Diving in Bahrain

Diving in Bahrain



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Diving in Bahrain

In the world of diving, Bahrain offers some of the most exciting adventures. Diving is very popular in Bahrain because of its numerous beaches, small quiet islands and pearls. For all that and more diving in Bahrain has become a very popular sport that tourists from all over the world come to try.

As the Kingdom of Bahrain has a long maritime history, numerous diving spots consider the best scuba diving excursions. No trip to the Kingdom would be complete without going diving for the precious jewels. You can discover the beauty of the seas and explore the exciting world of underwater life.

Pearl Diving Bahrain

The kingdom is where pearl diving began. For more than 2000 years, Bahrain pearl diving has been prized as some of the best natural pearls in the world. In the past, pearl divers spent months away from home at sea.

Bahrain underwater theme park

The kingdom boasts the world’s largest underwater theme park. Bahrain underwater theme park covers a spacious area of 100,000 square meters. Scuba diving in Bahrain aims to provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a unique diving experience and discover new adventures.

Diving activity

Have you ever thought about how beautiful it is to swim and dive with the colorful fish? Diving underwater is like any sporting activity practiced to spend leisure time, for fun, and research. It has led to a greater understanding of the oceans and the organisms that live there. 

Diving is often associated, wrongly, with risk. This is the first obstacle that prevents a person from discovering what the real essence of Diving underwater is. Diving is one of the safest activities you can do as long as all the rules are followed and it is done well. Everything in diving focuses on breathing. The more you breathe slowly and gently, the more you can enjoy your dive safely by consuming less air and prolonging your time underwater.

Why do people enjoy diving activities?

Diving is fun and exciting. It makes you stronger, makes you happier, and helps you make more friends that share that common interest. It is a sport that helps you relax and improves your mood. It is available in any place wherever you live or you travel for vacation. Through this activity, you can see things that you may never get to see in real life. 

Diving health benefits:

  • Flexibility and strength: Your muscles work harder underwater as you move against the resistance of the current and the water itself.
  • Breathing: deep breathing promotes a calm attitude and reduces the risk of a lung-expansion injury.
  • Stress reliever: breathing slowly and deeply while diving leads to a calm, relaxed condition while the diver focuses on the underwater environment rather than thinking about life problems. This helps to reduce stress and balance the nervous system. 
  • Improve blood circulation: While diving, you give yourself a full cardiovascular workout.

Types of Diving

  • Free Diving

In general, Freediving means staying underwater for as long as possible on a single breath. Freedivers wear masks that are often a dive mask and swim goggles. They can move underwater freely without a tank, and they can move quickly to keep up with fast-moving fish.

  • Snorkeling

Snorkeling is the most popular type, and it doesn't need experience because you can stay on the surface, wearing a mask to look down and breathing through a snorkel. Some snorkelers also wear floatation vests, especially if they’re not swimmers.

  • Scuba Diving

If you’re having a tank on your back and breathing through a mouthpiece connected to that tank, you’re scuba diving. You’ll wear a mask to help you see, fins to help with propulsion, and a BCD to control buoyancy. Boots are often part of this exposure protection. Scuba diving is an adventure that gives the chance to explore the exciting world of underwater life.

Activities to do in Bahrain

Bahrain is visited by thousands of people to enjoy Paddle boarding, explore Bahrain's famous landmarks, enjoy the beauty of the Kingdom through horse riding, to see the famous scuba diving in Bahrain places, enjoy the stunning views of the waters with kayaking, and many other activities in Bahrain.

Frequently asked questions

What should you take with you when you go diving?

You will need to have the necessary equipment, whether you are scuba diving or free diving. In case you do not have the tools, it will be provided to you by the diving center.

How long does a scuba tank last?

It depends on the depth at which it is used. The deeper you dive, the faster you consume air from your scuba tank. But in general, we can say that the average beginning diver’s air consumption runs a tank close to empty in around 1 hour at 10 m depth. Professional divers can easily double this time through breathing/buoyancy control.

Where is the underwater theme park Bahrain located?

The place is close to Bahrain International Airport, it has a 70 meter-long decommissioned Boeing 747 as its centerpiece, the largest aircraft ever to be intentionally submerged. In addition to statues, an artificial coral reef, and a replica of a traditional Bahraini pearl merchant's house.

Who can enjoy diving in Bahrain?

The whole family can take up this incredible activity. As long as you are over 8 years of age, in good health, everybody can swim and dive.