innovations. The museum is divided into 3 main sections that focus on the following:

  • The first section focuses on artificial intelligence and robotics and their impact on improving human mental abilities.
  • The second section highlights the human-robot relationship and the tasks that robots do.
  • The third section presents ways to use artificial intelligence in management and decision-making.

The importance of the Dubai Future Museum

In addition to the tourist and cultural value added by this museum in Dubai, it will also be a major spot for hosting international technical and scientific conferences, as an event was organized in the museum under the supervision of the Dubai Future Foundation.

Museum of the Future Features

The Museum of the Future is one of the most beautiful buildings and differs from other museums in some points, including:

  • Providing a significant tourist value to the Emirate of Dubai.
  • A civilization icon and one of the most innovative buildings in the world.
  • Inspiring visitors to think about the future.
  • An important location for international technical and scientific conferences.
  • Unique exterior design, consisting of 1024 engineering pieces, and a sun-reflective exterior.

Museum of the Future Tickets price

Dubai Museum of the Future ticket price depends on the age of the visitor. The price of an entry ticket to the Museum of the Future for people over 3 years old is 145 dirhams. Entry ticket for children under 3 years old and people of determination is free. Entry ticket for people over 60 years old is also free.

Book the Museum of the Future ticket with Ootlah

Do you know what the world will look like in 50 years? How will we live and what challenges will we face? Take a journey into the future and get a Dubai future museum ticket price 2023. Book a tour of the Museum of the Future Dubai tickets via Ootlah website.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Museum of the Future located in Dubai?

The museum is located in the heart of Dubai, on Sheikh Zayed Road near the Emirates Towers.

Is Museum of the Future for kids?

Yes, Future Heroes is a children's space in the Museum of the Future. Within an open world of exploration and play, children are encouraged to develop skills for the future.

Can you go inside the museum of the future?

Yes, you can book your tickets and tour inside the Museum of the Future.

What are the opening hours of the Museum of the Future?

The Museum of the Future is open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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