Theme Parks and Water Parks in Abu Dhabi

Theme Parks And Water Parks In Abu Dhabi

Theme Parks And Water Parks In Abu Dhabi

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Theme parks and water parks in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is considered one of the most ideal destinations to enjoy entertainment, happiness, and fun while in the United Arab Emirates. It is the largest emirate among the seven emirates of the UAE with a lot of things to do. It is home to numerous tourist attractions, amusement parks, and water parks that will surely be the perfect solution for your vacation with your friends, family, and loved ones. The attractions in Abu Dhabi are diverse and suitable for all family members, regardless of their age.

1. Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld is one of the most famous water parks in the UAE. It is located on Yas Island, which is one of the major tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. The park spans over 37 acres and features more than 40 water rides suitable for all age groups. The rides in Yas Waterworld are divided into three categories based on their intensity.

  • Family Activity

 These are rides suitable for the whole family, such as Yadi Yas, Amwa, Cinesplash, Al Raha River, Water Wars, and Marah Fortress.

  • Thrill Activity

These are suitable if you are a fan of thrilling adventures, including Bubbles Barrel, Dawwama, Rush Rider, Jebel Drop, Liwa Loop, Slithers Slides, Bandit Bomber, Falcons Falaj, and Sebag.

  • Kids' attraction

This is a collection of specially designed games for children, such as TotsPlayground, Yehal, and Cannon Point. If you enjoy water adventures, Yas Waterworld is definitely the perfect destination for you.

2. Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi is one of the most famous entertainment cities in the world and has the largest indoor theme park in Abu Dhabi. It is located on Yas Island as well. The city stretches over 1.6 million square feet.

The city consists of six entertainment zones, including - Warner Bros. Plaza

  • Bedrock
  • Dynamite Gulch
  • Cartoon Junction
  • Gotham City
  • Metropolis. 

Now you can meet your favourite cartoon characters in these zones and continue your adventure by playing more than 29 exciting games divided into three categories.

  • Thrill

If you are a fan of adventure and excitement, this category will be your favourite, featuring rides like Fast and Furry-ous, Swiss Cheese Spin with Tom and Jerry, Batman: Knight Flight, Scarecrow Scare Raid, The Riddler Revolution, and Justice League: Warworld Attacks.

  • Kids' attraction

 Designed specifically for children, this category includes attractions such as Marvin The Martian's Crater Crashers, Cartoon Junction Carousel, Daffy's Jet-Propelled Pogo Stick, Tweety Wild Wockets, Ricochet Racin with Taz, and Acme Factory.

  • Family attraction 

These are games designed to suit the whole family, regardless of age, such as The Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure, The Jetsons Cosmic Orbiter, Scooby-Doo: The Museum of Mysteries, Ani-Mayhem, The Joker's Funhouse, Rogues Gallery Games, Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey, and Superman 360: Battle for Metropolis.

Now you can meet your favourite cartoon characters and enjoy a wide range of thrilling rides and entertainment options at Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi.

3. Snow Abu Dhabi

Beat the heat and enjoy a visit to the first snow and one of the best theme parks in Abu Dhabi. Snow Abu Dhabi is located in Reem Mall and stretches over 9,732 square meters. The park features over 20 attractions, divided into three areas

  • Mount Flurries
  • Summit Gerbil.
  • Snowflake Garden

 includes games such as Crystal Carousel, and Polar Express Train. 

  • Flurries’ Mountain

offers attractions like the Enchanted Tree, Ice and Floe’s Bumper Tubes, and Flurries Tree Towers. 

  • Graupel’s Peak

features games like Troll Bowl, Flight of the Snowy Owl, and Drift’s Downhill Run.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience a polar atmosphere, play, and slide on the snow.

4. Splash Park by Circuit X

Give your children a fun-filled day of water activities at Splash Park which is considered one of the best Abu Dhabi water parks. The park offers a variety of water games and safe climbing areas for kids. If your children are adventure enthusiasts, there is a dry playground with a pirate ship, ladders, and ropes to satisfy their adventure cravings. In addition to the children's games, there is a swimming pool with a deep end for adults to enjoy. Rest assured that children aged 4 years and older are supervised within the park.

5. Ferrari World

If you're a fan of adventure and car racing, Ferrari World is the perfect destination for you. Located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is one of the largest amusement cities in the world, spanning 900,000 square feet. The place features five entertainment zones:

  • Welcome Plaza 
  • Family Zone
  • Racing Zone
  • Italian Zone
  • Adventure Zone.

These zones offer nearly 40 games, including Formula Rossa, Aviator, Turbo Track, Fiorano GT Challenge, Turbo Tower, Ferrari Driving Experience, Wings of Hero, Speed of Magic, Italian Journey, Junior Grand Prix, Karting Academy, and many more.

It's not just about playing; you can also witness and drive the most luxurious cars ever.

6. Al Ain Adventure

Are you a fan of water adventures? 

If the answer is yes, then Al Ain Adventure is a must-visit destination and one of the best aqua parks in Abu Dhabi. Located on the foot of Jebel Hafeet, the highest peak in Abu Dhabi, the city includes an open beach, a massive wave pool, specially designed swimming pools for children, as well as pools for adults. It also features an adventure playground with 18 obstacles, a vertical climbing wall, a 200-meter air slide, a 14-meter high swing, and a world-class track garden with three water channels. You can participate in various activities such as rowing, kayaking, surfing, and swimming.

 7. Dreamland Aqua Park

While Dreamland Aqua Park isn't located directly in Abu Dhabi, it's definitely worth considering if you're exploring water park options in the surrounding areas. This massive park in Umm Al Quwain boasts over 30 thrilling rides and slides, from family-friendly options to adrenaline-pumping adventures like the Kamikaze and Twister. Beyond the water fun, you'll find a mini zoo, a go-karting track, and various restaurants to fill your day with excitement. So, while it may not be part of Abu Dhabi parks, Dreamland Aqua Park offers a refreshing escape perfect for a day trip from the capital.

Rules and Regulations for visiting water & theme parks in Abu Dhabi

Get Ready for Splashing Fun!

What to Wear:

  • Dress modestly: Think swimwear! Cover up your wrists and feet.
  • Skip the see-through stuff: Leave transparent clothing at home.
  • Ditch the denim and bling: long pants, jeans, and clothes with metal embellishments aren't allowed.
  • Swim diapers are a must for little ones, but regular diapers are a no-go.

Food & Drinks:

  • Outside food and drinks aren't permitted. There are plenty of restaurants and concession stands waiting!

Young Adventurers:

  • Stay close: Kids under 12 need an adult by their side at all times.
  • Check the limits: Some rides have height, weight, or age restrictions. Be sure your little one qualifies before they dive in!

Frequently asked questions

Is a visit to Ferrari World suitable for children?

Yes, definitely, as it offers many games and facilities designed specifically for them.

What should I wear at Al Ain Adventure?

You should wear swimwear with closed-toe shoes. Open-toe shoes or walking without shoes are not allowed.

What services does Yas Waterworld provide to visitors?

Yas Waterworld offers a wide range of services, including a dedicated mothers' room with all amenities, prayer rooms, stroller and wheelchair rentals, and lockers.

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