Restaurants in Riyadh: Top nice and affordable restaurants for expats

July 15, 2021


Living in Saudi Arabia for expats

Living in Saudi Arabia for expats

Saudi Arabia is a country where Arab tradition meets imported western culture. It has more than 10 million expats working and living in it. You can afford to live in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia remains one of the few places in the world that offer expat packages that include accommodation or an allowance in lieu, as well as transport and education payments. Expats there generally enjoy a lifestyle closer to their home countries. Life in Saudi Arabia is full of facilities, such as shopping malls, fitness centers, hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, cafes, and restaurants. If you live in Riyadh city, and looking for things to do there, find out restaurants in Riyadh at a reasonable price and good taste, especially for expats.


Foods & drinks in Saudi Arabia

Foods & drinks in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a large country with many locals and a lot of expats, it produces all of its own dairy products and most of its vegetables. However, due to the presence of many foreigners and expatriates in Saudi Arabia, it brings a cultural fusion that results in the most delectable cuisine and restaurants ever. However, it is mostly the foreigners who eat those foods; most Saudis prefer traditional fare. 


Staple Foods

Staple Foods

Rice is the staple food of Saudi Arabia. It is the base dish for Saudis. Also wheat, yogurt, dates, and chicken are considered staple foods for all Saudis. Different types of bread are popular in the country, including sweet and spiced flavors. Kapsa is another national dish consisting of rice and chicken with vegetables.

Traditional drinks in Saudi Arabia are tea and coffee, and both are frequently offered to guests. Coffee comes in various styles Arabian and Turkish. Due to that Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country, alcohol is illegal to drink. 


Restaurants in Riyadh

Restaurants in Riyadh

Riyadh city is home to a vibrant dining scene. There are many restaurants in Riyadh serving dishes from all over the world, this city boasts the best restaurants, international food chains, and startups inspired by global trends. Eating a delicious and affordable meal is something that everyone seeks, especially expatriates and travelers with a limited budget. Now you can enjoy your favorite meal without bankruptcy.

If you are a food lover, here are the best restaurants in Riyadh with affordable prices that are well worth a visit:


– Mama Noura  “Fast Food, Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle Eastern”

- Mama Noura  “Fast Food, Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle Eastern”

This restaurant specializes in fast food and fresh juices, it was established in 1991. You will find in Mama Noura the best Shawarma in the city. The food is delicious and priced very well. Definitely, a place you must hit for a quick lunch.


Features: Takeout, Seating, Accepts Credit Cards.

Location: Abdul Aziz Bin Museod Bin Julowi Street | District Al-Rahmaniyah, Riyadh.


– Hummus House (Bayt Al Hummus)

- Hummus House (Bayt Al Hummus)

Hummus House is a family-owned and operated restaurant that specializes in Turkish-style kabobs, gourmet hummus, and freshly baked Baklava. The restaurant offers you the best and the most delicious types of Shami hummus. They focus on fresh tasty food and friendly service.


Location: Fahad Ibn Muammar, Al Muruj, Riyadh. 



– Maestro Pizza “Italian, Pizza, Fast food”

- Maestro Pizza “Italian, Pizza, Fast food”

With the generous amount of toppings, the perfect mixture of mozzarella cheese, different sauces, and great appetizers, Maestro Pizza is considered one of the most high-grade restaurants in Riyadh and one of the great choices that brighten up our days when wanting a good pizza at reasonable prices. Maestro pizza serves all types of crusts, that suit every taste and the thin crust is one of the most delicious pizzas ever. 


Features: Delivery, Takeout, Seating, Parking Available, Accepts Credit Cards

Location: Abdullah Ibn al Hasan al Qurtubi Al Hamra, Riyadh


– Shawarma House “Fast food, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean”

- Shawarma House “Fast food, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean”

Shawarma House serves the best Shawarma in the city. It’s delicious, clean at a reasonable price. Pay only 15 SR, and you can have a delicious juicy large shawarma sandwich with french fries and a soft drink. The place is always crowded but you’ll not stay for more than 10 mins waiting.

Shawarma House menu also offers salads, falafel, burgers, pizzas, and grilled sandwiches. 

Just go for Shawarma, you will love it. 


Features: Delivery, Takeout, Seating

Location: Prince Mamduh Bin Abdulaziz St, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh.


– La casa pasta “Italian”

- La casa pasta “Italian”

What would happen if there were no Pasta in the world? Don’t imagine, because you have La casa pasta, one of the best Italian restaurants in Riyadh with a menu that serves varieties of pasta, every single pasta dish boasts a combination of flavors that take your taste buds to another world. When the doors open to La Casa Pasta, your senses will be stimulated. You can smell the fresh pasta, the baked bread, and the finely crafted sauces that fill the air.    

La casa pasta is budget-friendly, for 28SR you can order their Pasta with a sort of protein and veggies topped with a sauce of your choosing. It also has a family sitting area with children’s play area.


Features: Delivery, seating, private events.

Location: Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Riyadh.


– Fit Way “healthy food”

- Fit Way “healthy food”

Great news for health addicts and count calories lovers. Fit-way restaurant is served healthy food and the calories are listed under every item. They also care about vegetarian people, you can eat the best vegan burger in Fit way. They serve a delicious breakfast, launch, and dinner. It’s open every day from 12 pm until midnight, so if you are looking for healthy food at midnight, this is a great choice for you. 


Features: Delivery, Takeout, Seating.

Location: Al Malqa, Riyadh.


– Burgerizzr

- Burgerizzr

Burgerizzr has grown to be one of the best-loved ‘Fresh Burger Restaurant Chains’ in Saudi Arabia. They offer quality food at an affordable price. You can pay only 20SR for a delicious burger sandwich. You will find the burger fresh, juicy, and tasty.


Location: Othman Bin Affan Road, Riyadh.

– The Najd village “Middle Eastern”

- The Najd village “Middle Eastern”

If you are excited to taste Saudi traditional cuisine, this is the perfect place. Najd village is one of the most visited restaurants in Riyadh. It is a traditional Saudi Arabian restaurant where everything is traditional from the food, decor which goes back hundreds of years, and dining style. It offers the best popular meals in Riyadh city for both vegetarians and meat lovers. You can enjoy the warm atmosphere, friendly hospitality, and high-quality food. Take your time, sample the food, coffee, and relax.


Features: Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Private Dining, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Parking Available.

Location: King Abdul-Aziz Branch Road, Alyasmin Riyadh, Riyadh 

– Zaatar W Zeit (Lebanese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian Friendly)

- Zaatar W Zeit (Lebanese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian Friendly)

It is a Lebanese restaurant. It serves authentic Lebanese foods. You will find a variety of fresh and healthy food on the menu which contains several salad dishes, wraps sandwiches, pizza, and manakish. The food is always prepared with care and attention, the staff is decent, the service is quick, and the price is very reasonable.


Features: Takeout, Seating, Highchairs Available, Table Service.

Location: King Abdul Aziz Road Al Ghadeer, Riyadh.


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