SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Tickets

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Tickets

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Tickets

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SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Tickets: An Unforgettable Marine Adventure

one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi is, that the Abu Dhabi Sea World is the first world to tell about seas and oceans and their secrets in Abu Dhabi through diverse worlds full of knowledge and fun. 8 realms will take you on an incredible journey across the globe. With over 100 animal and excursion experiences and presentations, 17 dining options, 13 retail outlets, and entertainment of all worlds. Unique and varied experiences you will find in this world; And later we will get to know more about this world.

Discover the famous SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Realms

Sea World Yas Island has a unique 8 realms that give its visitors a great experience. Let's know more about them: 

Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm: 

Get ready for a rare adventure that gives you a new perspective on the marine ecosystem of the Arabian Gulf as well as a brief history of the Bedouin families who searched the waters for precious pearls. The Highlights of Abu Dhabi Ocean Abu Dhabi Souk, Pearl Diving Shows, and Touch Pools

One Ocean Realm: 

Where all realms come together, that is what One Ocean Realm calls for. It is the hub of the recreational city for marine life, as inside it there are gates that bring us together with the rest of the realms, in addition to the animal care center. Here, you can explore the most amazing interactive stories in stunning visual style through an immersive media experience that surrounds you in 360 degrees.

Rocky Point Realm: 

In this realm, you will learn about the habitat of coastal sea lions. As you will see them on the rocky cliff, shouting at each other and racing to jump into the water to swim among the crashing waves of the sea. SeaWorld Yas Island Abu Dhabi works to secure the right environmental conditions that these animals need to thrive both above and below the surface of the water.

Microocean Realm: 

What if you become the size of a thumb one day?

Well, the Microocean Realm will give you the feeling of tiny sizes. You will discover the playing space inside the sea obstacles and be occupied with amazing games, interesting adventures, fun games, experiences, and, of course, information and entertainment.

Tropical Ocean Realm: 

The Tropical Ocean realm offers you wonderful vibes; you will enjoy the dancing waterfalls, tropical rainforest, crystal clear lagoon, and amazing marine life.

Arctic Realm:

Get ready to board a one-of-a-kind research vessel or ride Hypersphere 360° and dive into a world of endless exploration and exciting discovery.

Antarctica Realm: 

In this world, you will discover the six types of penguins in Antarctica. And its life system and conditions of care, whether during the molting season, the nesting season, or any other day of the year.

Endless Ocean Realm: 

Get ready to explore the endless beauty and diversity of the vast ocean. This realm is home to the world's largest multi-species marine life aquarium with more than 68,000 animals, such as sharks, rays, and fish.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Interactive Gaming Experience

Sea World Abu Dhabi will not only provide knowledgeable and educational experiences but will also always strive to provide the best fun and entertainment for its visitors. Therefore, Seaworld Abu Dhabi tickets offers many wonderful interactive games that suit all ages and here are some of Seaworld Abu Dhabi rides:

Manta Coaster: 

The Manta roller coaster will take you through spiral turns and a bioluminescent tunnel to catch a glimpse of the amazing marine life.

Turtle Twist: 

This game is available for all ages and is a vehicle in the form of a sea turtle that swims in the water through the amazing ocean world of small creatures, and they can control the vehicle's movement.

Kelp Climb: 

Explore your surroundings by climbing on the giant kelp wall, the largest species of algae on Earth.


You'll have 8 arms of octopus dance fun, dash through the water like an octopus, go up and down, and spin.

Eel Racer:

You will enjoy a great view of the surroundings of the little creatures on board the eel racing game as they rush you through the turns in a lively atmosphere on the board of the giant eel.

Shipwreck Cove:

It is an impressive climbing structure designed to house the wrecks of ships that sailed from the coasts of Arabia for trade and adventure more than 600 years ago.

Hypersphere 360°:

Explore the depths of the ocean through an immersive experience on the multimedia screen with a panoramic view, and get ready to embark on a journey full of wonder and discovery under the ocean waves.

Frequently asked questions

Where is SeaWorld located in Abu Dhabi?

SeaWorld is located in Yas World, Abu Dhabi, United Emirates.

What are the working hours of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

SeaWorld abu dhabi timings daily from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 PM

How much are Seaworld Abu Dhabi ticket price?

sea world abu dhabi ticket prices are 375 AED for adults and 290 AED for children.

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