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Dubai Frame Tickets

The largest picture frame on the planet, The Dubai Frame is an architectural landmark in Zabeel Park, Dubai. The structure holds the record for the largest frame in the world. That is why visitors to Dubai are keen on checking it out, and why Dubai Frame tickets are extremely popular among tourists. In fact, Dubai Frame welcomed over 1 Million visitors within the first year of its opening.

What to expect in Dubai Frame

Standing high at 150 meters, with a width of 93 meters, Dubai Frame is an iconic attraction in Dubai. It offers one of the best vantage points in the Emirate with stunning views of both old and new Dubai. The gold cladding, which incorporates the ring design used in the Expo 2020 Dubai logo, extends over 15,000 square meters. One reason why Dubai Frame tickets are sought after is that people are keen to visit this architectural wonder, another reason is that they get to check Dubai’s skyline with all its magnificent beauty from the most perfect vantage point.

Dubai Frame Tour

Stepping through Dubai Frame is like taking a journey through history, you can take a walk through three time periods in the UAE – the past, the present, and the future, and the frame is the time machine that connects all three. So What is in the Dubai Frame?

The past: old Dubai

You can start time traveling from the mezzanine floor where you will be taken on a tour of a multimedia exhibition that features 3D projections and special effects to provide you with a multi-sensory experience of Old Dubai. 

Visitors are immersed in the aspects of Emirati traditions and heritage and how the city has progressed from a small fishing village to one of the most luxurious urban destinations in the world. 

The present: Dubai now

A quick ride on the express lift, which will take only 47 seconds to reach the Sky deck, and you will Present get to see present Dubai. An even more immersive 360-degree uninterrupted view of both, all areas in Old Dubai, as well as New Dubai which features views of the towering skyscrapers such as the iconic Burj Khalifa Downtown and the entire skyline of the city. In addition to that, you can walk over the famous transparent glass floor to really experience the view from above. A walk in the present Dubai sky!

The future: Dubai 50 years from now

To complete the tour, go back to the mezzanine floor where you will get to pass through a tunnel featuring special lights and sound effects to create yet another immersive experience of the future Dubai 50 years from now. An experience so vivid that you will feel like you are really experiencing a passage through time to the future of Dubai.

Dubai Frame visit tips

  • Open all year round, including public holidays. Dubai frame opening hours are any day between 9 am and 9 pm.
  • We highly recommend going in the daylight though, or better yet, near the sunset, as it is the best time to visit Dubai Frame and you can enjoy the best views of the city at that time.
  • You can plan your visit so that you check the Dubai Frame by afternoon or early evening then visit Zabeel Park, which is open until 11 pm.
  • You can get by Dubai Frame tickets at the door, but it is advisable to get them online and skip the long queue. You can also get great deals online.

Dubai Frame tickets Price

While you can just get Dubai Frame tickets, and get them with amazing offers, it is a good idea to check tickets that combine several Dubai attractions if you are a tourist. This way you get to see more and pay less.

Frequently asked questions

How can I go to Dubai Frame?

Dubai Frame is located at Gate 4 at Zabeel Park. you can go by car and park it at Zabeel park. Or go by metro, just get off at the Al Jafiliya Metro Station on the Red Line and walk towards Zabeel Park.

Is Dubai Frame worth visiting?

Yes, even if you don’t have enough time to stay long, checking The Frame and the view is definitely worth it.

How long can you spend in Dubai Frame?

One to two hours is all you need. Allocate some time for photography though if you love taking photos as the view is legendary.

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