Water Parks In Qatar

Water Parks In Qatar

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Best Parks in Qatar

Beat the heat of Qatar’s weather, which is well known for being sunny and hot most times of the year. So, it’s a creative way to spend quality and refreshing times while being in Qatar with your friends and family in exhilarating water parks such as Lusail Water Park. They are like diving into a world of fun with exciting rides, stimulating pools, and endless entertainment in the amazing water parks in Qatar. Visiting these water parks is one of the best things to do in Qatar.

Top Qatar Water Parks

Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park

We can’t talk about Qatar’s water parks without mentioning Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park. It's one of the most charming and entertaining amusement water parks in Qatar. It’s located in the heart of Salwa Beach Resort, near the border of Saudi Arabia. 

The park includes more than 30 rides and colourful slides. Additionally, there are a lot of eye-catching attractions that will interest you while you are in the park, such as the following:

  • The Whizzard Mat Racer.
  • King Cobra. 
  • Ship Kids Pool. 

And beyond the water activities and games, the excitement will never be complete without the dry activities like laser tag and go-karting.

Meryal Water Park

It’s a Qatar new water park that includes all the fun water games you have always been searching for. You will find them in only one place, which is Meryl Water Park Qatar. It consists of an unlimited number of games, slides, and attractions, such as the following:

  • Oil Slip. 
  • Action River. 
  • Alsfun. 
  • Oil Blast. 
  • Rusty Splash. 
  • Vertigo. 

And because they know exactly that you will be hungry after playing all these games, the park offers many options for food, so you can eat what you want happily. You can book Meryal WaterPark tickets with special offers with Ootlah.

Why spend your holiday at a water park, not any place else? 

Spending your holiday in Qatar is just a perfect idea, but you have to take advantage of this by visiting its famous attractions. But when it comes to the fun part of the holiday, it should be at a water park where all family members are happy and satisfied for many reasons:

  • There are always games and water activities for all ages. 
  • There are many food options, restaurants, and cafes. 
  • It’s a healthy way to overcome your sadness and overthinking.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best time to visit Qatar?

The best time to visit Qatar ranges from October to April when the weather starts to be cool enough to make you go out and visit whatever you want in the water parks.

How can I book tickets to enter water parks in Qatar?

You can easily book your ticket online with Ootlah. All you need is to decide when you want to book your adventure.

Can I bring my food when going to these Water Parks?

You don’t have to do that, because most water parks in Qatar offer many food options inside the park and different restaurants to choose from.

What is the biggest water park in Qatar?

The biggest waterpark in Qatar is the Meryal Waterpark located on Qetaifan Island North. It boasts a massive 281,000 square meters of space and features 36 water slides.

What is Qatar's biggest water slide?

Qatar's biggest water slide is found in Meryal Waterpark. It's called the Vertigo and it holds the title of the world's tallest water slide! The slide is part of the Icon Tower, which itself is a record-breaker for being the world's tallest water slide tower at an astounding 85 meters.

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