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Kidzania Dubai Tickets

Kidzania Dubai Tickets

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Kidzania Tickets 

Did you know that learning can be fun too? KidZania, an interactive city run by kids, is a really cool place that combines both education and entertainment. It's like a small city that's 7000 square metres big! It allows children between the ages of 4 and 16 to try out more than 70 different real-world jobs by pretending to be different people. This is great for helping kids learn how to make decisions, work with others, be creative, and be social. 

These are all important things that aren't always taught in a regular classroom. At KidZania, children can explore a variety of professions through role-playing activities. They can experience what it's like to work in a hospital, fire station, bank, radio and TV station, supermarket, pizzeria, and more. From reporting the news as a television anchor to solving crimes as a police officer and cooking delicious meals as a chef, kids can learn about different careers entertainingly and engagingly. 

The kids will earn money as well after doing their job; they will get paid in Kidzos, KidZania’s currency, and they can spend it on items and activities in the city. kidzania Dubai Mall tickets are considered affordable, and there are a variety of options to choose from.

What is the kids' age allowed to enter Kidzania?

Children aged 4 to 14 years old are allowed to enter and participate in most activities at KidZania Dubai. KidZania is divided into three main age groups:

  • Toddlers (2-4 years old)
  • Kids (4-14 years old)
  • Adults (Above 14 years old)

KidZania’s Activities

In KidZania, kids can role-play over 40 different real-world jobs and learn about real life in a fun way!


  • Kidzania University
  •  The Painting School


  • The DJ Corner
  • The Metropolitan Theatre
  • The Acting Academy
  • Street dance in the city.

Food & Beverages

  • Fade Fit Kids Healthy Snack Factory
  • McDonald’s
  • Pizza Express
  • Kinder Chocolate Factory


  • Microsafe Antimicrobial Lab
  • Apollonia Dental Clinic
  • Imaging Centre
  • American Hospital
  • Ophthalmology Centre


  • Hospitality Industry
  • Dubai’s Police Station
  • Aquafina Bottling Plant

Kidzania Ticket Price

You'll be happy to know that the prices for KidZania tickets are quite reasonable! And there are a few types of tickets you can choose from:

Economy KidZania Dubai Tickets:

  • Standard Ticket Price 195 AED.
  • For children aged 4 to 16.

Premium KidZania Dubai Tickets:

  • Standard Ticket Price 260 AED.
  • For children aged 4 to 16.
  • All city activities.
  • 1 x AED 20 Food & beverage voucher.
  • 1 x AED 20 KidZania retail shop voucher.
  • Access to seasonal activities within KidZania.
  • Spent in Mcdonalds and Pizza Express.

Toddler KidZania Dubai Tickets:

  • Standard Ticket Price 110 AED.
  • For children aged 2 to 3.

Adult KidZania Dubai Tickets:

  • Standard Ticket Price 80 AED.
  • For adults starting at 17 years old and above.

Annual Pass:

  • Annual Pass Price 1999 AED.
  • Access to KidZania Dubai (7 days a week)
  • Free KidZania PaZZport.
  • 150 kidZos + 12 Fast Track tickets (on the first visit only).
  • 15% Retail discount, 20% Birthday party discount.
  • 15% discount on Dubai Ice Rink tickets (day session).
  • No blackout dates.

Frequently asked questions

What is the age range for KidZania Dubai?

KidZania Dubai is suitable for children aged 4 to 16. However, visitors of all ages, including babies and senior citizens, are welcome. It's important to note that children under 120cm tall must be accompanied by an adult while participating in activities.

How many activities are there in KidZania Dubai?

KidZania has 40+ activities for kids to learn about jobs, money, and life skills in a fun way.

How do you spend money on KidZania?

Kids earn kidZos to buy merchandise and access stations for learning financial independence. They can't exchange KidZos for KidZania tickets later on.

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