Outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi

Outdoor Activities In Abu Dhabi

9 Things to do in Outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi

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Outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi

UAE is famous for its tourist attractions, especially the capital Abu Dhabi and its location on a small island in the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi has a lot of places and activities that will motivate you to plan your next vacation because of its incredible landmarks such as Sheikh Zayed mosque, Emirate palace, Marina mall, and Ferrari world. In addition to that, you can spend a day on activities, for example, outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi like diving, boat trips, safari, and kayaking.

Best outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi

There are many outdoor activities you can do in Abu Dhabi, such as: 

1- Water sports:

  • Flyboarding: It’s an extraordinary activity you can ever try, first you will be standing on the board of water which is hooked up to a jet ski, and then water shoots up to the board and starts to fly. This awesome activity will give you exciting and enjoyable feelings. So it’s one of the most important outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi you should try.
  • Diving: You will have the chance to see under the sea from Abu Dhabi and watch millions of different sea creatures, Bright corals, and snails.
  • Kayaking: It’s one of the most exciting outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi because it lets you watch the wild nature of Abu Dhabi through the water and trees. 
  • Yellow boat: For sure when you visit Abu Dhabi you shouldn’t miss the Yellow boat, this trip gives you a perfect opportunity to see the Emirate's sightseeing. It will take you from the modern architecture of the Emirates palace to the ancient historical architecture of years.
  • Boat trips: Taking a boat in the sea may be a normal activity, but this trip to Abu Dhabi for sure will be an unforgettable memory of watching unique sightseeing and you can celebrate your occasion in a boat with your loved ones.  
    • Snorkelling: It’s a unique water activity in Abu Dhabi that gives you a different experience under the water to watch the seen sighting of the sea. The main purpose of snorkelling is recreation and having a nice adventure.
  • Jet skiing: Have you ever tried Jet skiing? This wonderful water game has been known since 1950, then it became widely known, so you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to try it in Abu Dhabi with all the modern methods to have extra enjoyable moments. 
  • Kitesurfing: This experience differs from other activities, it leads you to control your kite to not fall in the water. It is considered an adrenaline rush activity, also, it depends on the condition of the water and the weather, you shouldn’t be professional there are 3 levels of it starting with beginners. 
  • Stand-up paddleboarding: If you miss a day of workout you can practice stand-up paddleboarding, in this game you work out your full body. Standing on a board allows you to see what is under the sea and the surface, however, you can have fun with games with pieces of advice and skills to have the funniest time on the sea. It is one of the highly recommended outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi.  

2- City tour:

  • Visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque: If you are asking what you can do for free in Abu Dhabi? You should visit Sheikh Zayed mosque, the biggest one in the UAE, you can enjoy the Luxury architectural design. There is no iconic building more popular than the white marble domes of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and its wide space.
  • Visit the Gold Souq: If you are a fan of golden stuff, you will have a unique experience in this traditional Arabian souq that has bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings sold in amounts you haven't ever seen. 
  • Explore Abu Dhabi at night: You can’t say you know Abu Dhabi at night if you didn’t go to the beach bar of Emirates palace or walk around the corniche with lovely moments, however, the ideal place is walking in downtown Abu Dhabi and the impressive skyline takes your breath away.
  • Visit Qasr Al Hosn: If you would like to know more about the old UAE before the discovery of oil and the largest development projects, Qasr Al Hosn is the best destination for you. It's the oldest stone building. It's like a time machine taking you through centuries to watch the history of the ancient United Arab Emirates.
  • Ferrari world: Have another type of experience in Abu Dhabi, it will take you to another world, Ferrari world is full of energy, excitement, and adrenaline rush. Try some wild action with the fastest roller coaster on the earth its speed of 260 meters in just one hour! Try it to have the most extraordinary activity in the middle east.

3- Desert safari: 

  • Camel trekking: In Abu Dhabi, you will be in the first environment of desert life, you must try the old Arabian and their old transportation in the desert especially, the camel the most popular animal because of his ability and strength. 
  • Quad bike: The best way to tour the desert is not in a car but in a quad bike that gives you a chance to see the desert well and watch its sightseeing, Sunset and baptism on golden sand granules, and the mountains which are full of memories and stories. 
  • Sandboarding: It’s the funniest and coolest activity you can do in the desert. Standing or sitting on a board then pushing yourself and enjoying the slapping down, this activity could be more exciting and fun with your friends.  
  • Camping: We couldn’t talk about the desert safari and don’t mention camping in the desert. When you could make a barbecue party, drink the bedouin tea on the bonfire, listen to music or sing with your group in quiet vibes, in addition to at night you could watch the swarm of lightning stars.

Frequently asked questions

Are there free places to visit?

Abu Dhabi has a lot of places you can have fun there for free such as Gold souq, Sheikh Zayed mosque, and the corniche.

Where is Abu Dhabi?

The United Emirates has 7 Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second largest city in the UAE.

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