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Hiking in Riyadh

The advantages of Hiking

With so many things to do in Saudi Arabia, it has become easy to find different activities and adventures within the Kingdom, although most tourists come to Saudi Arabia, whether to do religious activities such as Umrah and Hajj or to make shopping in the most luxurious malls and buy souvenirs, there are many other activities that you can do such as diving in the Red Sea to see coral reefs, and also hiking. 

Do you want to spend the weekend in a different place other than the shopping malls? Make your vacation more enjoyable, feel the adventure, and go for a hiking day. In this wonderful atmosphere and fresh air, there is nothing more beautiful than waking up early and starting your day off to enjoy amazing hiking in Riyadh, which is considered one of the best sports to enjoy the picturesque nature of the desert in Riyadh. All you need is to get an idea of ​​your hiking destination and places in Riyadh.

Hiking in Saudi Arabia

Hiking is something new in Saudi Arabia, but its popularity, especially among young people, has risen dramatically, with more than 50,000 professionals in Saudi Arabia. They periodically organize excursions, which have increased the popularity of the sport. This experience is very enjoyable and combines sport with fitness, enjoying the outdoors, and exploring the natural treasures of Saudi Arabia.

Hiking is a strong sport and has a different kind of fun, as it is an opportunity to explore nature and encounter exciting adventures, through its outdoor practice and cold weather. As well as to explore the mountainous areas of magnificence and beauty. Where the appropriate terrain in the Kingdom to practice this activity.

With the good weather in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can start practicing hiking, which shows the ability to withstand and overcome difficulties, mental focus, mental thinking, agility, and balance, and this enjoyable activity enhances the breathing system, stimulates the entire body and blood circulation, and works to move all the muscles of the body. Thus, it is a beneficial sport to lose weight and burn fat. Hiking also allows you to escape the noise of the city and the daily routine, to spend unforgettable hours in the arms of nature and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and tranquility, as this will help you clear your mind and give you an indescribable feeling of physical and psychological comfort, which will reflect on your performance in your life.

Hiking in Riyadh

Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a vibrant city and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, as it is the country’s financial hub. As the capital of the country, there are a lot of activities to do in Riyadh. This is due to the charm of its old attractive streets and the splendor of its skyscrapers. You can make shopping in the most famous and luxurious malls in Riyadh, and you can enjoy the golden dunes there, learn about the rich heritage, see ancient sights, taste the most delicious foods in Riyadh restaurants, in addition to enjoy hiking in Riyadh.

Riyadh Hiking Places 

Stand at the edge of the world

Hikers can't miss a trek through this area to catch the view from the edge of the World Riyadh. This breathtaking cliff is located in the middle of the desert 90 kilometers northwest of Riyadh. The top can be reached through a hiking trail and an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding desert lands.Travelers must pack plenty of water and snacks for a full day of desert exploration.

Al-Waba Crater

The Al Waabah Crater is situated in the desert of Saudi Arabia, 254 km from Taif. The crater is 820 feet (250 meters) deep and can be easily explored on foot. This area is distinguished by its picturesque nature, and it is also a destination for hikers and lovers of exploration and adventure.

Al Uyaynah

It is one of the governorates affiliated with Riyadh and contains suitable hiking trails.

Jabal Tuwayq

It is considered one of the largest mountains in the Kingdom, as it can be seen up to 800 km. For climbing enthusiasts, Jabal Tuwayq is one of the most popular mountains that they like to practice their hobby, and it is called “Tuwayq” because it resembles a ring, and it surrounds one of the most beautiful deserts in the world, which are the deserts of Najd, and the place can be visited every months of the year, but the best ones start from September until April.

Wadi Alakhu 

There are 37 paths in Al-Hariq area near Riyadh, and anyone can join amateur groups to climb through official trips organized by the Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with many licenced tourist offices.

Hiking requirements

Before going out hiking in nature, there are a few things you need to keep in mind because it is not "just a normal walk."

  • Wear light clothes and comfortable walking shoes that are suitable for hiking to keep your feet safe.
  • Remember to wear a hat and put on sunscreen even in cold and cloudy weather.
  • Plan your hiking path according to your capabilities and be aware in advance of where you are going.

Frequently asked questions

Is Riyadh worth visiting?

Riyadh is worth a visit to see "The Edge of the World", the towering plateau two hours from the city that is a favorite weekend hiking spot for residents.

What is famous in Riyadh?

This is the top attractions to visit in Riyadh:
Kingdom Centre Tower.
Al Bujairi Heritage Park.
National Museum.
Al Masmak Fortress.
Al Nakheel Mall.

What can I buy in Riyadh?

Popular Riyadh souvenirs include Persian rugs, leather goods and handbags, and local jewellery.