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5 Indoor Activities In Qatar

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Incredible tour in the Falcon museum!
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Enjoy your day in the Shamal rest
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Qatar: Admission Card to Angry Birds World
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Qatar: Entry Ticket to Snow Dunes
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Play Card to Enter Virtuocity Qatar
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Indoor Activities in Qatar 

Escape the desert heat and discover a world of wonder indoors! You will discover a treasure trove of fun places to go in Qatar with friends and family. Additionally, there are educational entertainment museums, such as the National Museum of Qatar. 

Unleash your inner child and live new interesting experiences at thrilling indoor theme parks like Angry Birds World and more places to go in Qatar during summer. Whether you crave a day of family fun or exploring the country’s culture, Qatar's indoor activities offer something different and unique for everyone.

The most entertaining indoor places in Qatar

Angry Birds World

Angry Birds World is one of the most important fun activities in Qatar. It’s the perfect destination for the family who wants to enjoy a nice day in a world of slides, games, and catchy attractions. It's a really interesting activity for kids to watch the unlimited number of live shows and celebrate their birthdays there in the park. 

Angry Birds World also welcomes huge kinds of groups, such as school trips, friend groups, and corporate groups. 

Snow Dunes

Can you ever imagine feeling a -4°C temperature in Qatar? I think not, but you can experience that when you decide to skate in the Snow Dunes in Qatar. It is located in the Doha Festival City Mall. 

It’s one of the most famous family activities in Qatar. Snow Dunes is a theme park, but it is actually different from any other theme park in Qatar due to its cool and magical atmosphere. All you need to do is get your socks on and start skating. 


Here, you will live a different day at Virtuosity, one of the top gaming theme parks in Qatar. The card at Virtuocity Park will let you try the best video gaming experience and enjoy the E-Sport Gaming Arena, Enigma Escape Rooms, and VR Games. Virtuosity also features the best escape room Qatar, such as Bunker 38, Asylum, The Cursed, and more. 

They have many varieties of balances in the card to choose from, and each one of them offers specific activities starting from 100 QAR to 1000 QAR. 

Trampo Extreme Qatar

If you are searching for a fun indoor place in Qatar for your kids to spread their power and energy, you have to give Trampo Extreme Qatar a visit as soon as possible. It’s one of the best kids activities in Qatar. It’s one of the most famous Qatar entertainment places.

It consists of many activities and games to explore, such as:

  • Jump. 
  • Climp. 
  • Skytrail. 
  • Soft play.

It also features events and party packages, which will solve the problem of choosing the place for your kids’ birthdays.  

Jumpino Trampoline Park

And if you want to jump freely to release any stress and bad energy, here is the best place that can offer you the best trampoline experience ever. Jumpino Trampoline Park is one of the largest indoor entertainment parks in Qatar. It consists of many activities you can do with your friends, such as wall-to-wall trampolines for jumping and climbing. Additionally, there are attractions that will make you enjoy your time, like the Ninja course, climbing wall, dodgeball courts, and basketball areas. 

The Best Museums to Visit in Qatar

National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

And if you want to spend an educational and exploration tour of Qatar’s indoor activities, visit the National Museum of Qatar without thinking. 

The museum is like a book talking about Qatar’s history and heritage. It includes interesting galleries that reflect the nation and people of Qatar, a gift shop, and a huge park. 

Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)

This museum offers Islamic art lovers a great treasure; it is a home for many kinds of Islamic art in the world. It includes many pieces of art that reflect Islamic heritage. 

The museum is very famous for its iconic architecture, which has become a landmark for Doha. And for your upcoming events, the museum can also welcome them!

Frequently asked questions

1- What is the minimum age allowed for kids at theme parks in Qatar?

Each theme park in Qatar has its own policies and rules, but generally, we can say that the minimum age allowed for kids to participate in indoor theme parks is between 3 and 4 years old.

2- Do indoor theme parks in Qatar have food and beverage outlets?

Yes, the majority of indoor theme parks and museums in Qatar have a variety of food and beverage options, but you have to make sure from the website of each place.

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