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Motiongate Dubai Tours & Overview

In Dubai, there are theme parks devoted to popular Hollywood superheroes. However, another exists that includes all of Hollywood. The Motiongate, which was constructed as a part of Dubai's parks and resorts, combines three of Hollywood's biggest studios to provide an unparalleled experience. Here, movie themes and characters from the Lionsgate, Columbia, Sony, and DreamWorks Animation studios appear.

Motiongate Dubai is a sizable theme park with a Hollywood vibe that is owned and run by Dubai Parks and Resorts. There are 5 distinct zones in the park, each with its own distinctive flavour. There are numerous rides and other attractions in each of the five sections, each of which has a different theme. It is considered one of the best things to do in Dubai.

Zones at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai

Explore Dubai's largest Hollywood-inspired theme park and let us introduce you to four legendary motion picture studios: DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures, Lions Gate, and Smurfs. Make memories that reflect your visit to Motiongate Theme Park. Discover the brilliance that is waiting for you in each of our four studio spaces, which are home to 40 top-notch instructors. Whether you have children or not, Motiongate Dubai is a fantastic place to visit. It features an astounding array of rides and attractions to satisfy practically every taste.

Columbia Pictures

Hold on tight as you start a Green Hornet-style high-speed chase. Participate in a supernatural war with the Ghostbusters to defend New York City. Alternately, battle the Lycans alongside Selene, the vampire fighter, in the Underworld's mysterious environment. Discover a thrilling environment with 7 attractions, including a family water ride, motiongate roller coasters, and live interactive shows where ghosts prowl, zombies govern, and meatballs rain down from the sky.

Smurfs Village

Welcome to the Smurfs' enchanted world. Where a colony of friendly blue Smurfs is waiting around every turn and fantastical mushroom-topped buildings grab imaginations. Five immersive attractions, including engaging play areas, thrilling family rides, and delightful theatre productions, are available in the hamlet of the widely popular Smurfs.


Have you ever wished you could fly with Toothless? How about going on an amazing martial arts adventure with the Furious Five?

You can watch films at this theme park! Explore four separate, entirely indoor worlds inspired by the iconic films Madagascar, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, and Kung Fu Panda!

With 12 mind-blowing attractions, you can play the role of the hero and save the day. Experience roller coasters, exhilarating family rides, multimedia theatre performances, and memorable interactive play areas.


The fast-paced, action-packed THE WORLD OF THE HUNGER GAMES and the breathtaking dance spectacular STEP UP DUBAI, ALL IN!, based on the most recent Step Up films, are brought to life by LIONSGATE with thrilling thrill attractions, mouthwatering food choices, trendy merchandise, and high-energy live entertainment.

Studio Central

Step inside Studio Central at MOTIONGATE Dubai to begin your trip. On the actual movie set in New York City, step back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Explore the illusion of filming, theatrical opening shows, and the typical executive offices of a functioning film company by going behind the scenes. So get your MOTIONGATE™ Dubai Tickets Now.

Why go to Motiongate Dubai?

So what distinguishes Motiongate? Motiongate stands apart from the competition due to the fact that there isn't another park in the world devoted to Hollywood studios. Its close proximity to major theme parks, such as Bollywood and LEGOLAND, adds to its allure.

A well-known Hollywood studio is featured in each of the four separate zones. DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures, Lions Gate, and Smurfs Village are the four areas. Smurfs Village is a section of the park that is based on the films produced by Columbia Pictures, despite having its own area.

Children were obviously considered when designing the park. Nevertheless, a visit to this park is enjoyable for everyone. The Lion's Gate might be a great destination for adults. In this location, there are many cafes and restaurants. After-movies with a theme of rides are available in the Columbia Pictures region, such as Zombieland.

Best Motiongate Dubai rides

Are you prepared to appear in your favourite Hollywood films, then? Here are the Motiongate rides that are the most thrilling and that you shouldn't miss.

Capitol bullet train

A ride based on the Hunger Games films is only available here. Where else? The bullet train in the capital is exhilarating. And a firm choice among those who value adventure. You understand what you are getting yourself into when you do two inversions and a zero-gravity roll. Prepare to let out a loud scream of delight once you are on this ride, so brace yourself.

Along the roller coaster ride, you will also witness the locations of the Hunger Games films. If you are a die-hard Hunger Games fan, however, you won't be satisfied with just one ride. That's okay, though, because there is another ride with the same movie theme, called Panem Aerial Tour.

Madagascar's mad pursuit

You've probably all watched the animated film Madagascar. Younger children are the main subject of the movie, yet you may still take a wild ride on this rollercoaster despite them. Some claim that this roller coaster is the quickest and craziest of its kind. There are so many good reasons for you to enjoy the voyage. If you're a fan of Madagascar, get going. Do the same if you want to experience some heart-pounding activity and butterflies in your tummy.

You will experience a number of winding patterns. And all of that at a thrilling 80 miles per hour. Find out how the Zoosters will attempt to escape the villainous Captain DuBois as well. This roller coaster is for you if you want to ride the fastest one in the park.

Swamp celebration

You also need a gentler experience that the entire family can appreciate after all the crazy ones. This journey is across the marshes at Motiongate Dubai. But do not worry. Because it is party time, it is not smelly. As you walk through the swamp-themed region of the park, Shrek and Fiona are throwing a celebration for their adorable triplets. As you pass, you'll notice mud bubbles rising from the water.

Discover all of Shrek's amusing features. As you go, don't forget to take pictures. The ride won't move quickly, so you'll have plenty of time to do that.

Dragon gliders

This time, the movie might have already been predicted by you! This ride at DreamWorks will take you to Viking Island and is based on the animated film "How to Train Your Dragon." But this time, you'll experience what it's like to soar on a dragon's back. Which one would you choose over the others? Night Fury?

In any case, your beloved hero, Hiccup, and his amusing buddies can take you on a flight over the Viking hamlet of Berk. Movie buffs will recognise many of the places along the route.

Hotel Transylvania

This ride can be enjoyed by the entire family at once. Take a terrifying voyage around the hotel reserved only for monsters. In this hotel, you'll run into Count Dracula and his associates. At a massive 2800 metres, this castle is the park's largest building.

The terrifying journey to the castle begins with the coffin-like carriage. You'll need to ride the carriage around the entire area in seven minutes. There are several surprises and jump scares in store for you along the way. Be on the lookout for figures like Wayne the Werewolf and Frankenstein.

Motiongate Dubai Tickets Price

You can book your MOTIONGATE™ Dubai Tickets is the Best on our website. Ootlah offers its clients a great deal on Motiongate tickets offers. Now you can book your ticket for only 295 AED per person for 6 hours.

Frequently asked questions

What are the opening hours for Motiongate?

Motiongate Park in Dubai is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Saturday to Wednesday and from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

How long does it take to watch Motiongate Dubai?

Due to the size of Motiongate Park, 8 to 9 hours are often required to see all of the attractions.

How can I purchase tickets to visit Motiongate Dubai?

You can Book online from the official website of Motiongate Dubai or get your ticket from Ootlah. You will find a variety of offers and vouchers for all theme parks in Dubai to enjoy with your family.

Motiongate Opening Hours?

Motiongate Dubai open from 11 AM–8 PM

Should you buy Motion gate Tickets in advance?

It would be better to buy Motiongate tickets online from Ootlah to benefit from offers on tickets and get amazing combo deals.

What Is the best time to visit Motiongate Dubai?

From November to March is considered the best time to visit Motiongate Dubai.

What are the top-rated Motiongate tickets?

Ootlah offers a variety of motiongate tickets and combos to reach the peak of fun in the Hollywood world.

How much do Motiongate Tickets Cost?

Our MOTIONGATE™ Dubai tickets start from 260.19 AED up to 354.00 AED, with discounts up to 40%.

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